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Half an hour later, the customers who came later came out of the tavern.

The middle aged man who was around thirty and had ordered the dishes looked at the dead drunk Rocky and his group in the tavern and slightly knitted his brows. He came to the side of the middle aged man in front and said in a low voice, “Lord Marquis, to talk to these commoners who know nothing, it really is a waste of time. I feel that we should see Duke Drake directly and ask him your questions, it should be much easier than this.”

The middle aged customer turned to look at him and revealed a faint smile, “Knows nothing Dear Seymour, did you forget that you were just laughed at for being a hick”

Seymours expression froze before he angrily said, “Pei! Those despicable fellows, they dare call me a hick! If this was our Marlow Empire, I would definitely make them pay for this!”

The middle aged customer shook his head and gave a sigh, “Seymore, your father had you follow me just to let you gain some experience and discipline your mind. If you keep acting like this, I can only have someone send you back.”

Seymour was stunned and opened his mouth to refute, but then he lowered his head.

“Yes, Lord Marquis. You are right, I know my mistakes.”

The middle aged customer looked back at the tavern he walked out of and narrowed his eyes before letting out an emotional sigh.

“They are indeed commoners, but to say they know nothing, at least when it comes to magic machines, we cant compare to them. If we didnt accidentally learn about magic machines in the Falk Kingdom this time, we might still know nothing. But now that I know more about these things, I really cant help being surprised. These strange magic machines, why did no one ever think of them before”

“It isnt that no one hasnt and there are many magicians who studied magic tools before, but those magicians mainly studied useful weapons. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is actually developing things that can improve peoples daily lives.” Seymour said.

“That is the amazing part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” The middle aged man praised, “Other magicians never thought of this, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did. So now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has succeeded, theyve become the richest and most influential company in the surrounding small countries. Moreover, listening to what Rocky said, all the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products came from the creativity of their chairman. If this is true, the chairman allied Xu Yi really is an outstanding person.”

Seymour looked at the middle aged man in surprise.

He was clear that although this Lord Marquis was always amiable, being friendly and gentle with commoners, he still had his pride. He would rarely give praise to other people.

Now that he had given this Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman such a high appraisal before even meeting him, this really was rare.

After thinking about it, Seymour asked, “I think that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt that powerful. They can create such a stir in the small countries over these years because the powerful magicians dont place importance on these magic machines, so they could create a monopoly. When the other powerful magicians turn their attention to this, I think that they wont be anything.”

“Fool!” The middle aged man didnt hold back as he scolded Seymour, “Could it be that you havent noticed from the stories over these past few days How big are the benefits hidden in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines In front of such benefits, which magician could resist Until now, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there isnt another company that can develop magic machines. Do you think its that simple”

“Humph, these are only a few small countries, what powerful magicians could they have If the truly powerful Arch Magi of our Marlow Empire were to study these things, they could easily defeat this Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Seymour still wasnt convinced.

The middle aged man looked at him and didnt keep scolding him.

Although this Seymour was thirty three years old this year, he had always been protected by his mother, so his mentality wasnt mature and it wasnt strange that he had the competitive spirit of a young man.

Bringing him out this time was to discipline his spirit.

As foreasily defeating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that he mentioned……

For Marquis Dayolen Southgate who had been gathering information on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over the past few days, he definitely didnt think so.

Perhaps the Frestech Chamber of Commerces influence was limited to these small countries in the southwest corner of the continent, so they couldnt compare to the top companies like the Chimera Chamber of Commerce with the Candra Empire behind them or the Setting Sun Chamber of Commerce with the Marlow Empire behind them, this company that could appear from out of nowhere and grow to this scale in just seven years definitely couldnt be looked down on.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was different from any traditional company of the Sines Continent. They could actually operate in the magic tools domain which was considered the domain of magicians previously.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could develop these magic machines that even normal people could easily use, which turned magic that was noble and mysterious that normal people couldnt understand normally into something ordinary.

Just based on this, they had violated the common concepts of all the magicians on the continent.

After experiencing the convenience brought by the Magic Refrigerator and the Magic Fan in the tavern just now, Marquis Southgate had to admit that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had reached a perfect step with these magic machines.

