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It wasnt just Duke Windsor who wanted to bring the Frestech Chamber of Commerce into his hands, Marquis Southgate was also one of those people.

Midsummer passed and the wheat in Marquis Southgates territory in the southwest part of the Marlow Empire had matured. It was now time for the fall harvest.

In the past, no matter what important things Marquis Southgate had to do, he would put them aside first and stay in his territory to prepare for the fall harvest.

Although he didnt need to personally participate in the fall harvest, he as the lord had to place importance on this operation and couldnt slack off at all.

Food was the most basic thing for all countries on the Sines Continent, it was the most important thing. From the noble emperor to the lowest peasant, they would do all they could to get every single grain of wheat when the fall harvest came.

Filling ones stomach was the most primal need of humans and nothing else mattered in front of this.

Marquis Southgates territory would have been very tense before because everyone knew that time was precious. They had to seize every second, or they might miss this chance. If there was a problem with the fall harvest, it would have serious consequences.

This year, Marquis Southgates territory was still a bit tense, but it was completely different from before.

They were nervous before because of the intense work, but this year they were worried because of something unknown.

Seeing the strange looking Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines moving across the farmland, with the wheat falling piece by piece, everyone including Marquis Southgate had their hearts held as they stared at the farmland.

These strange machines, could they really be as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce said, they could handle all the farm work

Although Marquis Southgate had gone to the Drake Duchy, the Lampuri Kingdom, and the Stantine Duchy, he hadnt seen the agricultural magic machines harvesting everything, so he was also a bit nervous.

But he wasnt just nervous because of his territorys fall harvest. It was because even if the fall harvest failed, he had already signed an agreement with the Lampuri Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He would be importing three thousand tons of wheat from the Lampuri Kingdom and one thousand tons of rice and one thousand tons of wheat from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

All these grains would be enough to feed everyone on his territory for five years, so he wouldnt need to worry about grains anymore.

Compared to this, what he was worried about was that this was the Frestech Brand agricultural magic machines first time in the Marlow Empire, so it had a big significance.

If the grain yield wasnt good this time, the nobles that were waiting to see would back down. This would affect his and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plan to spread the other magic machines.

But based on the present situation, based on the relaxed smile of chairman Cantona beside him, everything should be going smoothly and there wasnt any problems at all.

Perhaps he felt Marquis Southgate looking over, chairman Cantona looked back from the agricultural magic machines in the field and turned to Marquis Southgate to give a laugh.

“Lord Marquis, please be assured. Our company has done this many times over the years, there definitely wont be any problems.”

Marquis Southgate gave a nod. Since Xu Yi dared to vigorously promote this Cantona Chamber of Commerce, there shouldnt be a problem.

But at this time, there was a Magic Harvester that suddenly made a thud sound and stopped.

Marquis Southgate was surprised. When he was about to speak, chairman Cantona already charged out to the Magic Harvester and slapped the back of the young workers head as he scolded, “Idiot! I already told you to inspect the machine and the chain still fell off in the end. Quickly fix it for me, do you understand!”

The young man rubbed his hand and gave an honest smile. He leaned over to check and casually said, “Its nothing, the chain just got caught.”

Chairman Cantona kicked him in the butt while he was leaning over.

“Quickly solve it for me, theres all those people waiting.”

“Ai, Ill fix it right away.”

Chairman Cantona angrily came back, but seeing Marquis Southgates strange look, he revealed an awkward smile, “This…..Lord Marquis, we are crude people, weve let you see a joke.”

Marquis Southgate shook his head before suddenly asking in a curious voice, “Chairman Cantona, the fall harvest has already started and you as the chairman brought all these people to harvest my wheat. What about the Lampuri Kingdom and all the other countries that need you to harvest their wheat”

“Its very simple since theres over a month left in the fall harvest. Once were done here, well just put these machines into the large transport car to bring them all back, well make it in time.”

Marquis Southgate turned to look at the large transport Magic Car that was waiting on a flat piece of land and felt that this really was convenient.

