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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 76

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Magic Crystal Lamp

It was a bit cold at the end of October. The people of Banta City began to wrap themselves up with long clothes, tightly wrapping them around themselves.

Compared to on the street, the temperature inside the rooms was naturally a bit higher, but even like this, one couldnt keep wearing short skirts. Still, Evita, and Akali had already changed into loose long dresses suited for the home, completely covering up their figures.

Xu Yi looked over the three of them and a trace of disappointment appeared in his heart.

But this strange mood was quickly suppressed by him. He focused back onto the glass sphere placed on the table.

It wasnt that all craftsmen had low skills on the Sines Continent, for example, they had many outstanding glassmakers. The sphere in front of them made of glass was completely transparent, not containing a trace of impurity. Even with how thick it was, the surface was very smooth. Even based on the standards of earth, this was an outstanding work of glass.

“This is the Magic Crystal Lamp” Xu Yi looked at the ball and asked Still, “This thing costs two hundred gold coins”

Still nodded, “Un, I had to ask my grandfather to get this. This is not something one could buy with just money.”

Xu Yi was instantly speechless.

This thing to put it bluntly was just used as a light bulb, but it was actually sold for over two hundred gold coins and it couldnt be bought if one wanted to. He really couldnt understand this.

When Xu Yi lit that candle in his house that night, there was an idea that appeared in his mind. He suddenly thought that since it was very troublesome to light a candle, why didnt he just research how to make a light bulb

Actually, he had already thought about this when he transmigrated, but he had gradually forgotten about it.

Thinking about it now, Xu Yi couldnt suppress the excitement in his heart and decided to research it.

But when he raised this idea to Still and the others, he had received a blow to the head.

On the Sines Continent, there was already a magic lamp!

When Xu Yi asked the three of them that since there was already a magic lamp, why didnt it become popular and why had he never seen one before, the answer he received had surprised him.

The magic lamp was too expensive!

Its said the Magic Array in the magic lamp was very complex and normal magicians couldnt draw them at all.

As for this Magic Array, other than being able to release a bit of light, it had no power at all. So since it was invented, there hadnt been another magician who researched it anymore.

So the magic lamp became a thing of low value. Other than some fellows who bought it to show off how much money they had, normal people wouldnt even think about buying a magic lamp.

After a long time, the magic lamp gradually became a very rare thing and naturally it became more and more expensive and more and more refined. It was completely different from the widely spread and cheap light bulb Xu Yi thought of from earth.

After receiving this news, although Xu Yi didnt understand why magicians of the Sines Continent didnt place importance on application of magic, that did not mean he looked down on the magic lamp. Instead he had Still think of a way to buy one so he could research it.

When he researched the small Magic Plowing Machine, Xu Yi had reached an epiphany. Even if the Sines Continents industrial level was far below that of earth, because of the uniqueness of magic, there were some parts where they had the advantage compared to earth.

If he could obtain some inspiration from the Magic Crystal Lamp and help him greatly decrease his production cost, he wouldnt deny the thought of making changes to the light bulb design from earth.

“Have you studied this before” Xu Yi pointed at the Magic Crystal Lamp and asked.

The three looked at each other before Still pointed at the Magic Crystal Lamp with a difficult expression and said, “This Magic Crystal Lamp is a whole, it cant be opened at all. If you want to study the Magic Array inside, you have to break the crystal cover on the outside…..”

“Then how about we shatter it” Xu Yi looked at her with a strange gaze.

“Ah Shatter it This cost two hundred gold coins!” Akali opened her mouth in an exaggerated manner. She pointed at Magic Crystal Lamp with a look of disbelief on her face.

“I bought it to let you study it, what use is there in just leaving it there” Xu Yi looked around before casually picking up a stone from the table, smashing it in the Magic Crystal Lamps direction.

Seeing that Xu Yi really wanted to smash it, Akali and Evita showed unwilling looks on their faces.

