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The light gold Magic Sedan crossed the border between the Rudson Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, quickly flying down the long slope of the Stru Road.

Seeing the big trees that gradually went above the road and the open road soon becoming a forest in front of him, ambassador Hakanin couldnt help giving a sigh.

This wasnt his first time coming to the Stantine Duchy from the Rudson Kingdom, but he always felt it was a pity when he came across this road.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could have made this part a bit longer when they made the road, he could enjoy driving across this scenery a bit longer.

But thinking of how he would arrive at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce soon and see chairman Xu again, then gaining large benefits from him, ambassador Hakanin threw this bit of regret away. He stepped down on the petal and the Magic Sedan began moving even faster.

Very soon, his Magic Sedan was completely in the Slight Dream Forest.

There was a row of Magic Lamps on both sides of the road since it was a bit dark here from the shade of the trees, creating a very conspicuous row of light through the Slight Dream Forest, directing the Magic Sedan.

Ambassador Hakanin looked at the Magic Lamps on both sides and he was a bit confused.

The previous times he came here, he didnt think about this issue.

But seeing these Magic Lamps this time, he couldnt help thinking of a question.

There were over two thousand Magic Lamps across this road, so even if it was the cheapest Magic Lamp, this would cost over three thousand gold coins.

And that didnt count in the maintenance cost of these Magic Lamps.

Since it was like this, why didnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce just cut down the trees on the side of the Stru Road when they paved this road

As long as they created a gap to let the sun in, there wouldnt be a need for Magic Lamps to light up this road.

Did chairman Xu not do this because he wanted this part of a road feel like an illusion

“When I see chairman Xu later, I have to ask him.” Ambassador Hakanin secretly made up his mind.

“Viscount Hakanin, how long will it take” There was a deep mans voice that came from the Magic Sedan.

Hearing this voice, ambassador Hakanin came back from his thoughts. He looked at the strict looking middle aged man sitting in the back of the Magic Sedan through the rear view mirror before a warm smile appeared on his chubby face.

“Well be at New Moon Town in just half an hour. Ive already arranged to meet with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces CEO Kennard there.”

“New Moon Town There isnt any information on this town on the map, right”

“Oh, this New Moon Town was only built by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last year, so it isnt on the map yet.”

“Oh What did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce build this town for Does this small town fall under the jurisdiction of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the Stantine Duchy” A bit of a serious look appeared on the face of the middle aged man.

“According to what the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu said, this town was built to gain some popularity and also to let people experience a modern town.”

“A modern town What does that mean”

Ambassador Hakanin shook his head, “Although chairman Xu explained this to me, I…..couldnt understand.”

“Is that so” The middle aged man asked before falling silent.

Ambassador Hakanin also closed his mouth and focused on driving.

He didnt directly drive out of the Slight Dream Forest. He drove to the Magic Refill Station that he had gone to with Kennard the first time he came to the Stantine Duchy.

After he explained the use of the Magic Refill Station to the middle aged man and his two followers, ambassador Hakanin led them to the restroom that was very advanced in his opinion.

Seeing the three of them being surprised by the automatic flushing function of the restroom and the drying function of the Magic Dryer, ambassador Hakanin was strangely pleased.

These three fellows stayed in the Candra Empire all day, so they thought that the Candra Empire was the best in everything. Now that they were here to see the world, they would know how shallow their views were before.

After taking a short rest, they were about to head off on the road again when a black Magic Sedan coming from the Stantine Duchy pulled into the Magic Refill Station.

Ambassador Hakanin felt that this Magic Sedan looked very familiar when he saw Kennard coming out.

Kennard directly came over to Ambassador Hakanin and his eyes fell over the other three, stopping at the middle aged man. Then he gave ambassador Hakanin a wide smile as he said, “Ambassador Hakanin, youve come this far, it really has been hard on you. I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in welcoming you.”

Ambassador Hakanin gave a nod before doubtfully asking, “CEO Kennard, didnt we agree to meet in New Moon Town Why did you come here first Such a warm welcome makes me feel too flattered.”

Kennard gave a laugh before shaking his head, “Youre mistaken. I was planning on meeting you all in New Mon Town, but theres a change in plans. Sir chairman suddenly decided to personally come to New Moon Town, so I came here to meet you first to bring you to meet sir chairman.”

