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Volume 5 Chapter 169 Stepping onto the continent

A week later, when Marquis Southgate left the Lampuri Kingdom, Great Magician Ferguson also left carrying the proposal that Xu Yi personally wrote for the Magicians Guild headquarters.

Although Great Magician Ferugson and Xu Yi had discussed the contents of this proposal for many days, most of it came from Xu Yi and Great Magician Ferguson just listened.

After being with Xu Yi for a few days, Great Magician Ferguson had to admit that when it came to planning, especially industrial planning, he was far from being able to compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi. There were many times where his ideas were easily overruled by Xu Yi and he had to agree, thinking that his thoughts were too simple.

In the end, this proposal would mainly be on how to solve the survival of the various Low Grade Magicians on the Sines Continent.

Xu Yis solution was that he hoped the Magicians Guild would publicize the benefits of the magic machine industry, letting the magicians of the continent accept working for a company that made magic machines like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They would put down the restraints of being magicians and choose to join the magic machine companies.

That way, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could promote the development of the magic machine industry, making more and more magic machine companies on the continent which would allow more Low Grade Magicians to have jobs.

Of course, this wasnt limitless.

Take the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for example, although most of the magicians responsible for laying down the Magic Arrays were Third to Fifth Grade Magicians, that didnt mean that any Third to Fifth Grade Magician could do this work.

Rather, as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did more and more research, the new products became more and more refined. It caused there to be a higher requirement of the magician that laid down the Magic Array.

Xu Yi was certain that any Low Grade Magician that could arrange Magic Arrays for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could be considered an expert in Magic Arrays, even surpassing most High Grade Magicians.

So in this plan, while Xu Yi proposed the Magicians Guild promote the magic machine industry, he also wanted them to focus on this point so that the Low Grade Magicians of the continent wouldnt just want to try their luck.

To be honest, magic research required focus and hard work, so naturally the magic machine work couldnt lack these things.

According to the development plan Xu Yi made, as long as the magic machine industry could smoothly develop on the Sines Continent, there would be a high demand for this kind of Low Grade Magicians.

This not only guaranteed them a good income, so that they wouldnt worry about their livelihood, they could also come in contact with Magic Arrays through work and have a deeper understanding of magic through the high requirements of these Magic Arrays, allowing them to raise the level of their magic.

This was something that could be proved by the over two thousand magicians that worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces over two thousand magicians couldnt be used as a model, adding in the two hundred and thirty seven magic machine companies with over eight thousand magicians employed in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, and the surrounding kingdoms, it would prove this point.

Of course, Low Grade Magicians werent just referring to Third to Fifth Grade Magicians. It also contained the foundation of all magicians on the continent, who were the Primary and Second Grade Magicians.

As the lowest grade magicians, they made up the large part of the magician population which was the group that the Magicians Guild cared about the most.

After a magician reaches the Third Grade, they at least have some magic power. Even if they didnt work for a magic machine company, they could work as a company guard or as a guard for a noble.

But for Primary and Second Grade Magicians, they were just too weak, not being much stronger than normal people. In most situations, they couldnt find any work with their own magic power.

Even if they joined a magic machine company, they wouldnt be able to do any work.

Xu Yi didnt care about this before, but since Great Magician Ferguson came on behalf of the Magicians Guild headquarters, he began caring about this.

Thats right, Third to Fifth Grade Magicians were the core of magic machine companies, the foundation of the magic machine industry. There was only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that had employed the higher grade Great Magicians and Arch Magi right now, so this matter was untouchable to most people. But once one thought about the Primary or Second Grade Magicians, they would find a chasm.

Although the current situation pushed the Primary Grade and Second Grade Magicians to work hard on their research to become a Third Grade Magician as soon as possible, letting them join a magic machine company for work, to Xu Yi, this wasted quite a bit of time.

Even if they became a Third Grade Magician, being able to work for a magic machine company, they would have to learn knowledge related to magic machines from the beginning, wasting a lot of time and effort to master this.

So instead of making them waste all this time and effort, it was better for them to work hard in this direction to begin with.

In this plan for the Magicians Guild headquarters, Xu Yi proposed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would invest in a school that taught magic machine related skills with the Magicians Guild headquarters. They would teach the Low Grade Magicians that were willing to join magic machine companies related skills, so they could have a certain understanding of magic machines before starting their work. They could start their work when they had a certain understanding of magic machines.

As a test, the first class would be held in Anvilmar City as a collaboration between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild.

The Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild would be in charge of advertising this class, explaining it to all the Low Grade Magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would provide the funds, the location, and the training staff.

To put it simply, the Magicians Guild would support it with their name and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would support it with goods.

When Xu Yi proposed this solution, Great Magician Ferguson didnt agree at first because this would mean that the noble magicians would be trained by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as tools for the magic machine industry, violating their freedom.

However, Xu Yi explained with various data that this would save the Low Grade Magicians plenty of time and most importantly, money, so Great Magician Ferguson could only agree.

This plan naturally had to be looked over by the Magicians Guild headquarters first, but when Great Magician Ferguson left, he said to Xu Yi that he should be prepared.

So Xu Yi and president Eren, who came with Great Magician Ferguson, discussed this in private, reaching a verbal agreement in front of him.

In the spring of this year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce working with the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild would provide this magic machine seminar.

Other than inviting the magicians of some magic machine companies to give lectures, they invited all the Low Grade Magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom to participate.

This was a variant of the training courses mentioned in the proposal, but before the headquarters approved this, the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild couldnt directly work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they came up with this compromise.

Great Magician Ferguson indicated that if the effects were good, it would be evidence towards the headquarters agreeing to this proposal, so he urged Xu Yi and president Eren to seize this chance before leaving.

Xu Yi and president Eren naturally understood, so they agreed.

If this matter succeeded, it could help the problem of the Low Grade Magicians that the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild had a headache over. For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this would mean that they would be able to obtain an outstanding group of magicians as workers, so naturally they couldnt want more.

However, after Great Magician Ferguson left, president Eren found Xu Yi and told him that it wasnt likely the headquarters would pass this proposal.

“The members of the council are all stubborn fellows, Ferguson can be considered the most enlightened one, but you still had to spend all that effort and time to convince him. If you want to see those fellows see the large influence the magic machine industry would have, I think that it will be too difficult.”

President Eren had been the president for several decades now, so he understood the headquarters much better than Xu Yi. For him to be this worried, it definitely wasnt baseless.

However, after Xu Yi heard this, he didnt seem worried at all. Rather he said with a relaxed smile, “It isnt important if this passes or not, the important thing is that the headquarters is finally willing to face this emerging magic machine industry and they can approve of it, that is already enough.”

“Oh” President Eren looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “I never thought that your goal would be this small.”

“No, my goal is already very big, but Im not in a rush to achieve this goal because it is easy for it to fall apart if I rush. For me, whether it is Marquis Southgate or Great Magician Ferguson on behalf of the Magicians Guild headquarters, there is a special significance. Because no matter what it is, it means that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has taken the first important and real step onto the continent!”-

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