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Strictly speaking, the Drake Duchy was a duchy and didnt have a capital.

But Filios City where the Duke Manor was located was naturally considered the political and economic center of the Drake Duchy.

The Drake Duchy wasnt considered big, so Filios City naturally wasnt that big either.

Not to compare to the Lampuri Kingdoms Anvilmar City, even when compared to how small Banta City was before, it could only be considered a small city that could be found anywhere on the Sines Continent.

So when Marquis Southgate and Seymore saw the city walls from afar, they couldnt help looking disappointed.

They had seen many things in the Drake Duchy that had opened their eyes along the way, so they were filled with anticipation towards Filios City that was considered the most developed city in the Drake Duchy. But when they saw it with their own eyes, they were just too disappointed.

However, the Magic Sedan they were in didnt head to the city walls. It clearly went around it, meaning to bypass this city.

Seymour was surprised as he asked the driver of the Magic Sedan they hired, “Hey, where are you taking us”

The driver looked at him in the rear view mirror before replying with a smile, “This customer, didnt you come to buy a Magic Sedan You cant buy it in the old city district, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has set up their shop in the new city district, so Im bring you there.”

“New city district” Seymour muttered before looking at Marquis Southgate.

Marquis Southgate gave a nod for him to wait patiently.

Seymour didnt keep asking and saw back down in his seat.

Feeling the comfort from the seating under him, Seymour couldnt help letting out a satisfied moan.

If it was said that he was completely shocked by the speed of the Magic Sedan when he saw it pass by him for the first time in the town, now that he had experienced this Magic Sedan, his heart was filled with even more praise for it.

Not to mention how it was countless times faster than the traditional horse carriages, just based on how comfortable it was to sit in it, the Magic Sedan had already far surpassed horse carriages.

He had ridden in luxurious horse carriages that were better than the ones the dukes family rode in the Marlow Empire. Although the materials used for the horse carriage were the best, even having the softest wool blankets, when it came to comfort, it was far surpassed by this Magic Sedan.

Of course, this Magic Sedan making him feel as comfortable as sitting on the sofa in his home was mostly because of the exceptionally smooth road under him.

This was Seymours first time seeing such a smooth road and as the Magic Sedan drove across it, he didnt feel a single bump.

Compared to when they came from the Marlow Empire over those bumpy stone roads, it was completely different. On this trip, Seymour and Marquis Southgate slept quite a bit from the comfort of the ride.

After having experienced this journey personally, Seymour secretly made a decision.

He would definitely buy a Magic Sedan and accordingly, he would also make several of these roads once he went back to the Marlow Empire.

Otherwise, even if he had the Magic Sedan, it wouldnt be as smooth driving over those crushed stone roads.

The Magic Sedan with the two of them maintained a speed of around fifty kilometers an hour, quickly bypassing the city walls around the old city district.

Marquis Southgate and Seymour looked out the glass and they couldnt help taking a deep breath.

In front of them, there were buildings that they couldnt see the end of.

These buildings were similar to the traditional wooden buildings of the Sines Continent, these were stone buildings that were over ten meters tall.

In the most conspicuous place, there were three buildings that reached into the sky, looking very magnificent.

Between these buildings, there were long, wide, and smooth roads paved, neatly diving this giant new city district into neat regions.

Along the sides of the roads, there were iron poles that stood at fixed distance and there were artistic Magic Lamps hanging at the peak of every iron pole.

They had seen these Magic Lamps before, they should be from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Seymour curiously asked the driver and learned that these so-called “street lamps” would light up each night and light the roads.

Hearing the explanation of the driver, Marquis Southgate and Seymour couldnt help praising them in their hearts.

Not mentioning anything else in this Filios City, just these street lamps had surpassed all the other cities on the continent.

“Ha, ha, you havent seen much.” Who would have thought that the driver would break out in laughter after hearing their sighs and shook his head to deny their thoughts, “Let me tell you, these street lamps started first in the Lampuri Kingdoms Banta City, only then did other cities follow their example. Our Filios City is already quite late in building these things.”

“This Banta City first using the street lamps, was it because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Seymour asked.

He had heard many things about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on the way and it became very clear that many things began in the Lampuri Kingdoms Banta City.

“Un, this thing was proposed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu, so Banta City implemented it first. Then after everyone found how useful it was, they all learned from them.”

“It seems like……This Frestech Chamber of Commerce with just the Magic Lamps and street lamps has already changed many cities.” Marquis Southgate gave a sigh before looking at the three tall buildings in the distance and asked, “What are those three tall buildings Were they also built by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce The Drake Duchy never could have built such tall buildings before, right”

“Three buildings No, no, no, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only makes magic machines, they didnt build those three buildings, rather it was the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. But if you say that it is related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that is right. After all, those three buildings were mainly built of cement and reinforced steel beams, as well as a bunch of construction magic machines provided by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Cement Steel beams Construction magic machines” This was Marquis Southgate and Seymours first time hearing these words, so they couldnt help being surprised.

Marquis Southgate looked at those three buildings again and couldnt help being surprised.

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce really did make one wonder. Each time he thought that he had an understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there would be something new that made him realize he was wrong.

Marquis Southgate suddenly felt that the decision to come investigate the Drake Duchy after seeing those strange magic machines in the Falk Kingdom couldnt be more correct.

If he could understand the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he might earn quite a bit from this trip.

“Alright, were here.”

The Magic Sedan suddenly slowed down before it finally came to a stop.

Marquis Southgate and Seymour looked out, finding that they had arrived at a building that took quite a bit of space.

Looking out the window, they saw a large sign hanging on the entrance of the building which had the large words “Frestech Product Service Center” written on it.

“Hey, we want to buy Magic Sedans, what did you come here for” Seymour couldnt help saying.

“Thats right, this is the place to buy Magic Sedans.” The driver opened the door for the two of them with a smile.

Marquis Southgate and Seymour came out. There were two more Magic Sedans that stopped by them and the group Marquis Southgate had brought came out of the Magic Sedans.

They had been riding in two traditional horse carriages on the way from the Falk Kingdom, but then they experienced the Magic Sedans in the small town. They asked around and found that there was a company that specialized in renting Magic Sedans, so they left their horse carriage in the small town and changed to three Magic Sedans, as well as hiring drivers.

It had to be said, this decision not only made their trip much more comfortable, it saved them quite a bit of time.

The small border town was a hundred kilometers away from Filios City, so if they took the horse carriage, it would take them half a day to come here.

But after changing to these Magic Sedans, it only took them two hours.

After Marquis Southgate looked over this building that took over ten thousand square meters, he gave a nod, “Lets go in and take a look.”

Their group walked in the front and when the transparent glass door opened, there was a beautiful young girl who came forward.

Everyone looked at this young girl and they were stunned.

“This……This is a beastman”

Seymour looked at the furry rabbit ears on the head of the young girl and he couldnt help reaching his hand to touch it to see if it was real, but he was slapped back by Marquis Southgate.

“Pay attention to how you act, Seymour.” Marquis Southgate reprimanded him before revealing an apologetic smile to the girl, “Im very sorry, this beautiful beastmen miss, you must have been scared.”

The beastmen girl was indeed a bit scared by Seymours action, but seeing this noble middle aged man who she could tell wasnt a normal person with a single look seriously apologizing to her, she immediately forgot about this matter. She quickly waved her hand and said, “Its fine, its fine. This…..Eh…..These customers, may I ask if you need any help”-

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