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Volume 6 Chapter 37 This is our strength

When they came back to Kennards CEO office, Kennard who had been silent the entire time finally spoke, “Sir chairman, using this attitude, arent you afraid of truly angering Duke Windsor”

Xu Yi looked at him. He had already explained this to Kennard all these times and he never thought that he still didnt understand.

It seemed like the people of this world had a deep fear of a large country like the Candra Empire, it was even hard to change for Kennard who was born from a large noble family in the Lampuri Kingdom.

But he couldnt blame them since the Candra Empire was the current biggest and longest lasting empire in the history of the Sines Continent, it was even higher than the Marlow Empire in the minds of people.

The people of the other small countries on the Sines Continent being afraid of the Candra Empire was normal.

But Xu Yi was different. He came from earth and didnt have a deep impression like the people of the Sines Continent. Adding in the fact that he came from a large country like China, he never felt the fear that someone from a small country felt towards a large country.

The Candra Empire was a large force that should be feared for Kennard, but to Xu Yi, it might be big, but that didnt mean that it was to be feared.

Every time he thought of how the three thousand elites that Chalon led was easily defeated by the three hundred troops of Baron Prado, Xu Yi couldnt help wanting to laugh.

Baron Prados subordinates had only been equipped with some Magic Repeating Crossbows and some Magic Bazookas, but they could beat three thousand people with only just three hundred people. It could be seen how terrifying the soldiers equipped with military magic machines are.

Moreover, Baron Prados subordinates are just a messy group, they didnt have any military accomplishments at all. They only knew how to use the military magic machines, there werent any tactics used at all.

Compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that were armed with high grade military magic machines and trained to use them every day, Baron Prados subordinates were much weaker.

Even they could easily defeat Duke Windsors subordinates, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards should be able to steamroll them.

OIt should be said that since the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war, as well as fighting Duke Wein and the other nobles, Xu Yi had a thorough understanding of the battle power of this worlds traditional armies.

To him, the military magic machines would completely change the way wars were fought in this world. If they still used the same ways from before, when facing opponents that had military magic machines, they couldnt fight back at all.

This was something that the surrounding countries had a sense of, so they always wanted to buy military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to increase the battle strength of their countries.

At the same time, this was the reason why the surrounding countries had scruples against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Other than not wanting to offending the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which results in them being cut off, they were actually afraid of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

The Candra Empire had too little understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so that was why they had such an aloof stance and didnt put the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in their eyes.

However, to Xu Yi, although the Candra Empire was one of the two empires, it was just a paper tiger.

Kennard had been afraid of the Candra Empire, other than the deep rooted fear in his heart, it was because he was only in charge of managing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces business side. He didnt understand as much about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machine department, so he didnt understand the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi felt that he had made some mistakes before.

Kennard, no matter what was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces CEO, completely separating him from the military magic machine department didnt seem right.

After a bit of thought, Xu Yi didnt keep explaining to Kennard and pulled him out of the office again. They got into Xu Yis personal Magic Sedan and drove off to the northwest side of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base was in the northwest corner of the Stantine Duchy. The west was the sea and to the north was the border between the Black Rice Wasteland and the Stantine Duchy.

But in the wide open northwest corner, there was a spot opened up specially used for the military magic machine development center and for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards to train in.

Kennard saw that Xu Yi brought him here and he couldnt help being a bit surprised.

Because Xu Yi hadnt made him make contact with the military magic machine department before, he never took the initiative to make contact with this department.

Now Xu Yi had suddenly brought him here, why

However, Xu Yi didnt give him time to ask this question as they drove right in and then headed to an open area in the north before stopping.

Kennard came out and heard the loud sounds coming from the air in front of him.

Looking up, he saw that there were five Magic Airships floating in the air.

The Magic Airships kept releasing beams of light which flew through the air.

In the gaps of these beams of light, there was a figure quickly moving through them, not letting the beams touch it at all.

“What are they doing” Kennard asked in a surprised voice.

“The guards are having a real combat exercise with Great Magician Juna.” Xu Yi looked up and replied with a smile, “It seems like the guards have been improving, they can use just five Magic Airships to suppress Great Magician Juna like this. Not bad, not bad……”

“Great Magician Juna” Kennard was even more shocked.

Looking up in the air, he found that the figure flying through the air really was a person.

According to what Xu Yi said, this was Great Magician Juna

But Great Magician Juna was a powerful Great Magician!

To Kennard, anyone who could become a Great Magician could move seas and mountains. They were incomparably powerful figures from legends, it was not something that normal people could fight against.

But seeing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards easily using five Magic Airships to force a Great Magician into running, this completely subverted the views of Kennards heart.

After watching for a bit, the five Magic Airships in the sky stopped attacking and the figure flying around also stopped.

Kennard looked carefully and saw that it was Great Magician Juna.

“Kennard, do you know I brought you here to see this” Xu Yi on the side suddenly asked.

“This……” Kennard was silent for a bit before looking up at the Magic Airships and Great Magician Juna in the air, as he hesitantly said, “I think…..that based on how sir chairman just treated Baron Chalon, you wanted to tell me that our company has the ability to fight Duke Windsor and can show off our strength a bit”

“Un, Kennard, you really are a smart person.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “In the previous meeting, you suggested that I should give the Candra Empire some benefits, so that we can easily find a representative to enter the Candra Empire to allow us to achieve our goal of opening the Candra Empire market. However, it was rejected by me, do you remember that”

“I do.” Kennard nodded and thinking of what he just saw, he replied, “Sir chairman, you told me at that time that although our company will definitely need to enter the Candra Empire market, we should maintain our separate status and not let our fate fall into the hands of others.”

“Yes, I also said that to control our own destiny, we have to have enough strength. I want you to see now that this is the true strength of our company, do you have anything to say” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Kennard looked at the five Magic Airships and Great Magician Juna who had started moving in the air again and was silent for a long time before giving a sigh. He said with a nod, “I understand what sir chairman means, but sir chairman, the Candra Empire is one of the two empires and their depths are deeper than you can imagine, they far exceed the limits of what our company can deal with. Perhaps we can deal with Duke Windsor, but we definitely cannot deal with the Candra Empire. Moreover…..if we anger Duke Windsor, what benefits are there for us”

“Of course there are benefits and they are very good. As for the current benefits, its to show our attitude to everyone. I want to use this matter to tell everyone that the Stantine Duchy is the territory of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If anyone tries to interfere in the Stantine Duchy, they will be going against our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi said.

Kennard gave a bitter laugh, “Even if it is the Candra Empire”

“Why should the Candra Empire be the exception” Xu Yi acted surprised.

Kennard was stunned before giving another bitter smile.

“Sir chairman, arent you……a little too confident”

Xu Yi laughed and patted Kennards shoulder, but he didnt want to explain.

He brought Kennard here today, showing him the training of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards to let him understand his true thoughts. He didnt plan on changing his plans.

Like the deeply rooted concept that “the Candra Empire is the strongest”, Xu Yi knew that it was impossible to change that in a short period of time.

To change it, he would have to use more facts to slowly scrub it away.

And the key to that was in the present.-

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