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Chairman Cruise had known Xu Yi for all these years, so naturally he had some understanding of him.

Seeing the strange smile on his face, he immediately understood that Xu Yi was giving up on the Candra Empire.

He revealed a relieved smile, but then he felt that it was wrong. After thinking about it, he raised his hand to pat Xu Yi shoulder as he comforted him, “Ah…..This isnt anything big. We are merchants in the end, we cant do business without a loss, isnt that right The Candra Empires demands are too much, you just dont have to cooperate with them. There isnt just them on the Sines Continent……”

When he said this, chairman Cruise couldnt keep going.

Although there wasnt just the Candra Empire on the Sines Continent, there was only the Marlow Empire that was like the Candra Empire.

The huge market in the Candra Empire was the dream of any merchant on the continent.

If one had to completely give it up, it was clearly a large pity.

When the Amrit Chamber of Commerce went to the Candra Empire to pave roads, meeting many roadblocks and having retreat without any success, chairman Cruise had been so depressed that he didnt eat well for several days.

Standing from this point of view, he could understand the disappointment in Xu Yis heart.

But Xu Yi still had the same smile, not looking disappointed at all.

Seeing the disappointed look on chairman Cruises face, Xu Yi gave a laugh before shaking his head, “I never said that I would give up on the Candra Empire. I just wont cooperate with Prince Frank, but cant I cooperate with others from the Candra Empire Then again, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines are already selling quite well in Wimbledon City. Even if I dont do anything, I believe that the sales numbers will keep increasing and the market will be opened sooner or later. The cooperation failing now was just a small episode, it doesnt affect the overall situation.”

Chairman Cruise thought about and found that Xu Yi was right.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was different from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce had gone to the Candra Empire to promote paving roads. This kind of thing involved many different things, so it had to be approved by the Candra Empire side first.

But the household magic machines sold by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were normal products, it wasnt much different from other products. It could be sold in the Candra Empire at any time.

With the strong ability and the novelty of the household magic machines, chairman Cruise was certain that it would quickly become popular in the Candra Empire just like in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms.

“But by turning down Prince Frank this time, arent you worried that there will be all kinds of obstacles for you in the Candra Empire by angering him” Chairman Cruise asked in a worried voice.

“Actually, I am a bit worried, but it cant affect the overall situation.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “In the end, Prince Frank isnt the emperor and the Candra Empire doesnt only have a single prince, right”

Seeing the confident smile on Xu Yis face, chairman Cruise really wanted to ask why he was so confident.

No matter how much influence the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had in the surrounding countries, they were just an incredibly small company in the Candra Empire. If Prince Frank wanted to target the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he would certainly have many methods.

The only hope was that Prince Frank really looked down on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from the bottom of his heart, completely ignoring this matter.

“Alright, Cruise, dont worry about me for now, you should think about how to lay the road down in the Candra Empire. Xu Yi patted chairman Cruises shoulder and said with a smile, “This is your companys first road in the Candra Empire, you have to make sure that its absolutely perfect.”

Hearing Xu Yi mention this, chairman Cruise was suddenly shocked.

When he had been rejected by the Candra Empire before, chairman Cruise thought that it would be very hard for them to build roads in the Candra Empire in the future. But he never thought that Xu Yi would suddenly come to tell him that through a relationship, the Candra Empire would very likely invite the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to build a road in the Candra Empire.

Chairman Cruise was very surprised by this news, but with his understanding of Xu Yi, he knew that he would never lie. So after being excited, the gratitude in his heart towards Xu Yi increased.

Although the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was considered a decent company in Banta City, they could only affect Banta City. They were only considered a small company in the Lampuri Kingdom.

But after Xu Yi found them and gave them the thing called cement, as well as the technology for paving the roads, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had been growing under the influence of Xu Yi.

Up to now, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce has paved a total of one hundred thousand kilometers of road in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms, as well as building countless reinforced concrete buildings, including over a hundred high rise buildings. They had become the top construction company in the surrounding countries and the only road paving company that everyone recognized.

When mentioning the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, not a single person in the surrounding country didnt know them.

In just five years, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had gone from a small company in Banta City to a first class company that could influence the surrounding countries!

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce being able to develop like this, the most important thing was naturally Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So chairman Cruise had always treated himself as Xu Yis best ally, almost always supporting his decisions.

Now that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had been blocked from entering the Candra Empire, Xu Yi had actually opened a new path for them which made chairman Cruise even more grateful towards Xu Yi.

He believed that as long as the first road was built, the Candra Empire would fully realize the benefits of the road. The Candra Empire wouldnt be able to resist this temptation and would continue building more roads in their empire.

When thinking of the large territory of the Candra Empire that was several times bigger than the surrounding countries added together, chairman Cruise was filled with excitement.

If he could monopolize the road building industry in the Candra Empire, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would definitely become a first class company of the entire continent!

“Yes, our company will definitely give our all to paving this road!” Chairman Cruise gave a strong nod, “Ive already gathered the best workers, the best materials, the best transport, and the best management. In short, everything is the best! I want those fellows in the Candra Empire to see that this road is ten thousand times better than the broken dirt road they have!”

From chairman Cruises impassioned words, Xu Yi could easily tell how bitter chairman Cruise had been about being rejected by the Candra Empire before and he couldnt help revealing a smile.

“Alright, I believe your company will do it well. But Cruise, the roads in the Lampuri Kingdom are already showing signs of damage, you cant ignore the maintenance. Take the Falling Rain Road, its almost completely broken, so you have to fix them first.”

Chairman Cruise revealed an awkward smile, “Of course, the Falling Rain Road is the first road our company built, its a monumental road. I was planning on properly fixing it and taking this chance to expand it.”

“Un, that is a good idea.” Xu Yi nodded as he praised him.

Perhaps it was because he had been with Xu Yi a long time, chairman Cruise now learned to use all opportunities, or rather he created opportunities to promote his company.

This kind of marketing was rarely seen on the Sines Continent, but it was very welcome.

While the two were discussing building roads in the Candra Empire, there were four lights that lit up on the open race track. They gathered in the air and formed four rectangular screens of light that were ten meters long and around six meters wide.

The four light screens were connected to form a rectangular shape. Each light screen was facing every part of the race track, so it mean that they could be seen from every part of the race track.

With a flash of light, there was a beautiful tiger girl with a furry tail that appeared on the light screen.

“Friends of the audience, welcome. This is Banta Citys Frestech Race Track and we are broadcasting the Frestech Free Race to everyone. Everyone can see that we are currently in the preparation stage……”

The scene on the light screen changed, turning into a high angle view.

Looking at it like this, one could see the oval shape of the entire race track, as well as the irregular bends of the race track.

The Magic Sedans of various colours were quickly racing across it. From time to time, one could hear the roar of the engine and the sound of tires screeching across the ground.

After pausing, the scene quickly fell down and it came up to the side of the track, following them at close range.

The tiger beauty had already come to the side of a pure white Magic Sedan that had stopped.

“Hello everyone, weve found a racer who has finished preparing and is resting before the race. I think that everyone should be familiar with this racer, he is……”


Chairman Cruise had been drinking water when he saw the change on the screen in amazement. As he listened to Xu Yis explanation of the Magic Illusion Projectors, he also kept nodding in a manner filled with praise.

When he suddenly saw the figure on the screen, he couldnt help spitting out the water in his mouth and almost spitting it on Xu Yis face.

“Ke, ke, ke, ke.”

Chairman Cruise gave several strong coughs before grabbing Xu Yis colour and pointing at the light screen, saying with a look of disbelief, “Hey! Xu Yi! Is there a mistake That old man is also participating in the race”-

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