The Cantona Chamber had used this transport Magic Car to bring their people and their agricultural magic machines to the Marlow Empire. Although they hadn been delayed for two days because of the roads in the Marlow Empire, they had only spent less than a week on the road.

Compared to the fact that these two places were around two thousand kilometers away, this time really wasnt considered much.

If it was before when they were still using horse carriages and there werent public roads, the distance of two thousand kilometers was like the horizon, they would never be able to reach it.

Thinking of this, Marquis Southgate couldnt help feeling emotional.

The various magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really did make peoples lives change. Just with a single Magic Car, they greatly reduced the distance between people.

It was a good thing that half of the road in the Marlow Empires southwest province had been built, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce guaranteed that it could be finished within the year.

When this road was finished, at least it would be much faster going from Marquis Southgates territory to the countries in the southwest corner of the continent.

Marquis Soutgate already made a decision that as long as the Cantona Chamber of Commerce could prove the facts with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines, showing that they could increase efficiency of the fally harvest, what he would do next would be propose to the parliament that they start mass paving roads.

The Magic Harvester that had stopped was quickly fixed by the young fellow and started moving again. With the over ten Magic Harvesters working together, going across the farmland on Marquis Southgates territory, it didnt take long before the granary was completely filled.

When the people who had been watching by the fields saw the Magic Harvesters spill out dark grown grains of wheat once they were opened, their mouths all opened wide in shock.

This……How was this possible!

This wheat had just been growing in the field, how did it turn into grains of wheat after this strange thing passed through it

They didnt need people to go harvest and shuck the wheat, so the entire process was very short.

Could this be the power of magic

This was too amazing!

An old farmer who looked to be around sixty was in a daze for a while before suddenly crying out.

“Gods! Where did the wheat stalks go!”

Everyone was stunned. They only realized that after the wheat was harvested, there were only a few leaves and there werent any complete stalks at all.

Everyones expression changed.

The straw was very important for these old farmers, without them, they would suffer a large loss.

Seeing the doubtful look from Marquis Southgate, chairman Cantona couldnt stop himself from revealing a look of disdain. He then explained with a smile, “The stalks have been cut to pieces by the Magic Harvester. If you really want to use them, you can dry them out and still use them to start a fire.”

Marquis Southgate looked at the field and gave a nod to show his agreement.

The other farmers thought about it and could barely accept chairman Cantonas words.

Chairman Cantona looked at the looks of pity in the crowd and couldnt help saying, “Lord Marquis, the……citizens on your territory, do they really live in such a backwards manner of using straw to light fire”

Marquis Southgate and the surrounding people looked him in surprise.

Chairman Cantona gave a cough and continued, “Lord Marquis, the Magic Stove costs less than four gold coins, its much more convenient to use it. Moreover, it doesnt need to burn anything, so theres no air pollution. No matter how you look at it, isnt it much better than burning straw”

“Less than four gold coins” Marquis Southgates lips couldnt help twitching.

After he had been to the Lampuri Kingdom and the other countries, he naturally knew that many families were now using the Magic Stoves. He had even brought some back with him and was using it in the manor.

But dont look at how easy chairman Cantona made it sound. A Magic Stove did cost less than four gold coins, but to most people on his territory, four gold coins was not a small figure.

On his territory, the yearly income of many people added together was only ten gold coins.

Being able to fill their bellies was already good enough, how could they take out four gold coins to buy that Magic Stove

But thinking of how Xu Yi had said that in the factories set up by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies, how each worker would earn no less than five gold coins, Marquis Southgate thought that four gold coins really wasnt that hard to accept.

But thinking about it, chairman Cantona had said before that in their Cantona Chamber of Commerce, the monthly wage for the most skilled workers was thirty gold coins a month, so the disparity really was too big.

“This is the difference between developing first and developing later……”

Marquis Southgate gave a sigh in his heart before once again renewing his determination to develop the magic machine industry in his territory.-

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