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Magic Industry Empire Volume 6 Chapter 29 - Relaxed rescue

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Volume 6 Chapter 29 Relaxed rescue

There were the sounds of explosions that came through the ground, leaving behind dull sounds that didnt seem that shocking.

Great Magician Juna looked up at the thick stone above them and casually dug out his ears before turning to ask Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, shouldnt we go out soon Based on the sound, Hart and the others should be fighting that fellow. If it affects this place, Im not confident in protecting everyone.”

“Un, lets move faster.” Xu Yi nodded before turning to look at the soldiers lying in the cell. After thinking about it, he turned to his subordinates who had gathered with Akali and said, “Hey, Akali, you leave with Juna first. Ill stay here to get these fellows out.”

Juna was surprised, “What are you taking these fellows out for”

“If they stay here and an accident occurs, they might all die here.”

Juna curled his lips in disdain, “Che, so what if they die These fellows dared to lock up our companys people for so long. Not killing them all earlier was already considered showing them mercy, why do you care that much about them”

“Were saving people today, not killing people.” Xu Yi said.

Everything went smoothly today.

First having Juna appear to attract the attention of Great Magician Randy outside and then Xu Yi used this chance to teleport into the dungeon.

Hart appeared with ten Magic Airships to stall Great Magician Randy to let Juna also enter the dungeon.

With two Great Magicians like Xu Yi and Juna making a move together, although there were many guards in the dungeon, they werent able to react in time and were all taken out.

The reason for doing this was to ensure the safety of Akali and the others.

Otherwise, with the strength that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought, even if Count Dole had the support of Duchess Windsor, he definitely wouldnt be able to stop them.

Not to mention anything else, just the two Great Magicians Xu Yi and Juna were so strong that no one here could resist them.

But this matter didnt just stop with saving Akali and the others.

Compared to saving people, what Xu Yi cared about the most was the problem he needed to face after saving them.

If there was no need, Xu Yi wasnt willing to fully offend Duchess Windsor.

Duke Windsor was after all a very influential person in the Candra Empire. If he was angered, that would be a large hindrance to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plan to enter the Candra Empire.

So they could save people, but they couldnt kill people.

Hearing the firm tone Xu Yi had, Juna could only curl his lips. He took a step out of the dungeon and observed the situation outside.

Akali and the others were gathered together, standing in front of Xu Yi.

Although they werent hurt, after being locked underground for several days, they were a bit weary. Although Akali also looked a bit tired, there was an excited look in her eyes.

“Hey, sir chairman, what is the situation outside”

Xu Yi looked at her in surprise, “What do you care Quickly gather everything and prepare to leave. Could it be that youve become attached to this place after being locked up for several days”

“How could that be possible!” Akali immediately refuted, “I was just curious, this is the first time our companys Magic Airships are facing a Great Magician, I really want to know which side is more powerful.”

About todays rescue, Xu Yi had already contacted Akali through the magic fluctuations to have her prepare the Frestech Chamber of Commerces employee ahead of time. So Akali was very clear on the rescue plan for today, very clear that there were ten Magic Airships responsible for drawing out the Great Magician on guard.

“Didnt you visit the exercises many times Great Magician Juna was beaten up all those times by Hart and the others, what are you still curious about” Xu Yi asked.

“Each Great Magician is different. Although Hart and the others can beat Great Magician Juna, that doesnt mean they can win against the Great Magician outside. Speaking of this…..Sir chairman, Ive urged you many times to have you spar with the company guards, but you never agreed. If they can even beat you up, I would have much more confidence in them.”

Xu Yi snappily hit Akalis head, “You want to see me being beaten up Not to mention that I dont have the time, even if I did, they wouldnt dare go full force against me. This wouldnt be considered a good exercise.”

Akali rubbed her head and tilted to think before nodding, “Un, that is right. Then…..sir chairman, lets go quickly. If Hart and the others cant win, we have to go out and help them.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Its a fight at a Great Magician Grade, how can you help Great Magician Juna already went out, so you dont need to worry. Just gather everyone and lead them out. Theres a Magic Airship waiting for you outside. After you get in the Magic Airship, youll be safe.”

“Oh.” Akali nodded before obediently turning to leave.

When Akali and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers all left this dungeon, Xu Yi closed his eyes and activated his magic. There were magic fluctuations that came out of his body and spread to every part of this dungeon.

In the range of his magic fluctuations, all living things couldnt evade his senses.

This was the Life Detection Spell that he had learned from elder Lisanya, it played a very key role in the rescue just now.

