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The Marlow Empire was one of the two empires and had vast territories, so naturally the private territories of their nobles were much bigger than the nobles of a small country like the Lampuri Kingdom.

Marquis Southgates territory had a farmland of over five hundred hectares, which far surpassed the territory of any noble in the Lampuri Kingdom.

However, a week later, all the wheat in Marquis Southgates territory had been harvested. The final yield of the wheat was only six hundred tons, which by average was only around one hundred and fifty pounds per mu.

Compared to the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy which had an average yield of five hundred pounds per mu, this was simply not worth mentioning.

The reason for this large gap was because the farming methods of Marquis Southgates territory were too underdeveloped, so their production capacity was limited. The most important reason was of course the fertilizer.

But even with this production capacity, Marquis Southgate and the people of his territory, including the slaves participating in the harvest, were all filled with joy, stating that there was a rich harvest this year.

The most important thing was that to harvest the over five hundred hectares of land each year, even if everyone came together, they would have to work hard for an entire month.

If there was even the slightest hindrance, they would need even more time.

Before this, Marquis Southgates territory had encountered a situation many times where they couldnt harvest everything, so it wasted quite a bit of wheat.

Now they finished it in only just a single week with the help of the Cantona Chamber of Commerce. This five hundred hectares of land had been completely harvested, which was something that people couldnt believe.

And during this time, they had only sent out a very small number of people.

For every harvest before this, they would send almost everyone on the territory out.

But this time, Marquis Southgate had only sent eighty people to help with the harvest. The work they did was only simple work such as pulling open the bags and packing up the wheat that came out of the Magic Harvester before bringing them to the transport Magic Cars waiting on the side.

Compared to all the back breaking work they had to do for the previous harvests, this time it was just too easy for them!

When chairman Cantona told Marquis Southgate that there was no problem at all harvesting five hundred hectares of land, Marquis Southgate was a bit doubtful.

But after seeing all his farmland being harvested in just a week, with several hundred tons of grains being placed in his warehouse, Marquis Southgate only had shock in his heart.

It was no wonder when he went to the Drake Duchy, the Lampuri Kingdom, and the Stantine Duchy, all their farmland had been reclaimed and had crops planted on them.

He was confused by this back then because he didnt believe that these three countries had enough people to reclaim and plant on all that land.

But now that he saw the power of the agricultural magic machines the Cantona Chamber of Commerce brought, he no longer had any doubts.

So the day after the harvest was over, Marquis Southgate held a special banquet to celebrate the end of the fall harvest.

At this banquet, Marquis Southgate had signed a new contract with chairman Cantona in front of everyone.

The content of the contract was what Xu Yi had mentioned to Marquis Southgate before. It was to let the Cantona Chamber of Commerce develop the other land on the Marquis Southgates land, while also changing the land already opened to create more farmland.

But before Marquis Southgate had experienced this himself, he still had a bit of hesitation.

After the fall harvest this time, he no longer had any doubts.

This time, he had signed a full five year contract with the Cantona Chamber of Commerce.

In those five years, the Cantona Chamber of Commerce would not just help develop all the farmland on Marquis Southgates territory, they would also train some of his citizens on how to operate the agricultural magic machines.

After seeing the Magic Harvesters easily change the wheat in the field into grains, Marquis Southgate had already made his decision. He would definitely buy some agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and try to incorporate machines into farming for himself as much as possible.

When the Cantona Chamber of Commerce helped Marquis Southgate harvest his territory this time, the other Marlow Empire nobles that had a good relationship with Marquis Southgate had sent their own representatives.

After the Cantona Chamber of Commerces amazing performance in the fall harvest, those nobles all sent their own invitations, hoping that the Cantona Chamber of Commerce could help them with their harvests.

Chairman Cantona naturally welcomed this, but the Cantona Chamber of Commerces manpower and agricultural magic machines were limited, so it was hard for them to accept all these offers.