“Oh Youre saying that chairman Xu is currently in New Moon Town”


Ambassador Hakanin was shocked. He turned to look at the middle aged man with an impatient look, “Sir Russell, chairman Xu is not that far from here, we should quickly go and meet him!”

The middle aged man named sir Russell revealed a faint smile, “Viscount Hakanin, it seems like youre anticipating your meeting with chairman Xu.”

“This……” Ambassador Hakanin knew that he had acted too excited, so he said with an awkward smile, “Chairman Xu is a very outstanding person. Whenever I meet him, he would give me many inspirations that give me many new understandings of the world, so I always look forward to meeting him.”

“Oh” Sir Russell revealed a smile as a trace of disdain appeared in his eyes.

This Hakanin didnt have any abilities, he could only depend on his big sister being the favoured concubine of the emperor to act greedy. Now that he was this respectful of chairman Xu, it was probably because he had been fed too much by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of this, sir Russell looked at Kennard with a trace of coldness in his eyes.

Kennard acted like he didnt notice sir Russells gaze at all as he took out a rectangular metal box from his chest for ambassador Hakanin.

“Ambassador Hakanin, sir chairman wants to pass a few words to you first and greet these sirs.”

“Un.” Ambassador Hakanin nodded. He took the metal box in front of Russells group of three and when he was about to press the button, he was suddenly surprised, “Kennard, this place is still far away from New Moon Town, there shouldnt be a signal here, right”

Kennard gave an inviting gesture with a smile.,

Ambassador Hakanin doubtfully pressed the button and after hesitating a bit, he spoke into the metal box, “Hello Is this chairman Xu I am Hakanin, can you hear me”

There the clear and bright laughter of a young man that came from the metal box.

“Ha, ha, ambassador Hakanin, hello, I am Xu Yi. Welcome to the Stantine Duchy again. I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in warmly welcoming you and sir Russells group.”

Ambasador Hakanin had a bit of surprise in his eyes as he looked in the direction of New Moon Town in the west.

New Moon Town was at least over thirty kilometers from here. Xu Yi had told him before that the Magic Communicators the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed only had a range of four thousand meters at most.

Why was he able to have a conversation with Xu Yi

Could it be that Xu Yi lied to him before Or was it Xu Yi was actually nearby and Kennard was lying to him

Compared to the surprise of ambassador Hakanin, Russells group was completely shocked.

When they saw Kennard take out this normal looking metal box and say that Xu Yi wanted to talk to Hakanin, they were filled with doubt. But after hearing a voice come from the metal box and talk to Hakanin, the three of them couldnt help revealing looks of disbelief.

What was this metal box, it was actually this amazing!

Sir Russell thought for a bit before coming forward to reach his hand out to ambassador Hakanin.

Ambassador Hakanin understood and respectfully gave him the Magic Communicator in his hand, then he showed him how to talk into the Magic Communicator.

Sir Russell looked at the Magic Communicator and after pausing, he hesitantly said, “Hello, is this the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu I am the Candra Empires royal fleets deputy chief of staff Remito Russell. This is our first time meeting….first time talking, I am very happy to meet you.”

The same voice came from the Magic Communicator again.

“Hello sir Russell, I am Xu Yi. With my status as the chairman, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in warmly welcoming you. I have already dispatched our companys CEO Kennard to meet you. Please follow him to New Moon Town, I have already prepared a delicious meal and Im looking forward to having lunch with you.”

Russell nodded, “Good, Ill be there soon.”

“Alright, I look forward to meeting you and ambassador Hakanin.”

When Xu Yis voice fell, there was a red glow that appeared on the Magic Communicator before it fell silent.

Russell looked at the Magic Communicator in his hand before looking back at Kennard. After hesitating a bit, he gave the Magic Communicator back.

But Kennard didnt reach out to take it, rather he said with a smile, “Sir Russell, this Magic Communicator is our first small gift for you. With this Magic Communicator, you can talk to sir chairman at any time in the nearby area. I think that in the next few days, this will make it much easier for you. As for how you can use it, you can ask ambassador Hakanin about this.”

“Is that so” Russell hesitated a bit, but he didnt reject it and tossed the Magic Communicator to his follower on the right.

Ambassador Hakanin looked at the two followers carefully holding the Magic Communicator with curious looks and he couldnt help laughing in his heart.

Hei, these two hicks from the Candra Empire.-

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