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The autumn wind was a bit dreary and Banta City at night was even colder than it was during the day. There were much less people on the streets compared to a month ago, making the entire city feel a bit lonely.

But in a mansion to the north of Banta City, there were over thirty horse carriages parked outside.

Although these horse carriages were of different shapes and sizes, the common feature was that every single one of them was luxuriously made.

Not only were the decorations of each horse carriage very expensive looking, even the horses pulling the carriage were all fine breeds, they were definitely not ordinary horses.

Just based on these horse carriages, one would know that their owners were very rich. Any one of them could be considered an important person in Banta City.

There were happy chatter and laughter that came from the mansion, as well as the faint sounds of dance music. It seemed like there was a banquet being held inside.

A banquet that could gather this many important people of Banta City, it was quite a rare event.

A black carriage suddenly came out of a corner.

This carriage looked very plain and other than a lantern hung outside it, there were no other decorations. The horse pulling the carriage was of mixed colour, it didnt seem like it was a special breed.

Based on this carriage, the person sitting inside wasnt an important person, so before they even reached the doors of the mansion, they were stopped by the guards outside the gate.

When the guard was about to reprimand them and drive away this carriage that didnt know its place, the curtain suddenly pulled open and a young man jumped out.

Although the young mans clothes werent luxurious and he didnt wear any expensive accessories, his aura was strong and confidence filled his movements, so it could be seen that he was not a normal person. After the guard was stunned, he swallowed the words he was about to say.

The young man looked at the guard before turning back towards the carriage to stretch out a hand.

A delicate white hand came out of the carriage and being supported by the young man, a round faced cute girl with a lively aura who wasnt that tall came out of the horse carriage.

Seeing this girl, the guard was stunned for a second before reacting. He said in a shocked voice, “You are miss Akali!”

Akali had just jumped out of the horse carriage when she suddenly heard someone call her name. She looked up in surprise and saw this happy looking guard, giving him a sweet smile.

“You recognize me”

“Of course, of course!” The guard excitedly nodded, “Miss Akali, you are on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces billboard outside the city, I have seen it countless times. I never thought that I would really meet you, this is really…...really……”

The young man to the side was naturally Xu Yi. Seeing how the guard looked at Akali like a groupie, he couldnt help revealing a smile.

“Akali, youve become famous. You even have fans.”

“What are fans” Akali looked at Xu Yi with a confused look.

“Ah…..Fans…..Its someone who cares about and likes you. This guard brother became excited after seeing you and look how happy he is, that means he is your fan.”

“It sounds quite powerful.” Akali looked over and gave the guard another sweet smile, “Brother guard, we are here for the banquet, can you let us through”

The guard was stunned before finally reacting. He looked at Xu Yi to the side and suddenly understood.

“This must be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu, right Please come in, please come in.”

Being led by the guard, as soon as Xu Yi and Akali entered the mansion doors, they felt countless pairs of eyes look over.

Compared to the people inside who were all wearing expensive clothes and magnificent accessories, people who were showing off their wealth, Xu Yi and Akali were dressed rather simple.

Although Xu Yi had tidied up before leaving, he was still wearing a set of normal clothes that didnt show any signs of being valuable at all.

Compared to Xu Yi, Akali had clearly dressed up a bit, but she was still the daughter of a normal family. She came from a normal household, so naturally it was impossible for her to have many magnificent accessories to put on herself. She was just wearing a normal dress and there was a simple light purple shawl around her.

Of course, there were some small places that Akali had clearly changed.

For example, her hair was a bit loose and pulled into a bun behind her neck, revealing her white nape.

There was also a small accessory added to her hair, matching her round face, making her look lively and playful.

Although in terms of luxury, she couldnt compare to the wives and the young misses, she injected a different kind of taste into this banquet that attracted everyones eyes.

It was quiet for a few seconds before with loud laughter, a thin looking middle aged man came forward.

“This one must be the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi, right” The middle aged man moved in front of Xu Yi and grabbed his hand, as he said while laughing, “Ive long heard of chairman Xus name, but this is our first time meeting. Chairman Xu truly is young and promising, it really makes me sigh with emotion at the future.”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. Why did this middle aged man keep emphasizing how young he was

Of course, Xu Yi didnt reveal anything on the surface and just asked with a bit of curiosity, “May I ask who you are……”

Before the middle aged man could reply, another fat middle aged man walked over. He explained to Xu Yi with a smile, “Chairman Xu, this is the Sarank Chamber of Commerces chairman Manhattan Rank, who is also the current president of our Banta Citys Business Union.”

Xu Yi recognized this middle aged man. He was called Moon Cruise, he was the chairman of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce mainly dealt in construction, so when Xu Yi prepared to expand his workshop, he had contacted him a few times, so they were familiar with each other.

