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Volume 5 Chapter 106 Already everywhere


There was the intense sound of the brakes being pressed on as a fire red Magic Sedan stopped by Ivy Joao who just came out of the headquarters.

“Hey, Ivy, this really is a coincidence. Where are you planning on going Do you need me to take you there”

Hearing this familiar voice, Ivy Joao turned his head to look at Chalon Linear who came out of the Magic Sedan with a strange look before he couldnt help shaking his head.

“I say, Chalon, now youre very relaxed, arent you I heard that youre driving this car around all day without anything to do”

The Hungry Wolf Regiment Commander Chalon Linear gave a shrug, “What about it What else can I do”

Ivy Joao was silent before giving a sigh.

The Sack Kingdom had been forced into creating a free trade area by the Lampuri Kingdom. To many people in the Sack Kingdom, this was a shame they couldnt take.

The Sack Kingdom that had suppressed the Lampuri Kingdom for hundreds of years had now been forced to accept a request by the Lampuri Kingdom. Someone had to take responsibility for this shame.

The ones who bore the brunt of this was the Hungry Wolf Regiment that fought the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army many times and failed.

To many people, it was because the Hungry Wolf Regiment wasnt strong enough that the Sack Kingdom was forced into this passive position. They finally lost their dignity and was forced to sign this treaty for the free trade area.

So the commander and chief of staff of the Hungry Wolf Regiment bore the brunt of this and were heavily punished.

Ivy Joao was a bit better. Even if he lost the position as the Hungry Wolf Regiments chief of staff, he was kept by the army headquarters. They even let him take the position of the leader of the military magic machine counter plan room that was established.

Although this position didnt have much power, it was considered a high position, so they didnt treat him unfairly.

However, Chalon Linear was much worse.

As the commander of the Hungry Wolf Regiment, he was forced to shoulder the responsibility of the losses of the Hungry Wolf Regiment. Not only was he stripped of his commander title, he was even condemned.

If it wasnt for the higher ups at the army headquarters protecting him and the king giving him a special commendation, Chalon Linear might have spent the rest of his life in jail.

But even like this, Chalon Linear had now become an idle person, without any official positions. He even lost his title as a Count and had become a normal citizen.

But he was from the Linear Family and with the influence of his family, he wasnt worried that people would seize this chance to harm him. He also lived a life without care, so his days were quite free.

For example, the fire red Frestech Brand Magic Sedan he was currently driving, he definitely wouldnt have been able to get this if he was still the commander of the Hungry Wolf Regiment. But now that he had lost his position, he could buy it as long as he wanted to, becoming one of the few people in the Sack Kingdom with a Magic Sedan.

“Alright, dont show that look in front of me, I still dont need you to feel sorry for me yet.” Chalon Linear curled his lips before pointing at the passenger seat beside him, “Are you getting in Ill go by myself if youre not getting in.”

Ivy Joao thought about it before entering the passenger seat.

“Send me to the military research facility outside the city.”

Chalon Linear looked at him in surprise, “Yi Youre also going there”

Ivy Joao was more surprised than him, “What do you meanalso Are you also going there”

“Un, those fellows said that Im familiar with the military magic machines, so they want to offer me a job as a part time consultant.” Chalon Linear replied.

“Part time consultant Those b**tards in the army headquarters dont have any opinions” Ivy Joao knit his brows as he asked this.

Chalon Linear gave a cold snort, “It was them who came looking for me, otherwise do you think I would go be their consultant for no reason”

“Its like this……” Ivy Joao nodded before falling silent.

Chalon Linear skillfully drove the Magic Sedan and the two disappeared around the corner of the street.

“Hey, Ivy, those fellows are finally willing to admit the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military magic machines”

After passing another corner, Chalon Linear suddenly asked this.

Ivy Joao looked at him before slowly nodding, “Yes, otherwise how are they willing to put down their pride to ask you to be their consultant”

Chalon Linear gave a soft snort, “Those idiots also know how to feel afraid. I thought that they would shrink into their shells and would never be willing to admit the truth.”

Ivy Joao gave a long sigh before shaking his head, “Theres no other way. Even if they want to avoid it, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce easily destroyed the Crusch Kingdom like a stone shattering an egg, so they cant just avoid it even if they want to.”