The Magic Crystal Lamp was made very fine and the outside was very beautiful, so they loved it as soon as they saw it. Now that Xu Xi actually wanted to shatter this beautiful thing in front of them, they couldnt look right at it.

“Wait!” Still suddenly reached out to grab Xu Yis falling hand.

“What is it Still, it cant be that you cant let this two hundred gold coins go, right Youve been me for this long, you should know that the results from this research will far surpass the value of a trivial two hundred gold coins.” Xu Yi looked at Still with knit brows as he spoke.

“I understand this logic.” Still put down the stone in Xu Yis hand, “Its necessary to break it, but can you not just casually break it like this What if you also break the Magic Array inside If you break the Magic Array, how will we study it Will we need to buy another one”

Xu Yi was stunned, “I forgot about this.”

Akali and Evita saw Still stop Xu Yi and they were happy because they could keep this pretty little thing, but when they heard the rest of Stills words, they instantly looked at each other in blank dismay.

They were helpless since this Magic Crystal Lamp was bought with Xu Yis money, so they had no right to say how it was handled. They could only watch as Xu Yi and Still looked over the Magic Crystal Lamp before finally picking an angle to softly break it from.

“Hua la——”

The outer glass cover of the Magic Crystal Lamp shattered to pieces and finally revealed the inside.

The instant the glass was shattered, Xu Yi took a strong sniff. Other than some dust that flew into his nose, there wasnt any strange smells at all.

After giving a sneeze, Xu Yi confirmed that the outer glass cover of the Magic Crystal Lamp only covered and scattered the light. It wasnt like the glass cover of the light bulbs from earth because they didnt keep the inert gases in.

Of course, this world probably does not have any sealed glass that could keep inert gases inside.

Still carefully removed the shattered glass of the Magic Crystal Lamps outer cover. The four of them looked at the foundation of the Magic Crystal Lamp at the same time.

As expected, there was an incomparably complicated Magic Array on this foundation. Just based on the lines of the Magic Array, one could tell it was much more complicated than the low level Magic Arrays Xu Yi used in his magic machines.

Akali looked for a while before hesitantly saying, “Sir chairman, this Magic Array is this complicated, Im afraid we dont have the ability to study it”

Still nodded, “Un, theres a bit of a problem with me looking at it. How about you take it to grandfather, he should be able to understand this.

Xu Yi also looked at the Magic Array for a while and found that Akali and Still were right. This Magic Array was too complicated, it had already exceeded his level of magic knowledge.

When he was about to nod in agreement to Stills idea, he suddenly found that Evita wasnt speaking. He looked down at her, “Evita, what do you think Can you understand it”

Evita was in thought for a while before saying in an uncertain voice, “Although I dont understand it, I feel like I've seen this Magic Array somewhere before.”

“Oh You have an impression of it Could it be that youve touched this Magic Array before” Xu Yi quickly asked.

“No, I shouldnt have studied this complicated Magic Array before. Only…..I feel like the appearance and style of this Magic Array is very close to a Magic Array Ive seen before, perhaps it is related.” Evita replied.

“Then do you remember which Magic Array that is”

Evita thought about it for a while before taking a piece of paper and drawing a Magic Array on it.

The other three looked at the Magic Array Evita drew before looking back at the Magic Array on the foundation of the Magic Lamp and nodding at the same time.

“It is very similar. Although the Magic Array on the Magic Crystal Lamp is much more complicated, I can see that they are very alike.” Still said.

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Array Evita drew for a while and thought about if before saying to Evita, “Evita, can you draw this Magic Array”

Evita gave a slight nod.

“Good, then draw this Magic Array right now and let us see what effect it has.”

Akali gave a clap, “That is a good method. Evita, quickly draw it.”

Evita nodded. She took out some magic materials and arranged the Magic Array on the ground of the living room.

This Magic Array was not as complicated as the one on the base of the Magic Crystal Lamp and Evita only spent over ten minutes to finish drawing it.

