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Princess Caroline talked about Xu Yi for half an hour. The motorcade was about to arrive at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce main base when they were stopped by an accident in front of them.

Seeing the special design Magic Sedan blocking the path in front and how there were two men in uniform standing by the fire red Magic Sedan, Princess Caroline and Marquis Southgate looked at each other before revealing confused looks.

This fire red Magic Sedan was the one that Seymour had purchased in Filios City.

When they set out from Black Rice City on the Black Rice Wasteland today, Seymour had followed the motorcade at first, but before reaching half way, he became impatient and drove off by himself. He sped up from time to time, wildly driving across the roads and ditching the motorcade.

Because the road from Black Rice City to the Stantine Duchy was simple, there was no need to worry about him being lost. Ading in the fact that he had practiced his driving skills in the past few days, Marquis Southgate allowed him to go on his own and didnt want to restrain him too much.

But why was he now being blocked by someone

Princess Caroline looked at the two young men in uniform and slightly knitted her brows, “Those two are peace officers of the Stantine Duchy, it seems like Viscount Seymour has committed a crime.”

“Peace officers” Marquis Southgate looked at the two young men with a confused look before having the driver head over.

The motorcade stopped by Seymours fire red Magic Sedan. Seymour, who had been sitting inside with a look of disdain, quickly opened the door and passed by the two peace officers to come over.

“Uncle Dayolen, these two fellows dared to stop my car! I must teach them a lesson!”

Marquis Southgates expression sunk slightly. His unkind gaze looked at him before looking at Princess Caroline with a bit of inquiry in his eyes.

Princess Caroline was silent for a bit before giving a nod, “Lord Marquis, let me handle this.”


Princess Caroline came out of the Magic Sedan and walked over to the two peace officers.

The two peace officers looked a bit angry, but seeing Princess Caroline come over, they were instantly stunned by her appearance.

“Two peace officers, hello.” Princess Caroline revealed a sweet smile before pointing at Seymour behind her and asking, “Can I ask why you stopped my friend over there Did he commit some crime”

The two peace officers were stunned by Princess Carolines appearance, but once they heard her question, they came back to their senses. The slightly chubby officer gave a cough and calmed down before saying with a serious look, “This miss, your friend didnt follow the laws of driving Magic Sedans and hit a medium public transport Magic Car. It caused the Magic Car to fall off the side of the road and several people were injured. After this accident, your friend didnt wait for processing and directly escaped. According to the laws, we must take him back and investigate him.”

“He escaped from a traffic accident” Princess Caroline deeply knitted her brows. She turned to look at Seymour and Marquis Southgate with a difficult look.

Marquis Southgate saw the look on her face and came over.

“What happened”

Marquis Southgate had a high position, so he naturally had a serious aura. The two peace officers were experienced and could tell with a single glance that he wasnt a normal person, so they didnt neglect him and explained the situation.

After hearing this, Marquis Southgates expression fell. He glared at Seymour and after a bit of silence, he said to the two peace officers, “Two officers, this is my nephews mistake, I represent him to sincerely apologize. We are willing to compensate the victims of this incident and well be sure that they will be satisfied.”

Marquis Southgate waved his hand at a follower behind him. That follower didnt say a thing as he took out a purse from his chest.

“There are a hundred gold coins in there. I want to use this as compensation for those passengers, it should be enough.”

The two peace officers looked at the purse before looking back at Marquis Southgate with a surprised look.

Marquis Southgate said with a smile, “Theres no need to be surprised. In order to show our sincerity, a hundred gold coins isnt considered much.”

He didnt notice that when Princess Caroline heard these words, she had a very strange look on her face.

The two peace officers also had strange looks. They looked at each other before the slightly chubby officer gave a cough and said to Marquis Southgate, “This…..This sir, do you think that a hundred gold coins is a lot”

Marquis Southgate was surprised, “Could it be that it isnt Based on your story, those passengers only received minor injuries and only one person had a broken bone. I think that a hundred gold coins is enough to pay for their losses.”

After pausing, he added, “Alright, if a hundred gold coins isnt enough, I can add another fifty gold coins. As for my nephew, because we still have urgent matters, it isnt convenient for you to take him away for investigation right now.”