These two household magic machines didnt just have splendid abilities, they were also very simple to use.

A normal person would know nothing about magic, but they didnt need to know anything about magic to use this household magic machine. They just needed to know how to use it and which buttons to press to use it.

In the tavern just now, out of his curiosity, Marquis Southgate had tested how to use the Magic Fan with the instructions of the tavern owner. He found that it was indeed very simple and even a child could easily use it.

It had to be said, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could make something as simple as this mysterious magic machine, it really was extraordinary.

“Sir Marquis, where are we going now” The driver who had brought the horse carriage over asked Marquis Southgate.

Marquis Southgate thought for a bit before pointing out the town, “Lets go and see the Frestech Chamber of Commerces joint investment factory outside the town.”

Seymour on the side knit his brows, wanting to say that it was a waste of time, but he didnt dare say it in the end.

When the two were about to get in the horse carriage, there was a noise that came from behind.

The two turned back in a daze and they saw a completely black monster that was shining under the sun quickly heading towards them.

In the blink of an eye, the monster that seemed to be made of steel passed by the two of them with a gust of wind. Then it created a violent draft as it headed past them, disappearing at the end of the road.

“Damn! Viscount Landos boy is racing in town again, how many times is this!”

“Damn, that kid almost hit someone last time and he still dares to do this! When her highness comes, I want to see how she takes care of him!”

“Isnt it buying a new Magic Sedan, what is he so wild for. When father becomes rich, Ill buy one too. Ill follow him all day and see how arrogant he acts!”


There were sounds behind them, which were the customers that came out of the tavern who had just seen the beast fly by.

Marquis Southgate suddenly had an idea as he turned to ask, “Is this the Magic Car”

“Ah Ah, yes, this is the Magic Car.” The people in the tavern had been asked questions for a while, so they had a deep impression of the generous Marquis Southgate and they answered when they heard this. Then they felt something was off before adding, “No, no, this is the Magic Sedan. Although it is a kind of Magic Car, there are many kinds of Magic Cars. Other than Magic Sedans, there are also transport Magic Cars and passenger Magic Cars.”

“Oh……” Marquis Southgate gave a nod. He wanted to keep asking, but he felt that it wasnt a good time to do so, so he gave up this idea.

After the customers left, Marquis Southgate looked down to find that there was quite a bit of dust on him from the Magic Sedan that had passed and he couldnt help knitting his brows.

“That kid Seymour has a bit of mysophobia, hell be unhappy after this.”

Marquis Southgate turned to look at Seymour, but he didnt hear any complaints at all. Rather, he saw him looking in the direction the Magic Sedan had disappeared in like he was stunned.

“Could it be that he was scared witless” Marquis Southgate was a bit worried as he came in front of Seymour and seeing his dazed look, he raised his hand to wave it in front of his face, “Hey, Seymour, are you alright”

Seymour gradually came back to his senses and slowly returned to normal.

“Ah Ah…..Im fine, Im fine……”

“Then this is……” Marquis Southgate was confused as he looked at him.

Seymour blinked before revealing an excited look. He pointed in the direction the Magic Sedan disappeared in and said in a loud voice, “Uncle Dayolen, did you see it Did you see it”

Marquis Southgate was even more confused.

Was this kid so incited He actually forgot his fathers words and changed how he called him.

“See what”

“See that…..that……”

“Magic Sedan”

“Right, did you see that Magic Sedan Its simply too cool! Too handsome! Ive never thought in this world there would be such a fast horse…..No, it isnt a horse carriage. In short, that carriage! I never thought that a carriage would run that fast! I dont care, uncle Dayolen, I must get one!”

Looking at the excited look on Seymours face, Marquis Southgate felt a bit of a headache come on.

This fellow had been spoiled by his mother, so once he became willful, he didnt care about anything else.

If this was a normal situation, Marquis Southgate would berate him, but hearing Seymours request, Marquis Southgate thought of a good idea.

“Alright.” Marquis Southgate patted Seymours shoulder with a smile and said with a kind look, “Since you want it, its very simple. Well just go and buy one.”-

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