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Volume 6 Chapter 8 Actually letting the guild work with you

The Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire were the two largest countries on the Sines Continent, their territory added up to even more than half of the continent.

In between these two incomparably large countries, there was over ten thousand kilometers of border between them. It drew a line in the center of the Sines Continent, with the north being the Marlow Empire and the south being the Candra Empire, clearly marking them.

If one looked at a map, they would find that in the long border that was drawn across the center of the continent, there was a piece that was dug out of it.

But when one saw the name of this piece on the map, they would find it natural.

Because this piece of land was called Castle in the Sky.

Castle in the Sky, it could be considered the most special city on the continent and the reason was very simple, it was where the Magicians Guilds headquarters was.

Since the race wars three thousand years ago, the Magicians Guild had lasted on the Sines Continent the entire time.

There had been many changes on the continent during these three thousand years and no matter how the countries changed, the Castle in the Sky was a place that no one dared to mess with.

In the hearts of everyone, this was the sacred place for magicians, the most mysterious city with the most power in the world.

Not to mention the Marlow Empire or the Candra Empire, even the Atlantis Empire that had united the continent one thousand and five hundred years ago didnt dare send their army there.

If they offended the Magicians Guild, that was equal to offending all the magicians on the continent.

The Castle in the Sky was a city, but it occupied a large piece of land. It had over three thousand kilometers of space and only the core region could be called the true Castle in the Sky. The other places were all territory that belonged to the Magicians Guild.

And in this large Castle in the Sky that was even bigger than the capital cities of the two empires, there was also a core region that was the true pinnacle of the city that reached into the cloud.

The stone tower was over three hundred meters tall and looking at it from a distance, it was like a needle that reached into the sky.

This stone tower at the beginning was only seven floors and less than twenty meters, but as the Magicians Guild kept developing, the stone tower got taller and taller. In the end, it was able to reach this astonishing height.

Of course, with the current construction standard of the Sines Continent, it was impossible to build something as tall as this.

This stone tower was able to stand because of the powerful Magic Array that the Magicians Guild had laid on it, guaranteeing that it would stand straight.

This stone tower named the Tower in the Sky was not only the symbol of the City in the Sky, it was also the representation of the power of the Magicians Guild.

But if you were qualified to reach the peak of the Tower in the Sky and looked across, you would find something even more shocking.

The Tower in the Sky was already three hundred meters off the ground, but at its peak, there was a huge disc that was just floating in the sky. Even with the howling winds in the sky, it didnt move at all.

This amazing disk was the closest place to the sky on the Sines Continent and the sacred ground in the hearts of all the magicians, the Magic God Throne!

This sacred ground was also a forbidden ground. Unless one had the approval of all the elders of the Magicians Guild, they would be mercilessly struck down if they tried to enter this place.

When the council was deciding most of their important things, they would convene there most of the time.

Today the council had their monthly regular meeting, so other than the three elders on duty, the thirteen other elders had also gathered.

Everyone was focused on Great Magician Ferguson who was currently making his report, listening with rapt attention.

“…..According to my observations, the magicians working in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at least surpass other magicians of the same grade when it comes to Magic Arrays…..No, not just a bit, they surpass them by a lot. As for the other aspects, I didnt have time to judge properly, so I cant draw a conclusion for now.”

Great Magician Ferguson put down the report he had prepared and looked at the other twelve elders of the council. He cleared his throat and said with a serious look, “If I make a conclusion, I feel very good about the prospects of the magicians working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So I support the plan that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu put forth and agree to cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

The other elders were silent for a bit before they turned to the middle aged man in a white robe sitting at the center of the table.

This white robed magician was the current president of the Sines Continent Magicians Guild, Rodderick Gascione. He was seventy three this year, but there wasnt a single strand of white hair on his head and his face was quite red, looking very healthy.

Since taking the post as the president twenty three years ago, the influence and fame of the Magicians Guild had been growing step by step on the continent and it couldnt be pulled away from him.

