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Volume 6 Chapter 2 Outstanding successor

While Freeman led these people to find a way to fix this bridge, in Marquis Southgates private territory three hundred kilometers away, there was also a bustling scene.

There were seventeen large and small Magic Excavators working at the same time, digging out holes in the land that Marquis Southgate had put aside for the magic machine industry base. Then Magic Bulldozer flattened out the parts of the ground that werent smooth, quickly turning it into usable construction land.

Chairman Cruise stood at the construction sites, focused on the progress of the construction.

In fact, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had done this work many times in the years they cooperated with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they were very used to doing this.

Even if he as the chairman wasnt here, the five construction team under him with rich experience would be able to finish this perfectly without any problems.

But chairman Cruise still came and watched over their construction work each day.

Even if there was a storm, he didnt leave the construction site. He waited for the storm to pass with his subordinates and immediately directed the project after it passed, showing how important this project was for him.

Of course this could be understood since this was the Amrit Chamber of Commerces second largest project in the Marlow Empire, other than building the road that connected to the road in the Falk Kingdom, so naturally it was important.

Moreover, this project was different from building roads. They were helping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies called to invest in the Marlow Empire to build residences and factories, so it belonged to the Amrit Chamber of Commerces old business, which was construction work.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce naturally didnt slack with the road and they approved Marquis Southgates approval. Now that they were working in construction, Chairman Cruise naturally wanted to show off the powerful superiority of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to smoothly enter the Marlow Empires construction market.

The Marlow Empire was one of the two empires on the continent. Whether it was country size or population, they were countless times that of the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding countries, which was a giant market that people dreamed of.

If they could enter and grasp this market, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would have hopes of becoming a first class company of the continent.

Thinking of this, chairman Cruises heart was filled with a bit of gratitude towards Xu Yi.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi finding a chance to cooperate with Marquis Southgate and then bringing in the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, with just the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, they didnt know when they could enter this market.

Of course, the ones that should feel grateful to Xu Yi were the various companies called in by Xu Yi, especially the small magic machine companies.

With the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they could definitely take all the business from Marquis Southgates private territory, but Xu Yi took the initiative to invite all the companies in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom. He pulled those companies that were much weaker than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce into the Marlow Empire to invest, which could be considered giving up meat from his own bowl to them.

However, even like this, the companies were doubtful of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces actions. They felt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce werent confident in investing in the Marlow Empire, so they needed the other companies to share the risk.

But this laughable doubt was immediately refuted by the magic machine companies. There were over a hundred magic machine companies that handed their application to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, hoping they would be brought along with them.

In the end, Xu Yi chose twenty three companies to come to Marquis Southgates territory with him for an inspection. Other than a single company who withdrew for now, the remaining twenty two companies all expressed their willingness to invest.

As for the company that had withdrawn for now……

Chairman Cruise looked at the dirt road in the southwest that was very rough from the rain and he couldnt help giving a sigh as he shook his head.

The roads in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdom were already quite good, so if they suddenly met a place with such bad road conditions, it was hard to adapt. It was no wonder that companys representative didnt have confidence in the road here and decided to retreat.

Thinking of this, chairman Cruise was silent for a bit. He walked for a bit and came to the side of a young man who was watching a Magic Excavator at work.

“Hey, your excellency baron, there is something I wish to discuss with you.”

The young man immediately turned over and said with a smile, “Chairman Cruise, Ive said it many times, you can just call me Franklin. Tell me, what is it”

This young man was the eldest grandson of Marquis Southgate, Franklin Southgate. He wasnt even nineteen years old, but he already had the title of baron. He was recognized as the leading candidate for the family head of the third generation, being trained since he was young.

This time there was a large significance in the cooperation between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Marquis Southgate, so Marquis Southgate had sent the grandson that he cared about the most as his representative for this project.

Chairman Cruise had been here with him for half a month and he had much contact with him. He knew that although Baron Franklin wasnt even nineteen years old, he was very calm and could make decisions on behalf of Marquis Southgate, so everyone basically came to talk to him when there were any problems.

“Look, its just a single storm, but the surrounding roads have become like this, which hinders our work very much and impacts the other companies arriving very much. So I think that it would be best to improve the conditions of those roads first.”

Baron Franklin slightly knitted his brows, “But chairman Cruise, didnt you say before that it takes quite a bit of time to pave a road to ensure its quality You shouldnt be able to pave a road in this short period of time right now, right”

“No, its impossible to pave a new road, but we can improve it in a short period of time.” Chairman Cruise shook his head before saying this.

“Oh What do you need to do”

Chairman Cruise looked around before his eyes fell onto several small hills in Marquis Southgates territory and he asked, “If Im not wrong, those hills should be made of stone, right”

Baron Franklin looked over and after thinking about it, he gave a nod, “Un, they are made of stone, but how is this related to what you just said”

“Its good if theyre stone hills.” Chairman Cruise gave a laugh, “My idea is very simple. Its to take broken stones from that hill and pad it with sand, making the road much better. It would be better than it is now. Anyway, we still need to pave a road here in the future, but if we pad the road now, it can be considered making a foundation for it and it wouldnt be considered a waste. What do you think”

Baron Franklin was a bit confused, “I dont know much about roads, but since chairman Cruise is saying this, I dont think there should be a problem. But chairman Cruise, those hills are completely made of stone, so how will you bring broken pieces of rocks down”

“Hei, that isnt a problem at all. There are many construction magic machines here, not to mention a small stone hill, even if it was bigger, we could flatten it in just a few days.”

Baron Franklin looked at the hill that was around a hundred meters tall and his eyes couldnt help popping out as he was secretly stunned.

This was a hill completely made of stone. If this was based on his previous understanding, it would take over a thousand people to flatten it and several months of work.

Now chairman Cruise was telling him that he could do it in just a few days, this was too shocking.

But Baron Franklin had seen the power of the construction magic machines the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had brought with them, so he had already changed the thinking of his mind and it wasnt as hard for him to accept this as it was in the beginning.

After thinking about it, Baron Franklin gave a nod to show his agreement.

“Alright, this matter cant be delayed. Chairman Cruise, please arrange people as soon as possible. The weather hasnt been stable recently, so perhaps it might rain again. The sooner you can solve the problem with the road, the more effort we can save.”

“Digging these hills, dont we need the agreement of the Lord Marquis” Chairman Cruise hesitantly asked.

“No need.” Baron Franklin gave a firm shake of his head, “Grandfather has already handed this matter completely to me. I believe chairman Cruises judgement, so please arrange people as soon as possible. If you need any support, please tell me as soon as possible.”

Chairman Cruise took a deep breath and looked over Baron Franklin with a look of praise.

“Your excellency Baron, the Southgate Family being able to have such an outstanding successor like you really is blessed. I think that the Lord Marquis should take you as his pride, its no wonder he sent you here to manage the construction work.”

Baron Franklin revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Cruise, your praise is too much. Grandfather is having me take charge of this to test me. If theres anything Ive done wrong, please dont hold back and tell me. Also, please just call me by name.”

Chairman Cruise gave a laugh, “Alright, Franklin, the Lord Marquis and chairman Xu have put great importance on this construction project, so I definitely have to put high requirements. There will be many places where I will have to bother you, so please dont blame me when I come looking for you.”

Baron Franklin revealed a wide smile, showing his teeth.

“How could I”-

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