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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 95 - Buying ships

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As the light of the sun came from the west, it dyed the sea blood red.

However, if one looked carefully, they would find that the blood red colour of the sea wasnt completely from the sun.

There were wooden planks floating on the sea, with various corpses in gray clothing floating among them.

From the corpses came streaks of bright red blood, dying the sea this shocking colour.

However, when this sad scene fell onto the eyes of Remito Russell, it didnt move his heart at all.

As he watched the corpses and heavily damaged pieces of ship sink, creating a whirlpool as a large ship came through pushing aside the corpse, Russell couldnt help narrowing his eyes.

This was the seventeenth day since the Candra Empires third royal fleet and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet started working together. They met this bunch of pirates today and it was the thirteenth band of pirates they had met in seventeen days.

It was the same as the twelve bands of pirates from before, the Candra Empires royal fleet didnt need to act at all. When they found traces of the pirates, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet immediately launched a fierce attack. When they were still a thousand meters away from the pirates, they had already completely defeated the pirates.

Those pitiful pirates couldnt touch the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet in the end before they were all sunk into the ocean.

Other than some pirates who had quickly ran away in some small boats, the other pirates had all sunk into the sea.

The destiny that awaited them was either falling into the mouth of a shark or dying by drowning.

Russell didnt feel any pity for these pirates at all, but seeing the fierce attack of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet each time, he couldnt stop a vein from popping out on his forehead.

If these pirates were the Candra Empires royal fleet, would the results be any different

In the beginning, Russell had still thought of many ways to deal with the attack of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet.

For example, surrounding them ahead of time and not giving them the distance to fire.

For example, not caring about the heavy losses to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, pulling close to them as quickly as possible and gain victory with their advantage in numbers.

Or for example……

After experiencing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet embarrassing those pirates every time, Russell threw away all the plans that he had come up with in his heart.

Now he was certain that even if it was the Candra Empires royal fleet, the result wouldnt be any different.

The only difference would be that the Candra Empires royal fleet would be able to hold on a bit longer than these pirates.

As for whether more of them could escape, that would depend on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet were much faster than the wooden boats of the Candra Empires royal fleet. If they wanted to chase them, they couldnt escape at all.

As for an upfront battle

What a joke!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces terrifying Magic Rockets would destroy you before you could even approach!

Moreover, with the speed of their fleet, it was a dream to want to surround them!

So after Russell had been with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet for seventeen days, after thinking for seventeen days, there was a fact that he wasnt willing to admit, but he had no choice.

The powerful Candra Empires royal fleet in his heart, if they really faced the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, they wouldnt be able to fight back at all.

When he thought of the reports that they had received about the encounters between the pirates and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, Russell thought that they were incomparably accurate.

This fleet, it was like it came from another world, it completely surpassed this era!

Turning to look at the fleet under him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet cleaning up the battlefield. Russell had them approach the flagship of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet and then with a small boat, he went on that flagship.

Although they had been cooperating for half a month now, this was Russells first time on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet.

From the angle of an observer, he had thought that this ship was incomparably big, but when Russell actually came onto the ship, the found that there was a large difference between these ships and the ships of the Candra Empires royal fleet.

The biggest difference was that standing on this ship, it felt incredibly steady. It was like standing on land, there wasnt the jolting from the ocean like with the wooden ships at all.

The reason for this difference was naturally because the ship was completely cast of steel. Its weight far surpassed that of wooden ships, so of course it would be much more steady on the seas.

“Sir Leslie, can you tell me, how much this ship weighs in total” After greeting Leslie, Russell suddenly asked this.

Leslie was surprised, but after thinking about it, he shook his head as he said, “Im not certain myself, but the set water displacement for this ship is around a thousand tons, so it should weigh over six hundred tons itself.”

“Six hundred tons!” Russell took a deep breath and he couldnt help revealing a look of shock.

The Candra Empires largest ship was the Thunderclap Ship. According to the manufacturing standard, the lumber that was needed to make it weighed no less than a hundred tons.

This weight wasnt even a sixth of this ships weight!

Although the density of lumber couldnt be compared to steel, this was still a very exaggerated difference.

So dont think about how the Thunderclap Ships were a bit smaller than these ships, even forgetting about the Magic Cannons and the terrifying military magic machines that the guard ships carried, the Thunderclap Ship couldnt take a single tap from the guard ship.

Comparing it……No, they werent even qualified to be compared!

Russell forced down the shock in his heart and lowered his head to look at the deck under his feet. He looked back up at the thick steel platform high up on the deck before he had a doubt.

If this guard ship took six hundred tons of steel, then there were twenty guard ships that were now in front of him.

Counting it up, that was a shocking twelve thousand tons of steel.

Not to mention that the steel used to build the guard ship was different from normal iron. It was not only strong, it also was resistant to rust. Even if it was just twelve thousand tons of normal iron, Russell couldnt imagine how it could be made.

Although this guard ship seemed like it was cast from plates of steel welded together, how were these steel plates made How did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce make these steel plates perfectly fit together and cast them as tightly as this

This question had been in Russells heart for half a month now and now that he could talk to Leslie, he hoped that he could obtain a clear explanation.

However, Leslie shook his head with a smile.

“Sorry, sir Russell, these things are a secret of our company, so I cant tell you. Moreover, even if I wanted to go against the rules of the company to tell you, I dont know how to do so because…..I dont understand it at all.”

“Dont understand” Russell slightly knit his brows, looking a bit unhappy.

He could understand if Leslie didnt want to talk about it since this involved the business secret of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But he said that he didnt understand, this was simply a joke!

He was the commander of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, how could he not understand how this ship worked

“I indeed dont understand.” Seeing Russells unhappiness, Leslie explained with a smile, “This ship involves very specialized magic machine technology, Ive never studied this. I only know how to use this ship, not how to make it.”

Russell was silent for a bit before nodding in agreement to Leslies words.

Not to mention this ship that had shocking technology, even this Thunderclap Ship, him as the vice chief of staff didnt know a thing about how it was made.

But he didnt count on getting the answer from Leslie when he asked this.

After a bit of silence, Russell said with a serious look, “Sir Leslie, through this cooperation, I have a deep understanding of the guard ships of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I hope that you can pass on to chairman Xu that our Candra Empires royal fleet hopes to officially start cooperating with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I think that there are many places we can discuss when it comes to these guard ships.”

Leslie revealed a faint smile, “Sir Russell, if youre interested in these guard ships, I think that sir chairman will be very happy to discuss with you. But speaking of cooperation…..I dont think theres a need to make it this complicated.”

“Oh Sir Leslie, do you have some high opinion” Russell was a bit surprised.”

“Its not some high opinion.” Leslie waved his hand as his smile became a bit more sly, “Since the Candra Empires royal fleet is interested in these guard ships, its very simple. We can directly discuss selling them.”

“Directly selling them” Russell was stunned, “Could it be…..that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to sell these powerful guard ships”

“Of course, we opened a company and if people are willing to buy our stuff, why wouldnt we sell” Leslie gave a shrug as he spoke with a relaxed look.

Russell looked over Leslie with a strange expression and after confirming he wasnt joking, he took a breath and carefully asked, “Then sir Leslie, for these guard ships, what is your companys…..price”

“Not expensive, not expensive.” Leslie stretched out two fingers, “Its two million gold coins per ship.”

Russells eyes turned dark and he almost spat out blood.

This damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce, could they be more black hearted-

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