The slightly chubby officer gave a bitter laugh before shaking his head, “This sir, I must tell you that not just for a hundred gold coins or a hundred and fifty gold coins, even if it was five hundred gold coins, it wouldnt be enough to cover the losses that your nephew caused with this accident. Moreover, according to our laws, we have to lead him away for investigation, so please cooperate with us.”

Marquis Southgates eyes opened wide in surprise, “Even five hundred gold coins isnt enough How is that possible! Five hundred gold coins is enough to buy ten strong slaves!”

The slightly chubby officer knit his brows, “This sir, you arent from our Stantine Duchy Let me tell you, our Stantine Duchy no longer has slaves, so this analogy is inappropriate. Moreover, to be honest with you, five hundred gold coins really isnt considered much. The passengers of that Magic Car all make two hundred gold coins a year. With all those people injured, adding in the losses of the public transport Magic Car itself, the losses wouldnt just be five hundred gold coins.”

“Each person can earn two hundred thousand gold coins a year” Marquis Southgate was completely surprised, “This…..Is this possible Arent they normal citizens”

Princess Caroline on the side couldnt keep watching. She gave a cough and came forward, lowering her voice to talk to the two peace officers, “Two officers, I wont hide it from you, these two are important guests of chairman Xu, I hope that you can bend the rules. As for the compensation, no matter how much it is, we will pay it all.”

After saying this, Princess Caroline took a gold bill out of her chest to hand over.

“Here are a thousand gold coins. If it isnt enough, you can contact me through the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” After pausing, or feeling that empty words wouldnt have any effect, Princess Caroline hesitated a bit before saying, “I am Princess Caroline from the Drake Duchy, you should have heard my name before.”

The two officers had their eyes pop out as they shouted in disbelief, “So it was Princess Caroline! No wonder youre this beautiful! God! I actually saw Princess Caroline! Im too lucky!”

Princess Caroline revealed a faint smile, “Many thanks for your praise. Then two officers…..can we leave first Chairman Xu should be waiting for our arrival and as for the processing, you can find us through the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”


The two peace officers looked at each other. The slightly chubby one pulled the other one aside and after they whispered to each other, the slightly chubby once came back and said to Princess Caroline, “Your highness, can you and your companions please wait a bit We will try to contact chairman Xu now and let him decide how to handle this.”

“Contact chairman Xu” Princess Caroline knitted her brows, “Isnt there still some distance from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base Dont we need to wait a long time”

“Sorry.” The slightly chubby officer revealed a smile, not showing any signs of bending the rules.

Seeing his firm stance, Princess Caroline could only accept this and return to Marquis Southgates side.

“Marquis Southgate, Im very sorry, we have to wait here a bit. They are currently contacting chairman Xu.”

“How can they contact chairman Xu from here If they send someone, how long would a round trip take” Marquis Southgate was clearly thinking about the same problem as Princess Caroline.

“Uncle Dayolen, why are we listening to them and waiting here We should just go. Could it be that they would dare make a move against us” Seymour came over and said with an uncaring look.

“Shut up!” Marquis Southgate angrily reprimanded him, but he didnt say much else. After all, this was his old friends son and not his own son, so he couldnt just teach him a lesson.

After thinking about it, he just said with a nod, “Alright, since we are guests, we should respect Xu Yi as the master of this place. Perhaps through how this matter is handled, we can have a deeper understanding of chairman Xu.”

Seeing the smile appear on the corner of Marquis Southgates lips, Princess Caroline felt a slight chill in her heart.

Xu Yi always wanted to see the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines spread across the continent, so the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire as the two empires of the continent were the most important.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces progress in the Candra Empire had never been smooth and now they had some contact with the Marlow Empires Marquis Southgate, they had a chance to bring their products into the Marlow Empire.

If Xu Yi didnt handle this matter well and made Marquis Southgate unhappy, there was a high chance that Marquis Southgates evaluation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would change. It would become a hindrance to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products entering the Marlow Empire.

“Xu Yi, you have to seize this opportunity this time.”

Looking at Marquis Southgate who was calmly sitting in the Magic Sedan waiting and then looking at the impatient Seymour, Princess Caroline couldnt help praying in her heart.-

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