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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 147 - Status problem

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Volume 5 Chapter 147 Status problem

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard fleet and the two Magic Airships Xu Yi was on left Yara Harbour, but they didnt follow the same way back, rather they went south.

The guard fleet went at their max speed and the Magic Airships followed in the air, maintaining a speed of forty kilometers an hour. Since setting off from Yara Harbour in the morning, they kept going until evening and had gone four hundred kilometers into the endless seas.

Xu Yi poked his head out the cabin and looked at the sea below. He found that it was clearly different from near the shore, he could even see a vague trace of the seabed underneath the sea. He looked up again and looked at the small islands on the sea in the distance.

“Hey, Leslie, how did you guys find this place” Xu Yi turned to ask Leslie.

“Mostly by accident, a bit intentional.” Leslie pointed at the sea, “Didnt you look at the sea just now You can clearly see that there is only a small difference between this place and the shore, right”

“Un, this place means that there is a continental shelf here, which means that there is a large piece of land nearby.”

“I dont know what the continental shelf is, but the sailors know what this phenomenon means. We explored the south seas as per your instructions and found that the sea here was a bit strange, so we explored it and accidentally found this place.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi turned back to look at the ships in front, but he couldnt find anything strange with the sea at all, “How far is this place from that place”

“Theres still at least two hundred kilometers. I dont think that we can get there by today, unless you want us to travel through the night.”

“Even if youre not afraid of being tired, I am.” Xu Yi rolled his eyes at Leslie. He looked around and pointed at a small island in front, “If that place is satisfactory, we can consider setting up a foothold there.”

Leslie looked at the two islands and shook his head, “Those two islands are too small, people cant live there, so it wont work. With my experience, with how small those two islands are, they could be swallowed by the waves at any time, so people cant stay there.”

“Im not saying that people will live there, well just leave a magic signal tower there.” Xu Yi said, “To put it simply, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce should lay down magic signal towers where we are developing, maintaining the magic communication network.”

Leslie knitted his brows, “Do you need to do this Were already quite familiar with this area, so even without this thing, there shouldnt be a problem.”

“But you still dont dare sail in the night, right”

Xu Yis question made Leslie speechless.

“With the magic signal tower and having the magic communication network, it guarantees that we can even smoothly sail in the night and will allow us to control the regions. Think about it, we can understand the situation here no matter what the time is, dont you feel more confident”

“It would be good if we could do this, but can we do this” Leslie had a doubtful look, “Xu Yi, Ive never understood it, why are you investing this much in the magic communication network Is this thing really that powerful”

Xu Yi pointed at Leslies waist, “If nothing else, youll be able to talk to your miss Whitney, dont you think that its powerful”

Leslies face that had already turned dark from being on the sea had a blush on it. He gave a cough and awkwardly said, “Your idea isnt realistic. Didnt you say that the range of each magic signal tower is only five kilometers But theres no islands within five kilometers of this island. Even if you built a magic signal tower here, the magic signal wouldnt reach.”

“Who told you that a magic signal tower couldnt be built here” Xu Yi rolled his eyes at him, like he was saying you didnt understand anything.

“Then tell me, how will you solve this problem” Leslie asked back.

“This……Theres no way now, but there are many tentative solutions to this problem in my mind, so its not a problem.” Xu Yi waved his hand as he said this in a confident voice.

Leslie rolled his eyes, “Just say that you dont have a way yet, you made me waste all this time talking to you.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and patted Leslies shoulder, “Alright, since you feel that it is a waste of time, lets change the topic. When are you planning on getting married to miss Whitney”

This miss Whitney was a young girl who Leslie had saved when he had defeated pirates that had been attacking a boat on the Candra Empires southern seas.

She was from a small noble family in a small city in a middle province of the Candra Empire, having a beautiful face and gentle disposition. Although she was quite good, she wasnt considered outstanding among noble young misses.

But without knowing why, after Leslie spent some time with her, this fellow who hadnt fallen for anyone after being with the noble young misses of the Lampuri Kingdom for ten years had fallen for this miss Whitney.

This miss Whitney was also attracted to Leslie, so the two of them could be considered lovers.

But when asked about when he would marry miss Whitney, Leslie knitted his brows.

He and miss Whitney loved each other, but there were many hindrances standing in their way.

The biggest hindrance was the problem of his status.

If it was Leslie from a few years ago, then with his identity as the successor of the Stagg Family which was the largest noble family in the Lampuri Kingdom, he would be qualified to marry miss Whitney who was a girl from a small noble family of the Candra Empire. It could even be said that miss Whitney was moving up.

But as time changed their circumstances, the Stagg Family had already become history in the Lampuri Kingdom. Leslie had even become someone who had an arrest warrant in the Lampuri Kingdom, so he couldnt even go back.

To be honest, Leslie didnt have any official status.

The only thing that he could mention was that he was the commander of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet.

But even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet was powerful, so much that even the Candra Empire navy feared them, they were only a companys guard fleet. They didnt have any status on the Sines Continent at all.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt a first class company of the continent. He as the commander of the guard fleet didnt have any weight at all.

The Candra Empire was one of the two empires, so the nobles had a sense of superiority over nobles of other countries, not to mention a fallen noble like Leslie who had come from a small country like the Lampuri Kingdom.

So even if miss Whitneys heart was set on Leslie, her family strongly opposed this, even making it hard for them to meet. They could only depend on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces contacts in the Lampuri Kingdom to communicate.

In this situation, Xu Yi had asked Leslie about when he would marry miss Whitney, this was simply making it hard for Leslie.

So Leslie looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful gaze.

He had known Xu Yi for this long, so of course he knew that Xu Yi wouldnt make it hard for him. Since he had asked this question, he must have some other considerations.

Xu Yi saw the expression on Leslies face and knew that he understood his meaning. He gave a laugh and took Leslie by the shoulder as he lowered his voice, “Leslie, have you ever thought of reviving your Stagg Family”

Leslie knitted his brows, “Of course I have, but Xu Yi, you shouldnt be the one asking this question, right”

If one mentioned the Stagg Familys demise, it was because they participated in the civil war of the Lampuri Kingdom. They were defeated in the end and the one who caused their defeat was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce led by Xu Yi.

If it wasnt for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supporting her highness Seveni, providing her with large amounts of military magic machines and greatly increasing the strength of the guards under her, it would be hard to predict how the Lampuri Kingdoms situation would have landed.

So if one really had to talk about it, Xu Yi could be considered the greatest enemy of the Stagg Family.

Of course, Leslie didnt approve of the stance of the Stagg Family, so he had never blamed Xu Yi for his familys destruction since the beginning.

But now that Xu Yi asked him if he wanted to revive the Stagg Family, it made Leslie feel very strange.

“Dont worry about the details.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Im asking you, if I gave you the chance to control a large piece of land, developing a large family like the Stagg Family, would you be interested You have to know, only by doing this can you obtain the approval of miss Whitneys family and let them truly accept you.”

Leslie looked at Xu Yi in surprise for a bit before shaking his head, “I say, Xu Yi, what is with you today Just tell me if you have something to say, why are you beating around the bush like this”

“Ke…..Because this matter is too important and affects you very much, so I have to understand your heart before asking you.”

Leslie waved his hand in an annoyed manner, “Stop wasting words, just tell me.”

“Alright.” Xu Yi had a smile on his face before it became serious. He pointed at the sea in front of them and asked with a serious look, “Leslie, if I were to let you open up overseas colonies for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, would you be willing”-

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