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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 158 - Truce

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Volume 5 Chapter 158 Truce

Whether it was Xu Yi or Seveni, leisure time was a luxury for them. The two walked around the street for around an hour before heading back to the royal palace with the same route.

No one disturbed their talk after they returned to the royal palace and no one knew what they talked about.

But half a month after Xu Yi left Anvilmar City, the Lampuri Kingdom suddenly proposed a ceasefire to the Sack Kingdom.

Although the Sack Kingdom felt that the Lampuri Kingdom was shaming them with this proposal, because they were unable to resist the offense of the Lampuri Kingdom at all, they were forced to accept this in the end.

For many of the people of the Sack Kingdom, the Lampuri Kingdom offering them this truce was something worth celebrating.

The high ranking nobles were worried that the Lampuri Kingdom would sweep the Sack Kingdom and the lower ranked citizens were worried that the war would affect their lives.

Among the citizens, the ones who were the most affected were those who lived in Tucklin Town in the previous free trade zone.

Because Tucklin Town was chosen as the free trade zone between countries, this small town was suddenly filled with merchants from both countries and suddenly began to swell.

At the same time, because of the merchants from the two countries trading here, the town became prosperous.

The people of the town were poor before, but with the opening of the free trade zone, their lives had completely changed.

There were suddenly many jobs in the town and anyone could find a job that had a decent income as long as they had working limbs. They could even start their own small businesses and it wasnt hard for them to earn a small fortune.

But after the war between the two countries started, the free trade zone was affected. There were no more merchants that came and the town became deadly silent in just a single night.

All the business in the town stopped and everyone had lost their vitality.

Everyone understood that once the Lampuri Kingdom declared war on the Sack Kingdom, this free trade zone would be gone. The good lives that they had which was like springtime for them would be gone forever.

But when everyone was feeling despair, there was some good news.

The Lampuri Kingdom proposed a truce!

After receiving this news, the people of Tucklin Town were filled with joy, but they were nervous every day because they were afraid that the upper class of the kingdom wouldnt accept the truce.

As long as the war continued, they would only be able to live their hopeless lives.

The lucky thing was that after a week the Lampuri Kingdom proposed the truce, the Sack Kingdom finally made a decision to accept the truce. They began negotiating the ceasefire with the Lampuri Kingdom.

Even though many people were worried that the kingdom would suffer from the peace talks, for the people of Tucklin Town, it didnt matter to them.

The only thing they cared about was whether the free trade zone represented by Tucklin Town would open again.

In just three days after the peace talks began, there was another good piece of news, which relieved the worries of the people of Tucklin Town.

The first thing the Lampuri Kingdom added in the discussion was to reopen the free trade zone between the two countries.

But at the same time, the Lampuri Kingdom also requested that not only would Tucklin Town be a free trade zone, the area around Tucklin Town which included three cities at the border between these two countries would also become a free trade zone.

If one looked at it from a map, they would find that these three cities and Tucklin Town formed a line at the border. This covered all of the intersecting areas between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom.

Of course, this didnt matter to Tucklin Town.

The people of the town only knew that once the free trade zone opened again, they would regain the good days from before!

Two weeks after the two kingdoms signed the new free trade zone agreement, the people of Tucklin Town were waiting excitedly for the first batch of merchants from the Lampuri Kingdom to arrive in Tucklin Town.

However when they saw the flags flown by the large transport fleet, everyone was stunned.

The flags were blowing in the wind, but what was on them was a half wing design. As the flag fluttered in the wind, the half wing kept swinging like it was about to fly away.

There definitely wouldnt be a mistake!

This flag definitely represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

In the past two years, with the various household magic machines entering the Sack Kingdom, everyone had experienced the benefits of these new things.

When buying these household magic machines, people learned something. It was that when it came to household magic machines, the best would always be the Frestech Brand household magic machines.

But even if countless examples proved this, the Frestech Brand household magic machine was never brought to Tucklin Town by the Lampuri Kingdom merchants and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never appeared.

But this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces flag appeared in Tucklin Town for the first time.

As for why the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never appeared in Tucklin Town before, the people of the town had already asked around. They knew that because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt a Lampuri Kingdom company, they wouldnt appear in the free trade zone on behalf of the Lampuri Kingdom.

But once this free trade zone opened, why did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce appear

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces flag was very conspicuous in the front, like they were leading the caravan, so why was that

Other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce leading the caravan which was surprising, the caravan itself was surprising.

When the caravans came from the Lampuri Kingdom in the past, although they had many transport Magic Cars before, there were still a few traditional horse carriages among them.

The main reason was that transport Magic Cars cost too much and a small company couldnt afford it, so they could only use the traditional horse carriages.

But this caravan from head to toe didnt have a single traditional horse carriage.

From front to back, there were countless large transport Magic Cars that formed a large caravan. They passed through the stone and dirt road of Tucklin Town that wasnt considered big, filling the sky with dirt.

This caravan was even more imposing than any other caravan that came from the Lampuri Kingdom before.

Was it because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was leading them this time

Everyone watched with wide open eyes as this caravan approached. When the Frestech Chamber of Commerces flag was less than a kilometer away, a white Magic Sedan that seemed to be glowing under the sun quickly came forward.

It had clearly been driving in the dust for a long time, but this Magic Sedan still shined like it wasnt stained by a single speck of dust.

This Magic Sedan that was very smooth and beautiful quickly drove through the dust in the air. Just looking at it shocked people.

Seeing this Magic Sedan, the Tucklin Town mayor Puyo who had been waiting outside the town for a long time to look at the important people beside him.

“Go greet him, dont be rude.” A middle aged man with a serious expression who looked quite strict said.

“Yes.” Puyo quickly agreed and raised his hand to start the orchestra who was already prepared for the welcome. At the same time, the children who had been on the sides of the roads started waving the flowers in their hands.

Then a group of people came forward.

Xu Yis personal Magic Sedan slowly came to a stop and after getting out to see the children on both sides and the orchestra, he couldnt help smiling.

This scene, he couldnt help thinking of the scene that he had seen on TV before back on earth many times.

“Chairman Xu, welcome, welcome……”

That strict looking middle aged man by mayor Puyo before immediately had a smile bloom on his face when he saw Xu Yi. He quickly came forward and reached his hands out to him.

Xu Yi reached his hand out to shake his hands with a smile, “Chief Alvin, to have to personally come, it really makes me feel a bit embarrassed.”

This middle aged man was the chief of the Sack Kingdoms business department, Paula Alvin.

With the opening of the free trade zone again, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce leading the Lampuri Kingdom caravan to Tucklin Town had a large significance. The Sack Kingdom paid great attention to this, so they sent out the most important person they could.

If it wasnt for the fact that this was just for business on the surface, the Sack Kingdom definitely wouldnt have just sent the business departments chief Paula Alvin.

Hearing Xu Yis words, chief Alvin gave a laugh, “Chairman Xu is too polite. After learning that you would be personally coming, there were countless people in the kingdom who wanted to meet you. I benefited from my status to be able to stand here, otherwise who knows how long the lineup would be.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, thinking that this chief Alvin really did know how to flatter people.

But this person was the business departments chief, so he had contact with merchants frequently, so naturally he learned how to talk like them. He was a true distinguished guest of the Sack Kingdom, so it was normal for them to think highly of him.

“Im not some beauty, theres nothing interesting about meeting me. But speaking of wanting to see me, wouldnt it be more convenient if we built a road first”

Alvin looked at the Lampuri Kingdom caravan stopped behind Xu Yi and seeing the sky filled with dust, he revealed an awkward smile.-

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