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Xu Yi immediately said with a smile, “To receive special admission rights into the Business Union, naturally I am flattered. But president Rank, I have only heard of the Business Union, what are the exact details of the Business Union For example, if our Frestech Chamber of Commerce joins the Business Union, what rights will we get What duties will we need to fulfill”

President Rank laughed before waving his hand and saying, “Chairman Xu, there is no need to be nervous. Actually, our Business Union is just to join the large companies in Banta City to let everyone develop together. This is much better than working alone, dont you think”

“I do agree with this. But president Rank, this so called developing together, what does it specifically involve” Xu Yi kept asking.

“As for the specifics, its having a close business relationship with the companies of the Business Union and not blindly competing with each other, like raising prices or stealing resources. Other than that, we also share resources and information, giving members preferential treatment. For example, if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce joins the Business Union, you will be able to receive a preferential price when buying pig iron from the Falcao Chamber of Commerce.”

Chairman Morgan gave a slight nod, “Thats right. If chairman Xus Frestech Chamber of Commerce joins the Business Union, our Falcao Chamber of Commerce will give you a preferential price when it comes to selling pig iron. I cant give you a specific number yet, but I can guarantee it is close to 5% cheaper.”

“5%” Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

The Falcao Chamber of Commerce raised the price by 10% and now the preferential price is only a 5% discount.

Compared to the initial price, it was still much higher.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi gave up this question and asked president Rank, “This is the resource sharing, but what about the information sharing”

“As for information sharing, that is much more complicated.” President Rank thought for a bit before pointing at a rich looking fat man who had the same smile as the Buddha back on earth, “Lets talk about it with chairman Vincents Armani Chamber of Commerce and my Sarank Chamber of Commerce. The Armani Chamber of Commerces main business is fabricating cotton and a part of the high end cotton produced is used in my Sarank Chamber of Commerces product. So the Armani Chamber of Commerce shares information with our Sarank Chamber of Commerce, helping us understand the needs of high end customers, pairing them with expensive clothes and precious jewels.”

Xu Yi gave a slight nod, “I mostly understand. In short, this is also a type of resource sharing, but the resource is information on customers.”

President Rank revealed a smile, “Chairman Xu really is an intelligent person, now wonder you could develop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce so far in a short period of time.”

“President Rank is too generous with your praise. But president Rank, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products are magic machines and our customers are normal people, so we dont have any resources to share. Of course, if everybody wishes to purchase products from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I can give you a satisfactory preferential price.”

“Chairman Xu is joking.” President Rank shook his head with a faint smile, “Your Frestech Chamber of Commerces most valuable resource is not your magic machines, but rather……” After saying this, president Rank paused before saying with a serious expression, “The technology needed to make those magic machines. Chairman Xu, do you understand what I mean”

Xu Yi couldnt help sneering in his heart.

Of course he understood what president Rank meant.

According to what president Rank said, all the companies in the Business Union needed to share resources and he had classified the magic machines produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as resources. This meant that he clearly wanted him to share the technology for producing them.

Towards this idea of president Rank, Xu Yi had only one word.


Thats right, it was shameless!

If this was earth, what was the most important thing to a company Some people thought it was money, some people thought it was talented people, and some thought it was management, but Xu Yi was clear on the fact that the most important thing to a company was its core technology.

This meant that as long as they had core technology, a business had hope. Whether it was funds or talented people, they could do without them. As long as they didnt lose their core technology, they wouldnt lose their foundation and would have a hope of rebounding.

President Rank immediately asked Xu Yi to give the Frestech Chamber of Commerces core technology, if this was back on earth, it would be strange if one wasnt met with a string of curses.

Of course, this was the Sines Continent. Xu Yi didnt have the right to curse president Rank just yet, so he could only remain silent.

His eyes looked over the other five people and Xu Yi could see the greed that they werent hiding at all on their faces.

