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The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdoms investment situation had many shortcomings in Xu Yis eyes, but the most important one was the traffic problem.

Not to mention the Lampuri Kingdom that had roads that connected all the cities and all the towns together, even the Rudson Kingdom, the Drake Duchy, and the surrounding countries that only had a few main roads wasnt something the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom could compare to. The traffic situation in the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom was actually worse than most countries of the Sines Kingdom.

The reason was that they were in the southeast corner of the continent. The climate was hot and damp all year round and the land was covered in forests, while there was plenty of rain. It caused the earth to be quite soft and wasnt good for transportation.

Although the thirteen companies including the Huayue Chamber of Commerce used their powerful finances to build several stone and soil roads across the kingdom, these werent that good to begin with. Also, because it was hard to maintain it in this climate, they really werent that much better.

Not to mention that to Xu Yi, the longest road was only two hundred kilometers long and five meters wide, which meant that it couldnt handle the task of transportation at all.

So the first issue that he had for Gaza was hoping that the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom could solve this problem.

Gaza wasnt surprised by the issue that Xu Yi raised, but he was helpless.

When he went looking for vice chairman Riley, he wanted to contact the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and have them come to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom to build roads.

When Gaza had gone to the Mirando Duchy last year because of a business trip and experienced the benefits the roads had brought to the Mirando Duchy, he had been moved by this strange new thing.

If the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom could also have these cement roads, it meant that they wouldnt need to be worried by their transportation situation.

As a qualified merchant, Gaza was clear on how important proper transport was to a company.

So after finding vice chairman Riley, he had promised that wide plan to him, but he wasnt surprised that he was rejected by vice chairman Riley.

What a joke!

Building a road that connected the continents west and east coasts How could that be a problem a trivial Amrit Chamber of Commerce and a Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom could solve

Not to mention that they had to avoid the giant Candra Empire. They didnt even have the ability to solve the most basic problem of funding.

Gaza had then taken a step back, hoping that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce could enter the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom to build roads, helping them solve their transportation problem.

But after the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had considered it, they had rejected this proposal.

In the end, the main business of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was in the Lampuri Kingdom and it was over five thousand kilometers away from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

This distance with the current technological level of the Sines Continent was a distance that couldnt be touched.

Even if the Amrit Chamber of Commerce could bring their workers and their magic machines to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, it would be very hard to transport the most important materials needed in paving these roads.

A distance of over five thousand kilometers, the cost to transport any goods would reach a point that people would be unable to accept.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce had explained the costs in detail to Gaza and Gaza had to admit that their worries were correct.

But now that Xu Yi had finally come to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, the first problem he raised was the transport problem.

This made Gaza very helpless.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce wasnt willing to help even if they wanted to solve this problem.

To invite the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest and let the thirteen companies enter the magic machine industry, Xu Yi had raised strict conditions on the transport problem.

This was a road to death.

On the contrary, Xu Yi had relaxed look after expressing his problems with the road situation.

After looking at Gaza with a smile for a bit, Xu Yi suddenly said, “Chairman Gaza, it isnt actually that hard to solve this problem. You just need to build a deep sea harbour first.”

Gaza was stunned, “Deep sea harbour How is this related”

“Of course it is.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Without a proper deep sea harbour, how could our companys large scale transport ships bring goods over”

Gaza was stunned before his eyes trembled.

“Chairman Xu, you…..Youre saying…..your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is really willing to invest”

“Yes, Im very interested in investing here, otherwise why do you think I would come all the way here” Xu Yi asked back.

Gaza couldnt help nodding.

Yes, to come from the Stantine Duchy where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was, that was over five thousand kilometers.

Even if Xu Yi had reduced the time by riding his Magic Airship here, it still wasnt a distance that was easily traveled.

Xu Yi personally coming here was already enough to show his sincerity and determination.

“Before coming here, Ive talked to the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Cruise.” Xu Yi continued, “I am very clear on the Amrit Chamber of Commerces worries. After all, to lay a road in a place that is several thousand kilometers away, there are many problems, but Ive thought of a plan that can satisfy everyone after discussing this with chairman Cruise.”

Hearing the words coming from Xu Yi, Gazas voice couldnt help trembling as he asked with an expectant look, “May I ask what those plans are”

“Chairman Gaza, I said it just now, Im most dissatisfied with the transportation problem here, so I have to solve this critical problem before investing here. Ive already discussed this with chairman Cruise and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will first build several material factories for materials needed to pave roads here and produce those materials. It will save quite a bit of time and cost.”

Gaza silently thought about it before understanding Xu Yis plan and he revealed a look of praise.

“Chairman Xu, this is the most perfect plan. I am very happy that you are willing to consider our kingdom.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Ive already said it, I dont like wasting time and energy. Since Im already here, I will definitely finish this matter. Because of the various requirements of materials and personnel to build these factories, as well as having to go through several countries which includes the Candra Empire, it is very inconvenient. So Ive decided to use the more convenient sea transport, bringing the materials and personnel over by sea.”

“Sea transport” Gaza thought for a bit before thinking of something, “Chairman Xu, you should be talking about the three giant iron sea boats that your company has, right They…..Can they traverse over five thousand kilometers of sea and come here from the Stantine Duchy”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Gaza, you dont need to worry about this. I am only making a request to you to build a suitable harbour for the giant Magic Ships as soon as possible. Can you do this”

Gaza couldnt help giving a soft snort, “Chairman Xu, we cant compare to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce when it comes to magic machines, but theres no problem in other aspects. Its just a harbour, theres no need to discuss it with the kingdom, just our Huayue Chamber of Commerce can solve this problem.”

“Good.” Xu Yi nodded, “The day this harbour is built is the first day well officially start our cooperation.”

Gaza gave a nod with a serious expression.

Building a harbour wasnt hard for the Huayue Chamber of Commerce, but he had a bit of doubt towards Xu Yis seemingly perfect plan.

Not mentioning anything else, just relying on marine transport to send all these people and resources over didnt seem reliable to him.

The endless seas were filled with endless dangers. Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had transported goods from the Stantine Duchy to the Rudson Kingdom before, that was only less than two thousand kilometers.

There was over five thousand kilometers in a straight line from here to the Stantine Dcuhy and while traveling on the seas was shorter than on land, it still would be over six thousand kilometers.

With this terrifying distance, it was too hard to guarantee that no accidents would happen along the way.

However, seeing the confident smile that Xu YI had, how could Gaza say these disheartening words.

Anyway, he just needed to invest in a large harbour, which was at most several hundred thousand gold coins.

The remaining hard part would all be solved by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of this, Gaza was a bit curious.

Even if his heart was filled with hope, he was clear that the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom was just too far away from the Stantine Duchy. Adding in the normal environment, there shouldnt have been anything too attractive for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But Xu Yi not only agreed to his invitation, he even personally came here and announced this large plan to him.

No matter how he looked at it, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom shouldnt be worth this much.

“Chairman Gaza, since weve finished discussing the preliminary plans, we should discuss the details of our cooperation.” Xu Yi continued, “The large transport Magic Boats of our company will be coming a long way here, so naturally we cant go back empty handed. Well be taking a few things from your place, that is the attitude that a merchant should have, dont you think”

Seeing the smile on Xu Yis face, Gaza quickly suppressed the chaotic thoughts in his mind.

Because he was clear that Xu Yi was finally talking about the most important problem.

Xu Yi wasnt a philanthropist and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt come all the way to the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom for nothing.

As a merchant, getting what he needed from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom was a normal thing.

But Gaza didnt know what Xu Yi needed, would it be something that the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom be unable to afford-

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