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Naturally Xu Yi hoped the Magic Illusion Projector could be sold as soon as it was launched, becoming popular with everyone. It would be the same as television from earth, changing the entertainment method of the Sines Continent, making the lives of the people more colourful.

But the fact was that it was clearly impossible.

First, although the Magic Illusion Projector had been developed, it still couldnt be mass produced. The cost of it wasnt controlled well right now, so a Magic Illusion Projector like the one at the product announcement had a high cost of seventy gold coins.

For one like the Frestech Chamber of Commerces that had a high quality image that could display a 360 degree image that was like the person was in front of you, it had a very high performance value, so the price was set for a shocking one hundred and fifty gold coins.

With this exaggerated price, naturally it was not something that a normal family could afford.

Even if the economy of the Lampuri Kingdom had developed and many familys incomes have increased, spending a hundred and fifty gold coins from this Magic Illusion Projector didnt seem right.

So after Xu Yi announced the price at the product release, this Magic illusion Projector was like all the other products announced, it wasnt immediately sold in large quantities. Only a few nobles and large merchants showed their interest in buying it.

Other than the price, the most important reason why his Magic Illusion Projector wasnt sold in large quantities was because Xu Yi and Still didnt want to do so.

The reason was very simple, the Magic Illusion Projector wasnt hard to make, but there was a high requirement in making shows.

This was the first time this method of broadcasting had appeared on the Sines Continent, so they lacked talented people in this area. Xu Yi through his experience on earth and various experiments decided that the first show would be a documentary film, producing The Daily Life of the New Moon Troupe.

But to produce this documentary that was only forty minutes long, they had spent a month preparing.

The beastmen girls of the New Moon Troupe had experience performing in front of people, but this was their first time participating in this kind of program, so they didnt know what to do.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi telling them many times to act normally, doing what they should do, the film would have been very bad in the end.

To reach the level of rich programming that was on earth, it would be a long path to take.

But no matter what, the success of filming this documentary was very important to Xu Yi.

Because with the Illusion Array that he obtained from the Azshara Tribe, the Sines Continent would have a method of entertainment that would be like earth. It would let this world become closer to earth.

At the same time, although these Magic Illusion Projectors werent open for sales at this product release, it did achieve two good results.

First, it allowed many people to recognize the beastmen girls of the New Moon Troupe through this documentary.

After the product announcement, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce arranged for a Magic Illusion Projector to be installed on the most luxurious road of the new part of Banta City. It would be broadcasting the first episode of The Daily Life of the New Moon Troupe everyday once in a while.

Through this film, the people of Banta City became more familiar with the beastmen girls of the New Moon Troupe and they quickly became more famous in Banta City.

According to Stills plan, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce would install the same Magic Illusion Projector in Anvilmar City and the other cities of the Lampuri Kingdom, showing the same documentary. They would let everyone in the Lampuri Kingdom learn more about the New Moon Troupe.

Other than the second episode of The Daily Life of the New Moon Troupe that was currently being filmed, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce would also film some dramas as per Xu Yis suggestion like on earth. They would also broadcast them through this Magic Illusion Projector.

According to the model Xu Yi proposed, only the first few episodes of these dramas would be broadcasted. If they wanted to keep watching it, they would have to buy a ticket to watch it in the theaters or they would have to buy a Magic Illusion Projector and the corresponding Magic Array for the film to watch at home.

Of course, as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research into these Magic Illusion Projectors deepened, Xu Yis final goal was to develop some smaller Magic Illusion Projectors and greatly decrease the cost of production, allowing most families to buy one.

But if he had to compare it, this Magic Illusion Projectors function wasnt like television, it was more like VCR.

As for the tapes, they were the Magic Arrays that contained the films.

Second, it allowed them to deepen their cooperation with the Azshara Tribe.

This Illusion Array came from the Azshara Tribe, so when developing this Magic Illusion Projector, Xu Yi didnt kick the Azshara Tribe aside and took the initiative to propose this cooperation to elder Undine.

Finally, according to their discussion, elder Undine would send out five Azshara Tribe elves and two of them would join the magic research facility, focusing on studying the Illusion Array. The other three would join the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, helping with the work related to the Magic Illusion Projector.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce signed agreements with the Azshara Tribe.

According to the contracts, as long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold one Magic Illusion Projector, they would give the Azshara Tribe a royalty of one gold coin.

Each time the New Moon Chamber of Commerce profited from the Illusion Array, they would give the Azshara Tribe 5% of the income.

Elder Undine didnt think that much when she taught this Magic Array to Still, but she never thought that the Azshara Tribe would actually profit from this Illusion Array.

But she didnt reject this income.

As the elder of the Azshara Tribe, how could she not see that Xu Yi wanted to deepen their relationship with this.

This suited her intentions, so how could she reject it

Of course, the main cooperation between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Azshara Tribe was not this, but in the Rudson Kingdom.

At the end of October, the Stantine Duchy constructed another road in the south that led to the Rudson Kingdom.

This road would go through the cliffs on the border between the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom. It would be an important connection between the north and south borders of the Rudson Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy respectively.

It was the same as the Stru Road that connected the Moon Shadow Tribe in the north. The Stru Road in the south would also connect to an elf tribe, but it was the Azshara Tribe in the Rudson Kingdom.

Because of this road, the Azshara Tribe was revealed to everyone.

The people of the Rudson Kingdom finally realized that there were elves in their kingdom and it was a very ancient tribe, with quite a few elves.

This discovery made the people of the Rudson Kingdom excited for a long time. There were even many people who came from afar just to take a look at the Azshara Tribe.

But it was a pity that even if elder Undine decided to reveal the Azshara Tribe to the humans, that didnt mean that they would be opening the entire Azshara Tribe to the humans.

The humans that came to the Azshara Tribes Illusion Array could only see vague images, but they couldnt see what was inside.

Shortly after the news of the Azshara Tribe had spread across the Rudson Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom had announced that the five hundred kilometer area around the Azshara Tribe would become a special elf region. Other than those permitted by the Azshara Tribe, others couldnt enter freely.

When this news was announced, it immediately created a stir.

This was the domain of humans, why did they need to set up a special area for the elves

It wasnt like before the race wars where the elves ruled the continent, did the humans need to make concessions to the elves

The Rudson Kingdom gave an explanation to this matter later.

The Rudson Kingdom side indicated that since several thousand years had passed since the race wars, humans already controlled the Sines Continent and the elves had become a rare race.

Since it was like this, why couldnt they give the elves some space and let them live in harmony with the humans

In the explanation, King Teruc had asked a question on behalf of the Rudson Kingdom.

“Since the race wars, there havent been dragons and the winged race on the continent. Halflings had become legends and although elves could still be seen from time to time, there werent that many of them left. If this continued, not mentioning the elves disappearing, perhaps even the beastmen and dwarves would disappear.”

“The humans ruling the continent is good, but do you want to see only humans left in this world This kind of continent is lonely because we cant find any other intelligent races other than ourselves.”

“Since we already control the continent, why cant we be more tolerant and give the other races some space to live When the elves controlled the continent and long before when the winged race controlled the continent, they didnt kill all other races. Since they did this, why cant we as humans do this”

“We need to show all the other races that we humans are a tolerant race, a magnanimous race that can coexist with all other races.”-

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