Not long after, Xu Yi felt that there were no more human lives hidden in this dungeon, so he generated wind with a wave of his hand. The guards that were scattered on the ground were all picked up and followed Xu Yi out of the dungeon.

Xu Yi couldnt help slightly narrowing his eyes when he came out to the bright summer sun and only then did he see the situation.

Akali and the others workers were already gone, it was clear that they had left on the Magic Airship prepared for them.

Looking up at the sky, he saw the blue sky with white clouds. Not to mention that Magic Airships, even Great Magician Randy who had been fighting with Hart and the others were gone.

Before he came out of the dungeon, Xu Yi had already heard the sounds stop, so now it seemed like the victor had been decided.

Since Hart and the others didnt send any special message, it meant that they should have repelled the Great Magician. They had retreated with the Magic Airship that Akali and the others were in.

Xu Yi looked around and found that other than the people on the ground, it was completely quiet. He put the ones that he brought out of the dungeon with him under some shade before slowly walking towards the manor in the center.

At this moment, in Count Doles manor, there was already chaos.

Count Dole anxiously walked back and forth, often turning to look at Duchess Windsor who sat there with a dark look on her face who didnt say a word.

Great Magician Randy sitting on the side had a pale face that was looking down. Although he covered his mouth, the sounds of his coughing could be heard.

Seeing the bright red blood that came from the gaps between his fingers, Count Dole couldnt hold back the fear in his heart. He quickly charged to Duchess Windsors side.

“Aunt! What do we do now That Xu Yi definitely wont let me off, you have to save me!”

Duchess Windsor knitted her brows. She raised her hand and slapped Count Dole, causing him to spin from the hit.

“What are you panicking for! I want to see if this Xu Yi has this much courage! I will sit here and I dont believe he will dare make a move against me!”

Count Dole was stunned as he held his stinging cheek and quickly said in a low voice, “But…..But he dared to bring those guards and he……”

Count Dole turned to look at Great Magician Randy who suddenly gave a strong cough.

Duchess Windsors face sunk and her eyes were filled with anger, but there was also a bit of nervousness.

Although up to now, she was certain that Xu Yi wouldnt dare to do anything to her, the things that happened today had caught her off guard.

She thought that since Xu Yi saw that she was supporting Count Dole, he definitely wouldnt dare make a move. Xu Yis actions in the past two days have proved this.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly made a move today. Not only did they dare to make a move, they did it so fast that the elite guards didnt have a chance to fight back at all. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had easily saved their captured subordinates.

What surprised Duchess Windsor even more was that Great Magician Randy wasnt able to stop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had even been injured by them.

Although Great Magician Randy didnt tell her the details of the battle and how he had been injured, based on how he had been forced to retreat, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt as weak as Duchess Windsor had thought.

At least, they had power that had surpassed Great Magician Randy.

Thinking of this, Duchess Windsor suddenly knitted her brows and looked at Count Dole, “Suruk, what have you concealed from me”

Count Dole was stunned. Seeing Duchess Windsors sharp gaze, he couldnt help turning his head.

Seeing his appearance, Duchess Windsor was even more certain of her guess as she said in a low voice, “Tell me! What didnt you tell me Is there another Great Magician in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Ah”

Being questioned by Duchess Windsor, Count Dole knew that he couldnt hide it anymore and hesitantly said, “Yes…..Yes…..The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has Great Magicians and not just one. Also……”

“Not just one!” Duchess Windsor flew into a rage and stood up to glare at Count Dole, cutting him off, “Why didnt you tell me earlier Ah”

Count Dole fell down in front of Duchess Windsor and hugged her leg as he cried, “Aunt, it was my fault, it was my mistake. I didnt hide it from you on purpose, I just felt that he wouldnt dare make a move against you. I deserve to die…..but…..but now……”

“You……” Duchess Windsor raised her hand again and wanted to slap him, but then she knitted her brows when she saw Count Doles crying face. She gave a sigh and endured it.

When she was considering how to handle this, one of Count Doles guards suddenly ran through the door.

“Lord Count, that…..that…..Xu…..Xu Yi is here!”

Count Dole was stunned and forgot to keep crying, turning to look at Duchess Windsor.

Duchess Windsor took a deep breath and took out a handkerchief from her pocket for Count Dole.

“Wipe your face, what do you look like now”

She sat back down after saying this and took a deep breath, recovering her calm from before. Then she nodded at the guard.

“Let him come in.”-

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