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It wasnt everyone who was like the people of the army headquarters who acted like they were eating a bitter fruit in cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

At least a large part of the people in the Sack Kingdom welcomed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce set up their service center in Tucklin Town, it allowed the people of the Sack Kingdom to purchase the best quality Frestech Brand household magic machines. They could also obtain the rumoured most perfect post sale service that people claimed was as comfortable as taking a bath.

This was a service that was hard to get from other companies.

For the people of Tucklin Town, the arrival of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was something worth celebrating.

In the welcoming ceremony major Puyo held on behalf of Tucklin Town to welcome the caravan from the Lampuri Kingdom, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt the leader of this caravan, whether it was mayor Puyo or chief Alvin, they always gave the most important introduction to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The reason was very simple, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only built a service center in Tucklin Town, they even chose a place outside of Tucklin Town to build a household magic machine production base.

According to the plan, the production base would cover fifty thousand square meters. Right now they were building a Magic Fan factory, a Magic Air Conditioner factory, a Magic Refrigerator factory, and a Magic Lamp factory.

Like this, these Frestech Brand household magic machines would be produced locally in the Sack Kingdom. It could bypass the tariffs of the Sack Kingdom which would lower their prices, making it more convenient for people to buy.

But what the people of Tucklin Town cared about was not this, but rather the jobs that the production base brought.

According to the plan the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi disclosed at the welcoming ceremony, the production base would recruit at least five thousand local workers once it was finished being built.

Five thousand!

All the people in Tucklin Town added up together was less than three thousand people.

The first four factories of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could take in everyone in Tucklin Town and it still wasnt enough.

This not only meant that the people of Tucklin Town didnt need to worry about work, even the surrounding people would benefit.

This was working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It had to be known that in the surrounding countries, working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a dream for almost everyone.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces wages werent the highest, all the benefits that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces workers received were far from what the other companies could compare to.

For the companies in the Sack Kingdom, they simply couldnt even hold the Frestech Chamber of Commerces shoes!

When this news spread, the area around Tucklin Town stirred. There were countless people that came to Tucklin Town, expressing their desire to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at their service center.

But the reply they received was that they needed to wait until the first Magic Fan factory was built, then they would announce that they would be recruiting people and they hoped that everyone wouldnt be too anxious.

Of course, people didnt need to be too disappointed.

Because there was some time before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started recruiting people, but the other companies that came with them were already recruiting.

The fastest was the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

This time all the large companies of the Lampuri Kingdom came with the caravan. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was working with the Lampuri Kingdom, so they werent an exception.

Among these companies, the most important one for the Sack Kingdom was the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

According to the agreement, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would help the Sack Kingdom build their roads. The first one would connect to Palermo Town in the Lampuri Kingdoms northern province which was the closest town to the border, then it would pass through the Muerto Mountains to Tucklin Town before finally connecting to the Sack Kingdoms capital of Nordham City.

Once this road was complete, it would be the first time the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom would be connected. Whether it was symbolic meaning or practical meaning, it was all important.

So this road was very important to the Sack Kingdom. Not only would chief Alvin be with chairman Cruise the entire way, the Sack Kingdom had sent several related personnel to help, guaranteeing that this road could be completed smoothly.

Of course, there would be a large number of workers needed to complete this road. Even if the Amrit Chamber of Commerce brought many skilled workers, the simple work would depend on the local Sack Kingdom workers that they would recruit.

At least for the first two hundred and ten kilometer road from the border to Tucklin Town, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce recruited one thousand and seven hundred workers from the Sack Kingdom.

This large amount had even surprised chief Alvin.

Moreover, because the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they tried to give the same benefits as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. For these one thousand and seven hundred temporary workers, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce provided workers insurance, health insurance, heat pay, and many other things that the people of the Sack Kingdom had never heard of before.

So when the news the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was recruiting spread, there were countless people that came to them.

