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Volume 5 Chapter 150 Elder Undine with a head for business

Xu Yi was planning to simply resupply in Nissi Harbour before heading off to the Azshara Tribe.

However, this plan was interrupted when the Magic Airship was about to take off.

Seeing Nissi Citys City Lord Count Kompany running over with a face covered in sweat, climbing up the side of the Magic Ship in difficulty with an anxious look, Xu Yi was confused as he ordered the pilot to stop the Magic Airship from taking off and walked out of the cabin.

“Xu…..Chairman Xu…..Its a good…..Its a good thing I caught you……” City Lord Kompany was panting as he stood in front of Xu Yi. His fat body was covered in sweat and looked quite bad.

Xu Yi turned to take a towel from Narvil and handed it over before asking, “Lord City Lord, is there something urgent”

Count Kompany took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down, but because he breathed in too quickly, he actually choked on it. His face turned red and he almost couldnt breathe.

Xu Yi found it funny as he patted his back, “Lord City Lord, dont be in such a rush. Talk slowly, arent I here right now”

Count Kompany gave several coughs before finally recovering. He took Xu Yis hand and was panting as he said, “Xu…..Chairman Xu, youre…..finally back. His……His Majesty already gave the order that I had to keep you here as long as I met you. His….majesty is summoning you.”

“His majesty Teruc He wants to see me” Xu Yi was a bit surprised while also feeling that this was a bit too coincidental.

He had just thought of King Teruc and he never thought that King Teruc would come looking for him.

“I…..Im not too clear on this, but his majesty did give this order.” Count Kompany replied, “Actually, his majesty summoned you last week, but I was told that you werent back because you were overseas. He knew that you would pass by here when you came back, so he had me watch out and stop you if I could.”

“Is it really that urgent”

Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows. After thinking for a bit, he didnt know why King Teruc would be this urgent in summoning him.

“This…..Should I go to Caraca City for an audience with his majesty” Xu Yi asked.

“No, his majesty said that if I could stop you, I should contact him immediately and he would personally come here to meet you.” Count Kompany shook his head as he replied.

“His majesty is coming here” Xu Yi was surprised.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had some influence in the surrounding countries, he as the chairman was important to the high level members of these countries.

He was still only a merchant in the end, one of the people with the lowest status on the Sines Continent.

Compared to Teruc who was the king of the Rudson Kingdom, there was a difference in status between them.

In a normal situation, it should be Xu Yi going to have an audience with King Teruc and not King Teruc coming here to see him.

Count Kompany was clearly also confused by King Terucs decision, but he didnt say anything as he just nodded.

Xu Yi thought about it and was still a bit confused.

But he could smell something strange from King Terucs sudden action.

Could it be that what he was thinking of came true Did King Teruc have some plan for the Magic Airships


Three hours later, Xu Yi appeared in the Azshara Tribe that was three hundred kilometers away from Nissi City.

According to Count Kompanys response, he had already sent news to King Teruc as soon as he saw Xu Yi.

Nissi City was five hundred kilometers away from Caraca City, so it would take half a day for the news to arrive. However, even if King Teruc set out from Caraca City immediately, it would take him half a day to arrive.

So in the quickest situation, King Teruc would only arrive the day after tomorrow.

During these two days, Xu Yi naturally couldnt remain idle. After telling Count Kompany, he still followed his previous plan to head to the Azshara Tribe to meet elder Undine and Still.

It was different from the previous Azshara Tribe because previously the Azshara Tribes Magic Array made this place look like a desolate wasteland. Although the Magic Array was still present, not far away from the Magic Array was an elven style town that had been finished.

The various tree houses and glowing stone buildings filled the town and adding in the beautiful flora that lined the path, the town was filled with colours. It looked harmonious while being filled with life, letting people feel a kind of absolute enjoyment of life once they took a look.

This was something that Xu Yi could see from the faces of the many human tourists that were inside and outside the town.

Thats right, this small elf town called “Evelyn Town” was the small town that the Azshara Tribe opened up to human tourists. They welcomed humans to come visit and even allowed them to stay.

This was considered a very big step for the elves who had always been conservative and viewed humans with hostility.

When Xu Yi made this proposal to elder Undine at first, it was to let elder Undine agree to humans and elves coming together like elder Lisanya, letting them see each others viewpoints and learn from them.

What surprised Xu Yi was that after elder Undine considered, she agreed to Xu Yis bold proposal.

Once this Evelyn Town was finished, Xu Yi had advertised it through various newspapers and other media channels, creating a large stir in human society.

Not only did countless people in the Rudson Kingdom travel short distances to see the lives of the elves, even many people from other countries had traveled long distances to come here.

