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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 73 - Elf town

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When this statement was made, it received varying responses.

The people who agreed felt that King Teruc was completely right. Since the humans already controlled the continent, they should be more tolerant and give the other races space to exist, allowing everyone to coexist.

The people who opposed felt that other than their race, there was no need to show compassion.

Even if the humans were good to the other races, the other races might not want to coexist with the humans.

When the elves ruled the continent, although they didnt kill all other races, they werent that friendly with them either. At least when the humans emerged, the elves had tried to suppress them.

If it wasnt for the humans developing quickly and taking control of the continent through the race wars, no one would know how it would have turned out.

But no matter which side it was, it couldnt affect King Terucs decision.

The Rudson Kingdom had set up a special elf zone in their southwest province, which was a chance for many normal people.

The elves rarely appeared in the human world before, many places that had news of the appearance of elves were only just rumours.

With the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the elves had begun working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the humans, confirming that they had not disappeared and were still active. The first reaction that most people had was not fear, but rather pleasant surprise.

The elves had so few members and the humans had controlled the continent for several thousand years, would they still be afraid of the elves fighting back

So humans felt more curiosity towards the elves.

When Agnes had first appeared in Banta City, she had created a stir because of this curiosity.

Now that the Rudson Kingdom was announcing they were creating a special elf zone, most humans found this quite novel. They werent like the humans who were against this, thinking that this was a danger for humans.

In the end, if elves were so strong, they wouldnt have had control of the continent taken from them by the humans, right


Because the weather in the south of the Rudson Kingdom was similar to that of the Stantine Duchy, even if it wasnt as warm as the Stantine Duchy since the elevation was a bit higher, it didnt feel like the beginning of winter at the start of November like other places on the continent. It was maintained at a mild and comfortable temperature.

With this climate, naturally the effectiveness of the workers was at its highest.

In just half a month, the special elf zone in the southwest province of the Rudson Kingdom had a bunch of houses built. If one looked at it, it was a bunch of houses that sprouted out of the ground.

If one looked carefully, they would see that the style of these houses were different from the houses that humans built.

Because these houses were built by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce according to the blueprints of the Azshara Tribe. They were houses built for elves to live in, so they had the style of the elves.

After the Rudson Kingdom announced that this would become a special elf zone, elder Undine had contacted the Amrit Chamber of Commerce through Xu Yi, inviting them to build houses here for the Azshara Tribe.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce didnt know why the Azshara Tribe was willing to do this, but Xu Yi knew elder Undines intentions through his private conversations with her.

Just like the Night Song Tribes elder Illusia and the Moon Shadow Tribes elder Lisanya, elder Undine also supported cooperating with humans. So through this contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Rudson Kingdom, they finally obtained a piece of land that belonged to the elves.

But different from the approach of elders Illusia and Lisanya, elder Undine clearly didnt want to put the fate of the Azshara Tribe in the hands of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even if they had a close cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, elder Undine had her own plans.

The reason why they had the Amrit Chamber of Commerce build these houses that had the rarely seen elven style was to display the attitude of the elves, which was that they were planning on facing the humans.

After these houses had been built, there were a total of over eight hundred of them, which could allow over two thousand elves to move in.

This scale was just like a small town among the humans.

Thats right, this place would become a town, a special elf town.

“Elder Undine, if you really plan on gradually building an elven city here one day, just having enough houses isnt enough.” The Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Cruise looked at the busy workers in the distance before turning to say to elder Undine, “For a complete city, other than residents, it needs various stores, restaurants, public facilities, a police forces, and the most important thing of all, it needs a place for its residents to work like workshops or factories.”

Elder Undine nodded with a faint smile, “I understand. When I talked to chairman Xu, he had mentioned this before. According to the agreement with chairman Xu, our Azshara Tribe will work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build two magic machine factories outside the city.”

“Magic machine factories” Chairman Cruise looked at elder Undine in surprise.

He wasnt surprised that elder Undine was cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and he wasnt surprised they were investing in a magic machine workshop together.