Then the other Lampuri Kingdom companies that came with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce announced they would be investing in factories in Tucklin Town, which created another surge in the Sack Kingdom.

“To Tucklin Town!”

This phrase was something that everyone in the Sack Kingdom agreed on.

The normal citizens went to Tucklin Town looking for good jobs, the merchants wanted to find better opportunities in Tucklin Town, and the nobles wanted to study from Tucklin Town to see if they could draw these companies to their own territories.

As for the true upper strata of the Sack Kingdom, they paid even more attention to Tucklin Town.

This town was only an attempt for the Lampuri Kingdom, but for the Sack Kingdom, it was a very rare opportunity.

The Lampuri Kingdom had changed because of the new magic machine industry led by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, dramatically increasing their kingdoms power in just a few years.

If the Sack Kingdom seized this chance, they might be able to surpass the Lampuri Kingdom again.

So after the Lampuri Kingdoms caravan arrived in Tucklin Town, this small town with no fame in the Sack Kingdom became the center of attention for the entire kingdom. Countless people came from all over the Sack Kingdom and in less than half a month, it made the small town incomparably lively.

“Hey, Seveni, dont you think that this situation is like Banta City in the past” Xu Yi put down the «Lampuri Weekly» in his hand and asked Seveni who was taking a sip of water.

The peace talks between the two kingdoms and what happened after had all been reported on by the «Lampuri Weekly».

For the change in Tucklin Town, the «Lampuri Weekly» had reported on this in detail. They even boldly proclaimed that Tucklin town would be the center of industry and economics in the Sack Kingdom in the future, not even being weaker than Nordham City.

This prediction seemed a bit too much right now, but based on the development of Tucklin Town, it wasnt impossible.

Because this situation was close to Banta City in the past.

However, Seveni put down her cup after hearing Xu Yi and shook her head.

“It looks like it on the surface, but its far lacking. Banta City had your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it became the first magic machine industry city on the continent. As for this Tucklin Town…..I dont believe that you would give them this core technology.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Of course.” Then he changed the topic, “But speaking of core technology, Seveni, what do you think of what I just said”

Seveni slightly knitted her brows to think for a bit before giving a nod, “Adding some curriculum related to the magic machine industry in some schools is fine, but this theoretical knowledge wont be as enticing as learning technical skills. In the end, by learning the skills, they can enter the magic machine companies as skilled workers and earn quite a bit. But if they learn theoretical knowledge……how can they see the direct effects”

“That depends on how determined you are.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Right now, other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other magic machine companies havent invested in magic machine research at all. They havent placed importance on it, so others dont put importance on it either. Our company takes this seriously and we give high wages to people of this trade, but our company isnt enough to change everyones mind. If your Lampuri Kingdom could start investing in this, then it would be completely different.”

“Of course I understand the importance of research, but the problem is…..how do you want me to attach importance to this Just opening these classes in the school and not offering any benefits to entice people, I dont think theres any meaning to this.”

“That is simple, as long as youre willing, we can first start with fixed learning. For example, our Lampuri Kingdom will establish a special fund in the schools of your Lampuri Kingdom, providing funds for the students studying magic machine theory and after they graduate, well give them a chance to work in our company. What do you think about that”

Seveni gave a soft snort, “Youre clearly trying to take advantage of our schools resources to obtain talented people for your company, you think I cant see through this”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “This is for mutual benefits. Once these people graduate, they wont keep working at our company. As long as the other companies of the Lampuri Kingdom can provide them with enough benefits, it wouldnt be strange for them to return to the Lampuri Kingdom, right”

Seveni was silent for a bit before giving a sigh and shaking her head, “Forget it, I know that you can come up with many reasons to convince me, so theres no need to argue with you. Alright, its decided. I will raise this suggestion to the kingdom parliament and if this passes, I will urge the schools of the kingdom to set up this policy as soon as possible. But Xu Yi, this requires your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to work with us.”

“This is something that I proposed, how could I not work with you” Xu Yi replied with a smile.-

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