Hearing his introduction, Xu Yi revealed a surprised appearance. He tightened his grip around president Ranks hand after he reacted and forcefully shook it as he said, “So it was the honourable president Rank. I have long heard of your name, but I never thought that I would get to meet you today. It really has me quite excited.”

President Rank gave a long laugh, “Chairman Xus praise is too much. In Banta City right now, which company is more famous than your Frestech Chamber of Commerce Chairman Xu is this famous, perhaps even the villagers and farmers outside the city know your name, right”

Hearing this, the banquet that had become lively again turned silent.

Everyones eyes fell onto Xu Yi, but now there were many gazes of envy that filled those gazes of curiosity.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces farmer support plan last month was just too eye catching.

There were twenty three commoners who received the help of the farmer support plan. Those twenty three people half borrowed and half rented the agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, attracting much attention during the fall harvest and fall planting season.

Depending on the agricultural farming machines they obtained, the fall harvest and planting had been much more efficient compared to previous years. There were many households that opened up even more land and planted more seeds.

If everything went smoothly, Banta Citys harvest next year would be greatly increased.

Therefore City Lord Count Sean Samo had specially made a statement in the «Banta Times», saying that the City Lord Manor was grateful to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They would also support the Frestech Chamber of Commerces farmer support plan, working hard to increase Banta Citys harvest next year.

There were many companies in Banta City, but among these companies, this was the first time one of them had been praised by the Lord City Lord. Naturally this created quite a stir.

Then again, the «Banta Times» that was very popular in the city, being read by almost everyone in the city each day seemed to be connected to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The merchants here all looked at Xu Yi with more and more complicated gazes.

Just where did this kid come from In just a short three months, a Frestech Chamber of Commerce had popped up out of nowhere. Now it was a large company with its own space in Banta City.

Xu Yi naturally didnt care about everyones gazes, rather he seriously looked over president Rank.

According to tradition, the Business Union of each city would choose one member as their president. To be able to become the Business Unions president, naturally one had to be someone with fame in Banta City.

This president Manhattan Rank had been the Business Unions president for three consecutive terms, a long six years. Naturally he had power and prestige that was above normal people, far from what a small Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman could compare to.

For this kind of important person to personally write an invitation to him, this represented his sincerity, but there was naturally a reason.

Xu Yi said with a laugh, “President Rank is the one who is too generous with your praise. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can only do small business with the farmers, how could we compare to your Sarank Chamber of Commerce Look around, who doesnt have one or two items from the Sarank Chamber of Commerce on them”

The key business of the Sarank Chamber of Commerce was luxury goods and most of their customers were either nobles or rich merchants. Not mentioning their high profits, but because they had good relations with nobles and large merchants, the Sarank Chamber of Commerce was famous in Banta City and the surrounding cities.

President Rank shook his head and pointed at Xu Yi as he said, “Chairman Xu, you dont have a single product from our Sarank Chamber of Commerce.” After saying this, he revealed a smile and turned to wave his hand.

A normal looking young man came over with a wooden box and opened it in front of Xu Yi, releasing the bright light from within.

Akali looked at it and couldnt help giving a soft gasp.

There was a pearl necklace inside the box. Each pearl was the size of a thumb and it was very smooth, having the same shape and size.

This kind of pearl necklace naturally was a rare product, its lowest price would still be over five hundred gold coins.

President Rank said with a smile, “Today is chairman Xus first time participating in our Business Unions banquet. As the unions president, naturally I should prepare a gift. Chairman Xu, perhaps you are not interested in the things of our Sarank Chamber of Commerce, but I think this beautiful miss will definitely like it.”

There was no need to ask at all. Based on Akalis glowing eyes, Xu Yi knew that she did indeed like this necklace.

After a bit of hesitation, Xu Yi took the necklace from the box with a faint smile and moved towards the stunned Akali as he said, “Come, let me help you out it on.”

Akali was stunned. When she reacted, she waved her hands in a panic.

“No, no, this present is too expensive, I…..”

Before she finished, Xu Yi had already opened the necklace. Opening his hands, he put the necklace on Akalis neck.

Suddenly being held by Xu Yi like this, smelling the scent that came from him, Akalis body instantly froze.

When she reacted, Xu Yi had already finished putting the necklace on her neck.

“Un, its very beautiful. It suits you very much.” Xu Yi looked at Akali with her red face and praised her. He turned back to president Rank, “Many thanks to president Rank for this gift.”

Seeing Xu Yis actions, president Rank seemed very satisfied. He waved his hand and said, “It isnt anything big, chairman Xu is too polite. Come, chairman Xu, since this is your first time here, how about we find a place to chat I am very curious about chairman Xu.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I have also admired president Rank for a long time, please.”-

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