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Volume 6 Chapter 12 Feeling the danger

Xu Yi looked at the messy bedroom that was like a wild gust had passed through with a confused look.

An hour ago, elder Lisanya rushed over after receiving the news and after looking at Agnes, she looked at Xu Yi with a serious look and said that she had to bring Agnes back to her tribe.

Xu Yi asked her why, but was told that this was a critical time for Agnes, so she needed to remain safe in the tribe. Moreover, she asked Xu Yi not to meddle since this involved a secret of the elves.

Xu Yi was a bit confused about this.

Elder Lisanya and the Moon Shadow Tribe already didnt have a normal relationship with him and Agnes was already one of his wives, but now elder Lisanya was acting all mysterious. It really was a bit strange.

But since elder Lisanya already said that this was related to the secrets of the elves, Xu Yi couldnt ask about it.

It was a good thing that elder Illusia who received the message a bit later indicated the same thing to Xu Yi, saying that she agreed with letting elder Lisanya take Agnes to the Moon Shadow Tribe. It was only then that Xu Yi allowed elder Lisanya to take Agnes away.

Agnes was very calm, as if she had already expected this to happen.

Xu Yi couldnt see any surprise from her expression, rather there was a bit of pleasant surprise.

“Really, what is with Agnes” Xu Yi knitted his brows to think. His brows then suddenly jumped up, “It cant be that much of a coincidence, right……”

“What is a coincidence” Stills voice suddenly came from behind him, bringing Xu Yi out of his thoughts.

Xu Yi turned around to see Still carrying a baby who was around half a year old and was about to open the clothing at her chest to feed the baby.

Being able to receive personal nursing from Still, naturally it was the second child that had just been born to the two of them at the beginning of this year.

This child was a boy, just like what Still wanted. He received special care from her after she was born, Xu Yi even thought that she was biased towards him.

For example, although Still had personally nursed Freya when she had been born, but because she didnt have enough breast milk, she didnt do it that much.

But when their son was born, even if Still was busy with many things, she would feed him as long as she had the chance.

Seeing the look of love on Stills face, Xu Yi couldnt help muttering in his heart.

It was lucky that Freya was still young and there were many people to accompany her, so she wouldnt notice this small thing. Otherwise, she might have already become jealous of her little brother.

“Its nothing, I was just surprised that this matter was this serious for elder Lisanya. It seemed like it wasnt that big of a deal for Agnes…..” Xu Yi shook his head as he said this.

Still was sitting beside Xu Yi and reached out to tap his forehead before softly reprimanding, “You, Agnes is an elf, but she is also a female. The matters of women, how could they be small”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and didnt plan to discuss this with Still. He looked at his youngest son in her arms and asked, “How long are you staying this time”

“Perhaps three or four days. The entertainment market in the Lampuri Kingdom is at a critical period, I cant leave for too long. I came back this time mainly to discuss modifying the Magic Illusion Projectors with the magic machine development center.”

“Three or four days” Xu Yi knitted his brows, “Dont you have to leave right away I even said that since you were back this time, I would bring Liz and Linda, with Freya, Sandy, and Harvey to the beach. I already promised Freya and now youre only staying these few days, how can there be time”

Still gave a sigh, “Theres no other way, Im the busiest during this time, I cant make that much time. Not to mention me, can you make that much free time You have even more to do than me, right”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I specially made time during this time. Then again, if it doesnt work, I can just hand some things to Kennard to take care of. Still, you should consider training some helpers. If you always take care of everything, that wont be good.”

“I want to, but there are only a few people from our New Moon Chamber of Commerce that can understand the entertainment industry, who can I get to help me You”

“This…..” Xu Yi didnt know how to respond.


Using the fantasy Magic Illusion Projector to build a complete entertainment industry on the Sines Continent like the one from earth, that was what Xu Yi wanted to do and he gave this to Still.

Other than Still who was frequently with Xu Yi, there wasnt anyone else who really understood this. Still couldnt even find any helpers.