When the council needed to decide something, everyone had a habit of listening to his opinion first.

President Gascione, who everyone was looking at, thought for a bit before asking Great Magician Ferguson, “What is the attitude of Arch Magus Camilla”

Great Magician Ferguson was a bit surprised. He was raising the matter of the guild cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, why did the president suddenly change the topic to Arch Magus Camilla

“Arch Magus Camilla didnt give a clear statement, but……” Great Magician Ferguson thought about when he met Arch Magus Camilla and replied, “Arch Magus Camilla supports Xu Yi, the feeling he gives me is…..as if he is very satisfied and very invested in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Because Xu Yi is his granddaughters husband” An elder asked with a smile.

“No, it isnt like this.” Great Magician Ferguson slowly shook his head, “I can see that Arch Magus Camilla likes his current work and is very enthusiastic about it.”


The other elders looked at each other, all with a bit of disbelief.

This was an Arch Magus!

As an Arch Magus that was at the peak of the magic world on the continent, he was invested in a small thing like the magic machines, this really was too unbelievable.

“What was Arch Magus Camillas stance on Xu Yis method” President Gascione asked again.

Great Magician Ferguson was no longer surprised as to why president Gascione was focused on Arch Magus Camilla.

Adding in Arch Magus Camilla, there were only twenty eight Arch Magi on the continent and each one was a peak character on the continent.

When the Lampuri Kingdom suddenly reported that Great Magician Camilla had broken through to become an Arch Magus, it had created a large stir in the Magicians Guild.

Because it had been a full nine years since an Arch Magus had appeared, there hadnt been an Arch Magus in nine years which made the Magicians Guild feel a bit of danger.

In the end, the Magicians Guilds fame and influence on the continent depended on all the magicians. Or to put it more straightforward, they were based on the peak magicians like Great Magicians or Arch Magi.

Especially Arch Magi Magicians because they far surpassed normal magicians. Each person could be a deciding factor in many things, so whether it was the country or the Magicians Guild, they would attach great importance to things like this.

The Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire had seven Arch Magi respectively, each one having a very high position that even the top nobles couldnt compare with.

And for an Arch Magus to appear in a small country like the Lampuri Kingdom, they would be at the same position as the king!

But what no one expected was that this Arch Magus that came from the Lampuri Kingdom went to work for a company, becoming one of their employees!

Almost everyone had thought that it was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was Arch Magus Camillas grandson in law, which was why he was willing to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was only done as a favour in the end, it didnt mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was qualified to attract an Arch Magus.

But now Great Magician Ferguson said that Arch Magus Camilla was there on his own free will and he was very enthusiastic towards studying magic machines, this really was something that no one imagined.

Just based on this, his support towards Xu Yis plan would decide the Magicians Guilds attitude towards this proposal.

“Arch Magus Camilla didnt give a statement, but he said to me that Xu Yi definitely could handle this if it was given to him, so he wanted the guild to work with him.” Great Magician Ferguson replied.

“Let us work with him” The elders couldnt help saying in surprised voices.

“What a joke!” An elder slapped the table, “A small company being able to enter the eyes of the guild is already a blessing for them. Forget the fact that they proposed a plan to us, they actually want us to work with them Is there a mistake!”

Great Magician Ferguson gave a soft cough, “This……This is what Great Magician Camilla said. Chairman Xu is hoping to discuss this with the guild so we can determine the method of cooperation.”

“So what if Arch Magus Camilla says this” Another elder gave a cold snort, “We respect the opinion of Arch Magus Camilla, but that doesnt mean that the guild should lose our influence in this matter. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce only needs to listen to the arrangements of our guild headquarters and they dont need to think of any damn plans.”

Great Magician Ferguson looked at these elders who had been incited with an awkward look. He had shown support for the plan that Xu Yi had put forth and now that everyone was opposing this, it was like slapping his face.

He could only turn to president Gascione.

He knew that this matter would still be decided by the president.-

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