Finally he chose to accept the offers of several nobles that were close to Marquis Southgate. As for the others, he directly gave them another path, which was to buy the various agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So at the beginning of this fall harvest, there were orders that came from the Marlow empire to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that was several thousand kilometers away.

“Sir chairman, the numbers of orders really are unexpected.” Kennard raised the report in his hand and said in a surprised voice to Xu Yi, “Look, Ive put the orders from the Marlow Empire in a single report and just in terms of Magic Harvesters, there are over seven hundred orders. This amount is even more than the number of Magic Harvesters the Stantine Duchy currently has.”

“Of course, the Marlow Empire isnt a small country that can be ignored on the map like our Stantine Duchy, its one of the two empires. Seven hundred is only a start and with the current momentum, I think that we will be able to sell seven thousand Magic Harvesters in the Marlow Empire, or even more than that.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Kennard gave a nod and couldnt help giving a sigh, “Being able to enter the Marlow Empire really is great. The other countries around here are just too small, the markets already close to saturated. For example, when it comes to agricultural magic machines, weve had very few orders in the last two years. Now that the people of the Marlow Empire are joining in, we can increase our work in this aspect again.”

Speaking of this, Kennard looked at Xu Yi with a thoughtful look.

“Sir chairman, I say…..Since the agricultural magic machines have such a clear convenience, why dont we use it to knock down the door of the Candra Empire I think that theres no country on the continent that would deny a method that would increase their grain yield.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Its not the same. We can smoothly develop in the Marlow Empire because Marquis Southgate is such an enlightened person. He is good to us, so the cooperation is very good, but the Candra Empire…..”

Xu Yi knitted his brows and revealed a dissatisfied look.

“I dont know if it is my prejudice, but I think that everyone from that country has a natural arrogance that creates all kinds of hindrances when we try to cooperate with them. I really dont like the attitude of the Candra Empires people, this doesnt let me see any sincerity in their cooperations.”

Kennard gave a bitter laugh before giving a nod, “Sir chairman, this isnt your misunderstanding. Actually, arrogance is the characteristic of the Candra Empire. This empire has always treated itself as the ruler of the entire continent, they look down on all other countries. This is a bit related to the history of the Candra Empire, so sir chairman, you can take a look to understand when you have some free times.”

“I dont have time to look up their history.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “If they insist on being this arrogant, the one that will suffer in the end is them. Moreover, you should know that I am already planning on revising the plan with the Candra Empire.

“I understand, but sir chairman, are you……really planning on doing this” Kennard slightly knitted his brows, “I keep feeling that……doing this will be very dangerous. If youre not careful, the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce might suffer heavy losses.”

“Youre thinking too highly of the Candra Empire.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and patted Kennards shoulder, “Just do what you need to do, Ill go see how the training of the guards is going. The key to whether my plan succeeds or not will depend on them.”


Kennard gave a nod, but there was a trace of worry in his eyes as he watched Xu Yi leave.

When Xu Yi left his CEO office, Kennard sat back down and was prepared to continue his work.

The current Frestech Chamber of Commerce was involved in many industries, so there were many things he had to take care of.

Although there was some restructuring last time, dividing the various industries under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce so that each one of them had a manager, making it much easier for him as the CEO.

With the large scale of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were still many things that he had to do as the CEO.

When he was planning on arranging the production magic machine department to handle the Marlow Empire order, there was someone that suddenly knocked on the door to his office.

Hearing the rushed knocking, Kennard slightly knitted his brows.

“Come in.”

The door was suddenly pushed open as a middle aged man fell onto the desk with a letter tightly held in his hand that he handed to Kennard.

“Sir, some……something big has happened!”

This middle aged man was the director of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces intelligence gathering department. Seeing his expression, Kennards face sunk a bit as he took the letter.

After looking over the letter, Kennards eyes popped out in disbelief as they filled with shock and even…..a bit of worry.

As expected, something big did happen……-

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