This Evelyn Town was filled with tourists from all different places now, making this small town as lively as human cities and also leaving quite a bit of gold coins in the small town.

It was clear that the tourists spent money in Evelyn Town……

There were less than a hundred elves from the Azshara Tribe currently living in this town. They were mainly responsible for showing the human tourists the lives of the elves while also providing simple service.

Although the service of these elves was hard for Xu Yi to watch, even not bothering to answer the human tourists many times, the human tourists didnt complain at all. The all felt that the elves should act like this, so they were willing to spend large amounts of money for various services.

A very simple one was elven woodcarving. It would sell for thirty gold coins per piece, which was the same price as a Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner.

But what seemed like stealing money for Xu Yi were fought for among the tourists. Each piece of work was fought over and there wasnt a single one that remained.

Of course, this also accounted to the Azshara Tribe strictly controlling these products with the style of the elves and didnt flood the market, which allowed it to maintain its high price.

It was because of this that Xu Yi felt admiration for the business mind of elder Undine. He felt that she didnt let down the fact that she lived on the continent for several hundred years, already learning the methods of human business.

“Chairman Xu, your praise is too much.” Elder Undine waved a hand with a smile, “I was just imitating the methods Ive seen some human merchants do before. If were talking about business, you humans are much better. For example, chairman Xu, you are operating that incredibly large Frestech Chamber of Commerce right now, I would never be able to do that.”

“Un” Xu Yi turned to look at Still, “Were you boasting to elder Undine Ive never said these things to her before”

Still rolled her eyes at him, “Do you still need me to boast for you Anyone can see the results of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over the years.”

“Yes, miss Still doesnt need to say a thing about this, I can just ask around in your human world and I can learn many things about your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Elder Undine said with a faint smile.

Xu Yi looked at elder Undine before laughing, “Elder Undine, you can just tell if you have something to say. To be honest, you dont seem suited for beating around the bush like us humans, I feel that its rather odd.”

“Is that so” Elder Undine touched her face, revealing a surprised look like a young human girl, “I thought that I had learned quite well, but I never thought I would be easily exposed by chairman Xu.”

Still on the side broke out in laughter.

“Elder Undine, dont listen to Xu Yis nonsense. These are just normal greetings between us humans, it would be strange if anyone treated them seriously. Xu Yi just said this on purpose.”

Seeing elder Undine look over with a surprised look, Xu Yi gave a laugh before waving his hand, “Dont worry about the details. Alright, elder Undine, you invited me here this time, I dont think its just for a visit, right”

Elder Undine shook her head with a smile, “It seems like we elves need to learn from you humans…..eh……this…..this smooth talking method will take some time. Yes, I invited chairman Xu here other than for a visit to discuss something.”

“Each race has their own specialties, you dont have to become like us humans.” Xu Yi shook his head, “For example, when you talk to me, you can just say what you want to say. As long as it is something that is advantageous to both sides, I will definitely seriously consider it.”

“Un, first we want to purchase some household magic machines from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Elder Undine said.

“Un” Xu Yi was a bit surprised ,”You elves also need to use these household magic machines”

“It isnt for us, but for the human tourists that come to Evelyn Town.” Elder Undine shook her head, “The human tourists are satisfied with everything in the town, but almost every one of them has said that they are used to using household magic machines at home and living here isnt very convenient. So I want to buy some household magic machines for the human tourists to use.”

“Those fellows really have high demands……” Xu Yis lip twitched, “But for this traditional elven town to have household magic machines, dont you find it strange Moreover, elder Undine, dont you think that this would destroy the harmony of Evelyn Town”

“Compared to their customs, the harmony isnt that important. Moreover, we will also think of ways to slowly integrate these household magic machines into the town, so they wont feel it is too sudden.”

Seeing the sincere look elder Undine had, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional.

It seems like the Azshara Tribe had already received quite a few benefits from Evelyn Town, so even elder Undine is trying her best to satisfy the requests of the human tourists.

“Alright, that isnt a big problem. You just need to hand an order to our company and we will do our best to deliver the goods on time.” Xu Yi said, “Theres a shop for our store in Nissi City which is the closest place to here, so you can just send someone with an order there.”

“Alright, other than this, theres still an important matter that I need chairman Xus help with.”

“Please speak.” Xu Yi directly said.

“Chairman Xu, look…..Evelyn Town is welcomed by the human tourists of the Rudson Kingdom, so I thought…..perhaps we could also make the same towns in other places or other countries”

Xu Yi looked at elder Undine in a daze as he suddenly felt an absurd feeling.

This elder Undine…..was she still an elf-

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