After knitting his brows to think, Xu Yi said, “How about this, Ill open up an entertainment section in the Frestech Magic Machine Industry Academy, specialized in studying Magic Illusions. At the same time, Ill move out some talented magicians who are interested from the magic research facility to be part time teachers and help nurture these talents. What do you think”

Stills eyes lit up, “That is good. If there are more talented people in this aspect, itll be much easier for me. Xu Yi, Im certain that this magic illusion entertainment industry will be very popular on the Sines Continent. Do you know, when we set up the large scale Magic Illusion Projectors in the small cities and started playing movies, how much of a stir it caused among the people of the cities There were many people who told me that they had never seen something as interesting as this, they all wanted our New Moon Chamber of Commerce to make even more movies.”

“Oh Its good that its popular.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Then Still, how have you been doing with the advertisement that I mentioned before”

Still gave a V with her hand with a smile on her face.

“Very smoothly. Right now weve already received advertising requests from thirty seven companies, which has earned us thirty thousand gold coins. Of course…..What are you laughing at”

“Ah……No, its nothing.” Xu Yi waved his hand and forced down the smile on his face, “I just feel that the price of thirty thousand is a bit too low, dont you find it hard to make money like this”

“This is only the beginning, its already good that were not suffering a loss.” Still shook her head, “Then again, we only have Magic Illusion Projectors set up in thirteen cities, so were far from covering the entire Lampuri Kingdom. When we really reach every city in the Lampuri Kingdom, even putting the Magic Illusion Projectors in each village, making it cover every inch of the Lampuri Kingdom, it wont be too late to raise the price then.”

“Alright, since you already have a plan, I wont say anything else. Lets go, Ernest is already asleep, give him to Carol to take care of and lets go on a trip.” Xu Yi stood up.

Still looked down in surprise and found that her song in her arms had already closed his eyes. He already stopped his suckling action.

“Go where”

“Didnt you say that you wanted the Magic Illusion Projector to quickly cover the entire Lampuri Kingdom I feel that just putting one in every village isnt enough, it would be best if we let every family have one.”

“How is that possible……” Still knitted her brows.

“Theres nothing impossible in this world.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “If I told you before that most of the daily household chores would be replaced by household magic machines, would you believe it”

Still looked around, looking at the Magic Air Conditioner on the wall, the Magic Air Purifier by the window, and the Magic Lamps above her, she couldnt help revealing a dazzling smile to Xu Yi.

“Yes, chairman Xu who always makes miracles, how will you surprise me this time”

“Youll know after seeing it.”

Ten minutes later, Still and Xu Yi took the Magic Sedan waiting for them to the magic research facility.

Seeing the two appear together, everyone at the magic research facility were surprised.

“Yi Still, you actually came with sir chairman today, that really is rare.” Akali came over and went around Still and Xu Yi, like she had found an entire new continent.

“Yes, Still, why did you come with sir chairman” Evita, who had received the news, came over with a surprised look as well.

Still helplessly looked at the two of them, “Dont you think that this question is very strange I am Xu Yis wife, is it that strange if we come together”

“Its not strange if you go to other places together, but its strange if you come here together.” Akali said, “Since you started your New Moon Chamber of commerce, you have never come here.”

Still gave a soft snort and turned to Evita, “Evita, Ive made an appointment, right”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “Thats right, you made an appointment to talk about the problem with the Magic Illusion Projectors. I never thought that you would come with sir chairman.” She turned to Xu Yi after saying this, “Sir chairman, for you to come with Still, could it be that there are some special requests or instructions for the Magic Illusion Projectors”

“There are no instructions, but there are a few requests, but my requests are a bit different from Stills. Go and gather the researchers who work on the Magic Illusion Projectors, well meet them together.”


Seeing Evita turning to leave, Akali secretly pulled on Stills sleeve and pulled her to a corner. She first looked at Xu Yi talking to the other researchers in the distance before looking at Still with a mysterious look.

Still saw that her expression wasnt normal, so she knitted her brow to ask, “What is it”

“Still……You……Have you finally felt the danger” Akali paused for a bit before asking this.-

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