“Actually, theres no need for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to destroy the Crusch Kingdom, there are already countless facts that prove this, but theyre not willing to admit it. Look around, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is already everywhere, so even if they arent willing to admit it today, could they hide from it tomorrow”

Ivy Joao looked at where Chalon Linear was pointing. He first saw a black Magic Sedan driving by, followed by a medium passenger Magic Car, then followed by another two large transport Magic Cars.

Looking at it, in the capital of the Sack Kingdom, Nordham City, there were few horse carriages around. They had all been replaced by various Magic Cars.

Looking at the stores on the sides of the road, he could find the glows from the Magic Array of various household magic machines. It had completely changed the scenery of the city.

Since the free trade area was set up, the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other Lampuri Kingdom magic machine companies had entered the Sack Kingdom, being warmly welcomed there.

In just a single year, magic machines had become all the rage in the Sack Kingdom. It had changed the daily lives of every person in the entire kingdom.

If one talked to anyone in the Sack Kingdom, if they didnt use the words magic machines in a few sentences, they would be behind the times.

From the angle of the kingdom, Ivy Joao was very unhappy to see this because with large amounts of magic machines entering the Sack Kingdom, it meant that the Lampuri Kingdom and the other Lampuri Kingdom magic machine companies were taking large amounts of wealth from the Sack Kingdom. This was bad for the Sack Kingdom and strengthened the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom.

But from a different angle, looking at it from the angle of the Sack Kingdoms citizens, he had to admit that the household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed really helped with their daily lives.

Even Ivy Joao, his family bought all the household magic machines that could be bought.

There was no other way, those household magic machines really were too easy to use.

For example, Ivy Joaos wife and servants had already gotten used to using the Magic Stove, the Magic Rice Cooker, and the Magic Bread Maker. To have them go back to their previous lives, not to mention them, even Ivy Joao himself wouldnt be able to accept the low efficiency in preparing food.

Moreover, even if one ignored the daily lives of these normal people, from the perspective of the kingdom, they couldnt completely resist the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

For example, the large amounts of agricultural magic machines and the various construction magic machines bought from the free trade area.

With the introduction of these two things, it greatly improved the farmland of the Sack Kingdom.

In just a single year, the Sack Kingdoms grain yield had increased by 40%.

According to the related reports from the agricultural department, if they kept introducing the agricultural and construction magic machines this year, transforming all the kingdoms farmland, their kingdoms grain yield would increase again this year.

This was done without introducing the fertilizer yet.

According to the estimates of the agricultural department, if they had enough fertilizer, the grain yield of the kingdom could even double!

Right now the agricultural department had begun negotiating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to provide enough fertilizer for the entire Sack Kingdom.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had put forth harsh conditions that had deadlocked the negotiations.

However, Ivy Joao had learned through certain channels that the agricultural department was willing to accept the conditions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The reason was very simple. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could wait, but the agricultural department couldnt.

This years spring planting had been wasted because of this deadlock, but the agricultural department wouldnt allow them to waste the fall planting.

As long as they could finish discussing this, allowing the agricultural department to get a large amount of fertilizer before the fall planting, the grain yield of this years fall planting would be shocking.

In the end, for all the countries on the continent, filling the bellies of their citizens was always the first priority.

Seeing the Lampuri Kingdom who faced this same problem being able to solve it completely a few years ago, even having enough grains to export, it would be a lie if it was said that the Sack Kingdom didnt envy them.

With the most important goal of solving the food problem, the conditions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce werent anything.

But as someone from the army headquarters, Ivy Joao was very clear on this.

Once they agreed to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces conditions, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would become stronger. Once they became stronger, they would have more powerful military magic machines.

It would be even harder for the army headquarters to deal with them.

“But even if we dont want to make it more difficult, how can we deal with them”

Ivy Joao looked at the Magic Cars driving by and he couldnt help revealing a thick bitter smile.

Buying the Frestech Chamber of Commerces things made their enemy stronger.

But not buying the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would make the Sack Kingdom fall further and further behind the Lampuri Kingdom, making it more impossible for them to catch up.

With these two difficult choices, even if it was Ivy Joao who everyone thought was the brains of the Hungry Wolf Regiment, he couldnt figure out which choice they should choose at all.

At this time, he could only count himself lucky that he was only a normal member of the army headquarters.

If he was his majesty, he would have a headache each day because of these two problems……-

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