But as it stood, wouldnt this place that belonged to the elves be filled with the feeling of the humans. Would this go against elder Undines wish to turn this place to a territory that belonged to the elves

Elder Undine looked at chairman Cruise and could guess his thoughts. She said with a smile, “These two factories from the manager to the workers will all come from our tribe, there wont be any humans.”

“Oh……” Chairman Cruise gave a nod. He thought about the plastic processing factory of the Night Song Tribe and the fertilizer factory of the Moon Shadow Tribe, although they were controlled by the elves, there wasnt a lack of humans in them.

This elder Undine, she seemed more thorough than the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Of course, this wasnt related to him. What he cared about was constructing those two factories.

“Of course, when we build those two factories, we will give priority to your Amrit Chamber of Commerce. After all, when it comes to this, your Amrit Chamber of Commerce has a rich wealth of experience, right”

Elder Undines words and the smile made chairman Cruise feel assured.

Chairman Cruise gave a laugh and patted his chest as he confidently said, “Please be assured, esteemed elder. Our Amrit Chamber of Commerce not only has experience building various factories, we even have rich experience building entire cities. If youre willing to trust us, I can promise that you will be satisfied with how this Azshara City will look in the end.”

Elder Undine nodded with a faint smile, not saying anything else.

They still hadnt finished the town yet, it was too early to discuss an entire city.

Of course, she didnt deny the words of chairman Cruise.

The current Banta City was the benchmark for cities in the surrounding countries and although the changes had come from Xu Yis plans, the ones who had built it were the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. So chairman Cruise saying that they had rich experience building a city wasnt boasting at all.

The two discussed the construction of the houses for a bit longer. Xu Yi and Agnes were walking around inspecting the work site in the distance.

Xu Yi had come to discuss the next step of cooperation with elder Undine and Agnes had come along to represent the will of the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Elder Illusia and elder Lisanya were both happy and supported the Azshara Tribes decision of being willing to enter human society and work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They had Agnes represent the two tribes to come here not only to show support for the Azshara Tribe which was also a tribe of elves, but because Agnes was one of Xu Yis wives, which indicated their support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

To put it simply, Agnes had become the tie between the elves and Xu Yi, playing part of the role that elder Illusia and elder Lisanya had wanted her to play.

Seeing the two approach, elder Undines eyes fell onto Agnes stomach. After stopping for a bit, she turned back to Xu Yi and revealed a smile with a deep meaning.

“Chairman Xu, although humans and elves have begun cooperating, there is a difference of race, so it isnt easy to give birth to a half elf. If you dont mind, our tribe has some materials on this which you can study. It might be helpful for you and Agnes.”

Xu Yis face turned red and he couldnt help coughing.

Since elder Illusia and elder Lisanya decided to give Agnes to Xu Yi, it had already been a year. Although Xu Yi had resisted it a bit before, after living with Agnes and Still not opposing this at all, with the various sources of pressure, Xu Yi had eventually become one with Agnes.

It had already been six months since their first time, but Agnes hasnt shown any reactions at all. It made Xu Yi suspect that the physiology of humans and elves were different, so there might be some problems in this aspect.

Now that elder Undine suddenly raised this point, even if Xu Yi was a bit embarrassed, he still nodded and expressed his gratitude to elder Undine.

“Alright, elder Undine, being able to have a child with Agnes is also my hope, so I thank you for your help. I will definitely look over them.”

Elder Undine looked at Agnes on the side who was blushing and she was surprised.

Elves and humans were of different races and in a normal situation, Agnes shouldnt be blushing from this. Now that she had displayed this reaction, it showed that she was already thinking like the humans.

Based on this, it showed how much influence this human Xu Yi had on her.

Thinking of when she met elder Illusia and elder Lisanya, of how those two elders had praised Xu Yi, elder Undine suddenly gave a sigh.

“Chairman Xu, the child between you and Agnes might be the first half elf that would be accepted by both sides.”-

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