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“Ding ling ling.”

The door to the small tavern was suddenly pushed open and a hot blast of air hit the cool breeze that was blowing around the small tavern, causing the wind chimes that hung over the door to ring.

Several large men who were sitting by the door drinking their ice cold beer suddenly broke out in a sweat and couldnt help cursing.

“Hey, I say, old Johan, you really should hurry up and buy a Magic Air Conditioner. Just with these two outdated first generation Magic Fans, how can you keep it cool in here”

“Thats right, look at how were dying from the heat sitting here. I told you, if you arent willing to spend a bit of money to buy a Magic Air Conditioner, your old customers might all run off.”

“Thats right, there was a new tavern that opened up recently. Their store has three Magic Air Conditioners in there. I went in the other day and that was called cold, it was simply refreshing drinking beer there. If I wasnt used to being here and all my old friends are here, I wouldnt have come today.”


Hearing the complaints of his customers, old Johan revealed a simple smile and replied with a nod, “Alright, alright, alright, Ill get one in here tomorrow and youll definitely feel much more comfortable. Were all old friends, of course Ill satisfy you if you want something.”

“Right, old Johan, speaking of buying a Magic Air Conditioner, you should buy the Frestech Brand.” One of the men said.

Old Johan revealed a bit of hesitation, “Frestech Brand But the Frestech Brand is more expensive than the others……”

“Che, you dont understand. Dont look at the higher price of the Frestech Brand, its easier to use. Let me tell you, I had two neighbours who bought Magic Air Conditioners the year before last. One of them bought the Frestech Brand and the other bought…..What was it called…..It seems to be the Thornes Brand, anyway it was an off brand Magic Air Conditioner. Can you guess what happened The one that bought the Frestech Brand is still using it well and the one that bought the Thornes Brand, it already stopped working the summer before last.”

There was laughter filled with schadenfreude that filled the tavern.

“Ha, ha, he deserves it for being petty enough to buy those random brand Magic Air Conditioners. If you want to buy a household magic machine, it should be the Frestech Brand.”

“Un, old Johan, stop hesitating. You should take the chance that the hottest part of summer isnt here yet to quickly buy it, or you wont even be able to get one if you keep waiting.”

“Right, I read in the newspapers that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is engaging in promoting energy efficiency right now. As long as you exchange an old Frestech Brand household magic machine, you can get a discount. Old Johan, take these two Magic Fans back and you should be able to get a bit of a discount.”

“Really” Old Johan looked at the two Magic Fans that were blowing and he lost some of the unwillingness in his heart.

He had already bought these two Magic Fans for over three years now and theyve been with him for three years, never causing him any problems. He had already gotten used to them.

But thinking of how exchanging for a Magic Air Conditioner would make the tavern cooler and more comfortable, he could only reluctantly accept it.

He had already run this tavern for many years and although he had guests and his business wasnt bad, he had never gotten rich.

Otherwise, he would have directly bought two Magic Air Conditioners.

Thinking of how much it would cost to buy the Magic Air Conditioners, old Johan came to the table of the customers that had just walked in.

“These customers, what do you want to order”

Old Johan looked over them and with his experience of opening the tavern for many years, he could tell that these customers werent normal people.

Although they had just come in, they didnt have any dust on their clothes or their shoes, looking completely clean. It could be seen that they used a decent method of transportation.

This was a small town that was not far from the border between the Drake Duchy and the Falk Kingdom. These guests clearly were not from the Drake Duchy, so they should be from the Falk Kingdom.

The Falk Kingdom didnt have as many Magic Sedans as the Drake Kingdom, so their method of transport should by the traditional horse carriage that was clearly made from excellent materials without much decoration that was currently outside the tavern,

“Just bring a few dishes over.” A young man who had a normal looking face and looked to be around thirty waved his hand as he casually said this, “If you have some good wine, bring some over as well,”

“Alright, please wait a minute.”

Old Johan passed this onto the kitchen before taking out two bottles of good ale from the Magic Refrigerator behind the counter, bringing them over with a few cups.