Xu Yi had the other three move back and he injected a bit of magic into the Magic Array. Then there was a blue light that quickly spread through the Magic Array before the Magic Array released a bright white light, filling the entire living room with a flash of white.

After that flash of white light, it disappeared.

The four of them looked at the Magic Array in a daze. After a while, seeing that there were no other changes, they couldnt help being confused.

“Its over like this” Akali pointed at the Magic Array and said, “Is there a mistake It just released a flash of light, what use is that”

Still said in a thoughtful voice, “This is probably a Thunder Attributed Magic Array from the class of Wind Attributed Magic. But this Magic Array is very strange, it only releases the flash of lightning of Thunder Attributed Magic, but there isnt the might of thunder that comes with it. It seems like this is a failed Magic Array. Evita, where did you learn this Magic Array from”

“I accidentally saw it in a book once.” Evita looked a bit disappointed, “I thought it could be a bit useful, but I never thought it would be this disappointing.”

The only one without a look of disappointment was Xu Yi, rather he had a look of pure excitement.

Hearing what the three of them said, Xu Yi gave a laugh before standing up and patting Evitas shoulder while saying, “No, no, no, Evita, it is because it is a failed Magic Array that it is useful. If this Magic Array wasnt a failure and contained the mighty power of Thunder Attributed Magic, how could we use it to make a lamp Alright, I will now announce a research project for the three of you. It is to properly study this Magic Array and the final goal is to stabilize the light it releases, understood”

Stills group of three looked at each other before nodding.

Compared to the complicated Magic Array of the Magic Crystal Lamp, the one drawn by Evita was much easier to understand.

“Of course, its best if you also study the Magic Array inside the Magic Crystal Lamp. If there is anything you dont understand, ask Great Magician Camilla. He is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces special research consultant, you must seize this chance to learn magic from him.”

There was no need to mention Still, but when Akali and Evita heard what Xu Yi said, they revealed excited looks.

To be able to learn from a Great Magician at any time, this would be very helpful for them when it came to increasing their magic power.

Xu Yi said a few more things before preparing to leave.

With Camby staying at the Angola Tribe to wait for the dwarves from there, he needed to pay more attention to the magic machine workshop during this period. Adding in all the different work he had, Xu Yi was very busy, not even having time to stay here for lunch.

When he walked out the door, Akali quickly came out of the room and called out to Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, you…..Are you going to the Business Unions banquet in two days”

“Un, how do you know about that” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“Still told me.” Akali pointed at the door behind. She revealed a shy expression as she hesitantly said, “Sir chairman, can…..can I ask you something”

This was his first time seeing this lively girl acting shy like this and he couldnt help finding it a bit funny.

“What is it Tell me. If I can help, I definitely wont disappoint.”

Hearing how quick Xu Yi responded, Akalis eyes lit up and she quickly asked, “Ive heard Still say that you still dont have a female companion for this banquet”

Xu Yi was stunned as he looked at Akali with a confused expression, “Thats right. What Do you want to be my female companion”

Akali laughed, “Sir chairman is truly wise. Thats right, I want to be your female companion for this banquet, are you willing”

Xu Yi felt a bit strange, “Why do you suddenly want to go to this banquet This thing really isnt that interesting.”

“This…..I just want to take a look. How about it Sir chairman, can you agree” Akali revealed a look of begging.

“There is no problem bringing you, but Akali, if you go as my female companion for this even, arent you worried that people will mistake you as my girlfriend” Xu Yi teased her.

Akali raised her underdeveloped chest and said with a smile, “As long as you agree, I am very willing to be your girlfriend. But…..forget it, if I really become your girlfriend, someone will be angry. Sir chairman, are you willing to bring me to the banquet”

Xu Yi nodded, “Alright, since you want to come, then Ill bring you.”

“Great! Sir chairman is truly great!” Akali cheered. She actually spread her arms to hug Xu Yi before suddenly letting go and running back into the room like a little rabbit.

Seeing her disappear, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a smile.

These little girls, he really didnt know what they were thinking.-

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