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Volume 6 Chapter 13 No time to play with them

No matter how aggrieved Freya looked, three days later, Still left the Stantine Duchy and headed back to the Lampuri Kingdom.

In these three days, she had been in several meetings with Xu Yi at the magic research facility, setting the requirements of the next generation Magic Illusion Projectors.

After Xu Yis suggestion, the new generation Magic Illusion Projector would have two classes.

One would be the large scale Magic Illusion Projector that would be used to project in large theaters.

The other would be a smaller form that would be used in homes.

According to Xu Yis ideas, this would be the difference between movies and television.

Still had many requests to make. For example, she requested that when projecting the movies, they wouldnt be influenced by anything.

For example, when they had been showing the movie in one of the Lampuri Kingdoms cities, they met a storm.

With the storm, not only was the projection fuzzy and unclear, even the projector was influenced by the rain and problems also occurred.

Or for example, she wanted to have movies that were automatically played on a loop, so they could save on people stopping it and changing the disc.

Or for example……


Of course, it was impossible for these requests to be quickly fulfilled, so Still was only raising her requests and didnt hope that they would solve it soon.

Compared to this, the most important work for her now was to let the people in the surrounding countries know what these Illusion Movies were.

So she was very busy, not even coming home for more than a month in the last half a year.

Xu Yi was very helpless towards this situation.

He was the one who supported Still in finding work that belonged to her and had suggested this, now that she had finally found work that she enjoyed, how could he tell her not to do it

Not to mention that compared to Still, he was several times busier.

Finally after Still left, Xu Yi found a free day to bring Freya, Liz, Linda, and their children with Xu Yi, Sandy and Harvey, as well as Carol and Betty to go to the beach together. The next morning, there were many things that came to his door.

“Sir chairman, the Stantine Duchys magic communication network is already half finished. The only places without signal are here and here……”

The group that Akali led was in charge of the magic communication network, but actually building the magic signal towers and setting up the magic signals were done by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

The manager for this project, the senior manager from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce Drago Ompes who had a rich experience with construction was now responsible for the project of building the magic communication network in the Stantine Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom.

Seeing the places that Drago Ompes pointed out on the map, Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

“Its these fellows again…..When you went to put up the magic signal towers, how did they react” Xu Yi asked.

“These nobles seemed polite on the surface. They said that these places were no longer their private territory and since the congress decided to put magic signal towers there that they wouldnt meddle, but…..”

After saying this, Drago Ompes gave a sigh and shook his head. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction and even more helplessness.

“When we tried to put up the magic signal towers, there were all kinds of problems. For example, our transport would be stopped on the road for various reasons or the residents would cause trouble…..In short, the various things are slowing down our progress. We havent even finished the most important foundation for the magic signal tower yet.”

“Are you certain that its those nobles pulling the strings from behind the curtain” Xu Yi asked.

“This…..Im certain, but I cant find any evidence. Then again, even if I did find evidence, they wouldnt admit to it.” Manager Ompes looked even more helpless, “Ive looked for those nobels before and wanted them to solve these problems, but they said that those places arent their territory and they couldnt manage it.”

“He, those fellows really have quite a bit of resentment.” Xu Yi revealed a smile. AFter thinking about it, he pointed at several places on the map that manager Ompes used earlier, “Go and find Kennard, then have him bring you to leader Hart, discuss how many people to bring.”

“Leader Hart” Manager Ompes was surprised, “Sir chairman, theres no need to move the guards just yet……”

“It hasnt reached that degree yet, but we dont have time to play with them. The magic communication network and the transportation network is very important to me, I wont allow anyone to delay their progress.” Xu Yi had a very calm look, but his voice was filled with killing intent, “Tell Hart that if those people dare to cause trouble again, I permit him to use any methods that dont involve harming the citizens.”

Hearing the meaning in Xu Yis words, manager Ompes couldnt help trembling.

Sir chairman was planning on killing them

Xu Yi didnt care about manager Ompes response and after looking at the map, he asked, “Tell me, if there isnt any hindrance, how long would it take to finish the magic communication network in the Stantine Duchy”

Manager Ompes calmed himself and thought for a bit before replying, “If theres nothing unexpected that happens, I think that we should be able to finish at the latest by the end of the year. But if were talking about finishing the magic communication network, itll depend on the magic research facility.”

“Un, theres no need for you to worry about this. What about the Lampuri Kingdoms side”

Hearing Xu Yi ask about the Lampuri Kingdom, manager Ompes expression became a bit strange.

“The Lampuri Kingdoms side is actually much smoother because whether it is the royal family or the parliament, they all support this magic communication network. The nobles of the kingdom are also very positive towards this and there were many nobles that even came looking for me, hoping that we could build magic signal towers on their territories.”

“Hei, those fellows are much smarter than the trash in the Stantine Duchy.” Xu Yi shook his head with a bit of helplessness in his eyes.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base was currently in the Stantine Duchy, he had treated the Stantine Duchy as a base for them. However, in the past few years, the nobles of the Stantine Duchy had caused quite a bit of trouble for him.

Not to mention Duke Wein trying to control the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, all the nobles in the Stantine Duchy created barriers for them in all kinds of places, delaying their jobs.

Last time Anklo had even secretly united several lords to oppose the magic signal towers. After offending Xu Yi, not only was Anklo pulled down from his position as the speaker, he even abolished the system of private territories in the Stantine Duchy.

This made the nobles of the Stantine Duchy very unhappy, so even if they didnt dare revolt out right, they still complained in secret.

Them blocking the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from building the magic communication network was considered a type of venting.

Xu Yi was actually very confused by their ideas.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce coming to the Stantine Duchy had brought many benefits to the Stantine Duchy.

The nobles through the various rubber factories, canned fruit factories, and just their large scale farming had already earned plenty of benefits from working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, they were still dissatisfied with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which didnt make any sense……

Xu Yi could only use rejection by the locals as the only explanation…..

“Then what about the Rudson Kingdoms side” Xu Yi asked manager Ompes.

“We have already started exploring the western region of the Rudson Kingdom and as long as the magic research facility prepares everything, once we receive approval from the Rudson Kingdom parliament, we can start our work.” Manager Ompes replied.

“Un, this can be considered going smoothly, but how is your manpower Do you have enough people”

Hearing the words “manpower”, manager Ompes gave a bitter laugh and spread his hands, “Sir chairman, do you think its enough”

Xu Yi was speechless.

The manpower issue wasnt just experienced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who focused on producing magic machines, it should be said that all the emerging industries that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were involved in experienced this major problem.

But it took time to train people, so they couldnt rush it no matter what.

“Alright, then put some priorities. The Stantine Duchys magic communication network is clearly top priority, then its the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom. After you finish in the Stantine Duchy, well discuss this again.” Xu Yi said.

“Understood, this was also my current plan.”

“Un, time is precious, so we cant waste it on those idiots. Ompes, this time Im letting Hart lead people with you because I dont want to see you being delayed again, do you understand what I mean”


Xu Yi looked at the map for a bit longer before looking to the south and narrowing his eyes.

Cleaning up those stubborn old fools was very troublesome, but if those fellows really wanted to keep hindering his plan to develop the magic machine industry in the Stantine Duchy, he didnt mind teaching them a lesson.

Even if that lesson had a price that had to be paid in blood……-

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