“Yi” These people looked at the bottles of ale and found a slight chill coming from them, even having a layer of frost over the bottle, revealing looks of surprise.

“Hey, boss, I never thought that an ordinary shop like yours would actually have an ice room.” A middle aged man who looked to be around forty couldnt help giving this praise.

Without waiting for old Johan to reply, the man who had just urged old Johan to buy a Magic Air Conditioner turned over and gave a laugh.

“I say, where did you guys come from You dont even know about the Magic Refrigerator Who still needs an ice room in this age They are simply falling behind, dont you think”

There was a wave of laughter that was filled with taunting that filled the tavern.

The expression of the young man who ordered the food changed. When he wanted to say something, he was stopped by the middle aged man.

Looking at the chilled ale, the middle aged customer asked old Johan, “Boss, can you explain what this Magic Refrigerator is Also what are the Magic Fan and the Magic Air Conditioner that you just talked about”

“Ha, ha, it really is a hick who came from who knows where, they dont know a thing.”

“Rocky, close your mouth and drink your wine!” Without waiting for these customers to get angry, old Johan turned to scold the man before turning back with a smile, “These customers, its very troublesome to explain these things. Please look at how many customers there are, Im still very busy……”

The middle aged man revealed a smile before reaching into his chest to take out two gold coins, slowly putting it on the table.

Old Johans eyes lit up and seeing the middle aged man nod, his right hand went across the table as he revealed a smile, causing the two gold coins to disappear without a trace. Then he pulled over a chair to sit down before giving a cough and saying, “This Magic Refrigerator can be used to cool things. The Magic Fan, there, there are two over there……”


Old Johan spoke while the middle aged customer asked questions.

After half an hour, old Johan had finally explained the uses of these household magic machines.

In the beginning, the middle aged customer was only interested in the household magic machines, but as he asked more questions, the topic began focusing on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Knowing that all the household magic machines on the market were all developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the middle aged man and his companions all revealed surprised looks.

“This means…..this Frestech Chamber of Commerce really is amazing.” The middle aged man couldnt help praising, “Its just a single company, but it can make all these new products, even control an entire new industry with just a single company. This really is too shocking.”

“Of course, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant be considered amazing, there isnt a single amazing company on the entire continent!”

The man named Rocky cut in once again.

Seeing the proud look on his face, it was like praising the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was like praising him.

“If it wasnt for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could our Drake Duchy be this good How could I have found such good work”

While Rocky said this, he raised the cup in his hand and gave a toast in the southwest direction.

“Come, cheers! Respecting the amazing Frestech Chamber of Commerce! I thank them for giving me a new life!”


What was surprising was that the men drinking with Rocky all raised their cups and shouted out at the same time.

Seeing this scene, the companions of the middle aged man opened their eyes in shock.

The middle aged man was still considered calm, but he was still considered very surprised. Looking at Rockys group, he couldnt help shaking his head with a smile.

“Ah, this really is exaggerated. Hey, boss Johan, can you tell me what work the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought Rocky that he is this grateful to them”

Johan looked at Rockys group who were clearly drunk and shook his head in an emotional manner before saying with a sigh, “Of course he has to thank the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Three years ago, he was a pitiful fellow who couldnt even feed his children, but now he makes up to twenty gold coins a month. Adding in the ten gold coins a month his wife makes, his familys lives are completely different from before. This was all given to him by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could he not be grateful to them”

“Up to twenty gold coins a month” The middle aged man revealed a shock that couldnt be hidden at all, “He should only be a commoner, right What work can give him that much money”

“Hey, it isnt anything special, hes just a skilled worker in one of the joint investment factories the Frestech Chamber of Commerce opened. The skilled workers in those factories earn at least ten gold coins a month and hes the most skilled, so he naturally earns the most.” Old Johan replied.

“Skilled workers” The middle aged man had an idea. He picked up the ale that was no longer cold from the heat in the tavern and came to Rockys side, filling up his glass.

Rocky looked at him in surprise and gave a drunken burp before asking, “What are you doing”

The middle aged man revealed a faint smile, “Hello, can I have a chat with you”-

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