Xu Yi gave another cold laugh in his heart. Even though he had already known that tonights banquet wasnt going to be good and these fellows didnt have any good intentions towards him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he never thought that they would be so open about it, not hiding it at all.

As the president of the Business Union, this Manhattan Rank immediately asked Xu Yi for his core technology. The people here must have already reached an agreement.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi wasnt that surprised.

Compared to these people, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just a small shrimp. If there werent for some scruples in their heart, they would have directly swallowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and wouldnt be wasting words with him.

Looking at everyones expectant and greedy eyes, Xu Yi slowly said, “President Rank, may I ask what kind of technology youre referring to”

President Rank laughed, “That is for chairman Xu to consider yourself. Of course, as the president of the Business Union, the objective Ive followed is that all members should share all the resources they have. That way, everyone can become stronger together. Chairman Xu, dont you agree with me”

Xu Yi couldnt help cursing him as shameless again.

The meaning of president Ranks words was that he wanted Xu Yi to take out all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology.

If he really did this, with the manpower that their companies had that surpassed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they could easily crush the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and not leave a single scrap.

“I agree to this point as well. But president Rank, since we are all merchants, if we take something out and we dont get anything in return, that goes against our code as merchants, dont you think so” Xu Yi said.

President Rank instantly understood, Xu Yi was beginning to bargain with him.

He was not surprised at this, rather he was filled with joy.

He was not afraid of Xu Yis bargaining, he was afraid that he wouldnt bargain.

If negotiations today broke off and Xu Yi directly left, because there was Viscount Leslie behind the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi was related to Baron Hannas, and because the Lord City Lord cared about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would have many scruples about moving against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It was good that Xu Yi intended to cooperate with them. As long as they pulled Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of commerce in, with the ability of these people, it wasnt a problem carving up the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They could do it in a manner that Viscount Leslie and the Lord City Lord couldnt find any problems with at all.

“Of course. The goal of the union is to develop together, sharing things between members, so naturally there are benefits. For example, if chairman Xu can share the technology of your Frestech Chamber of commerce, then I can say on the behalf of the Sarank Chamber of Commerce that we will share information on gem lodes with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as well as help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce enter the jewelry business. What do you think about this”

Xu Yi could only give a cold laugh in his heart again.

Giving information on gem lodes Helping them enter the jewelry business

What a joke! The Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt half any foundation in the jewelry business, so what could we do with information on gem lodes anyway Those gem lodes must be in the hands of large nobles of the Lampuri Kingdom and without any relation, they couldnt be opened at all!

As for helping them enter the gem business, it was all nonsense. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had no understanding of the business and had no clients, so even if they could make jewelry, they definitely couldnt sell them.

President Ranks words sounded good, but it was a large hole for Xu Yi to jump in.

“If chairman Xu agrees, I will do my best to lower the price of pig iron for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce by 10%. The price will even be cheaper than before, what does chairman Xu think” Chairman Morgan on the side added in.

With these two speaking, the other four also began speaking. They gave Xu Yi favourable conditions, speaking in a very exaggerated manner.

Xu Yi listened without any changes in his expression and when they finished speaking, he said with a faint smile and a slight nod, “I can see everyones sincerity. Since you want me to share the technology for making the magic machines, it isnt a problem…..” Seeing the happy looks on their faces, Xu Yi laughed as he changed his tone, “But, I feel these conditions arent good enough, can we change them”

President Rank made an inviting pose to Xu Yi, “If chairman Xu has any ideas, please raise them. Were all friends in the Business Union, you can just say whatever you want to say.”

“Very good, I have a plan here, everyone please take a look.” Xu Yi took out a document he had already prepared out of his chest and gave it to president Rank.

Seeing Xu Yi take out the plan, everyones expression changed slightly.

This brat, he had actually already prepared for this!

President Ranks face sunk. But the more he read the document, the more shocked his expression became.

When he finished reading with great difficulty, his face was filled with absolute shock. He shook the document in his hand as he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, are these your true thoughts Its just this simple”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders, “Its just that simple.”-

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