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Xu Yi looked over and he couldnt help saying with a smile, “Hey, Vivian, just come in if you want, why are you acting so sneaky”

There was a soft laugh that came from outside the door before Vivian appeared. She first gave Xu Yi a naughty smile before waving with her left hand.

“Come in, dont hide, master can see you.”

“Un” Xu Yi looked at Vivian in surprise, “Is there someone else hiding”

Vivian pulled with her hand and a figure that was even more delicate than her came out from behind the door.

Xu Yi was a bit confused, “Teresa, youre also here What is it Do you need something from me”

Teresa looked at Xu Yi and after gritting her teeth, she followed Vivian in.

The two stood in front of Xu Yi, but Teresa was silent for a while without saying a thing.

Vivian on the side couldnt help urging her, “Hey, Teresa, quickly say it. Master is now…..”

Xu Yi couldnt help knit his brows as he suddenly said, “Vivian, Ive already said it many times, youre not allowed to call me master anymore, alright Your status as a slave was revoked last month already.”

Vivian stuck out her tongue before saying with a smile, “Im used to it. Then again, calling you sir chairman makes me feel……the distance between you and me is further away.”

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head, “This is unrelated to what you call me. Youve already been here for many years, could it be that I wont treat you as part of the family because you changed the way you addressed me”

Vivian tilted her head to think before coming to Xu Yis side. She took Xu Yis arm and swayed before saying, “Just let me call you master a few more times, Ive never felt it was that uncomfortable.”

“Do what you like.” Xu Yi helplessly rolled his eyes before turning back to Teresa, “Alright, Teresa, just tell me if you need something. Youve also been here for several years, so you should know that I dont like people being hesitant. Its better to be more direct.”

Teresa gave a soft response before hesitating a bit and then saying in a soft voice, “Sir chairman, I want…..I want to join the military magic machine department. Will…..you permit it”

“Oh Why” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows as he asked this.

Teresa bit her lip before saying in a low voice, “Sir chairman, do you still remember the matter I mentioned last time”

“Last time” Xu Yi thought about it before reacting. He understood that last time meant when Teresa had told him about her identity.

Teresa had always treated this matter as a large secret, but now she was mentioning it in front of Vivian, it really was a bit strange.

Xu Yi turned to look over at Vivian. He found that she had a curious look the entire time as she kept turning between Xu Yi and Vivian, clearly not understanding what was going on.

“Ke, I remember. How is this related to you wanting to join the military magic machine department” Xu Yi kept asking.

Teresa took a deep breath. She calmed her slightly excited expression and said with a serious look, “Because I want to use my own power to contribute to defeating the Sack Kingdom!”

The curiosity on Vivians face deepened and when she wanted to ask, Xu Yi raised a hand to stop her.

Xu Yi looked at Teresa for a while and seeing how calm and determined she looked, he knew that she had made her decision this time.

After a bit of silence, Xu Yi gave a slow nod, “Alright, since you have made this decision, then I will help you. But I can only give you a recommendation as the chairman, whether you can enter the military magic machine department will depend on the approval of chief Evita. You can just hand in a normal application to her.”

There was a happy look that appeared on Teresas face as she gave a strong nod before giving a deep bow to Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, thank you!”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “Alright, go back and prepare, I will find some time to raise this matter to Evita.”

Teresa gave Xu Yi another bow before looking at Vivian.

Vivian hesitated a bit before standing up to give Xu Yi a bow. Then these two girls headed off holding hands.

Watching Teresa head out the door, Xu Yi suddenly had a playful smile appear on his face.

“Hey, she couldnt take it in the end”


Although if they counted it seriously, the large and medium transport Magic Cars cost quite a bit more than the Magic Sedans, if one calculated it by sales volume, the transport Magic Cars sold more than ten times the amount compared to the Magic Sedan.

Just in May of this year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold a terrifying five hundred thousand units.

Although the large transport Magic Car had only been out on the market for two months, it still sold two hundred thousand units, coming close to matching the medium transport Magic Cars.

Moreover, the large transport Magic Cars sales volume growth had gradually surpassed that of the medium transport Magic Cars. According to this trend, by the end of the year, it would surpass the sales volume of the medium transport Magic Cars and would become the main force on the roads of the surrounding countries.

Of course, compared to the most popular small transport Magic Car, the sales volume of the large and medium transport Magic Cars were completely dwarved.

The small transport Magic Car was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces most stable product. It was as small as the Magic Sedan, but it could be used to transport cargo.

Compared to the Magic Sedan aimed at the high end market selling for over a thousand gold coins for one, the small transport Magic Car had a much lower price. It only cost around five to six hundred gold coins to buy one.

Although this price wasnt considered low, for the ordinary households that had been affected by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and became richer, this was not a price that was out of reach.

For example, many of the workers in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or at the other magic machine companies would have a monthly salary of over twenty gold coins.

In a year, their annual income was over two hundred gold coins.

Adding in the other members of their family, it wouldnt be hard to buy a small transport Magic Car after a year.

Moreover, compared to the Magic Sedan that could seat people, the small transport Magic Car other than seating four people also had a space for cargo. It was very suited for a family or to transport cargo in a short range.

So once the small transport Magic Car was released, it was greatly welcomed by everyone.

In the less than a year the small transport Magic Car had been released, it had already sold over a hundred thousand units in the surrounding countries.

Even if the profits of the small transport Magic Car couldnt compare to that of the Magic Sedan, with the large amount of sales, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned a terrifying eight million gold coins from it already.

Moreover, the sales volume growth surpassed that of the large transport Magic Car. According to Xu Yis estimate, it would soon be the main sales force for the Frestech Brand transport Magic Cars.

Among the customers that contributed to the sales, old man Sarkozy was one of them.

Driving in the Frestech Brand small transport Magic Car he had only bought last month, going at over seventy kilometers an hour on the road between the Mirando Duchy and the Norton Duchy, old man Sarkozy was feeling very good.

Since he started in the transport business three years ago, because he drove the medium transport Magic Car that he had bought three years ago, he couldnt go past fifty kilometers an hour. Therefore, old man Sarkozy had never experienced the pleasures of driving.

But when he received this small transport Magic Car a month ago, old man Sarkozy found that the small transport Magic Car was much more reactive and better to control than the medium transport Magic Car.

The most important thing was that the max speed of the small transport Magic Car could even reach eighty kilometers an hour. Once it reached full power, the excitement brought by the speed far surpassed the medium transport Magic Car that could only reach fifty kilometers an hour.

Of course, compared to the newly bought Magic Sedan he had at home, the comfort of the small transport Magic Car was far lacking.

It was a pity that because of his youngest sons wedding last month, old man Sarkozy had treated the newly bought Magic Sedan as a wedding gift for him.

Although his youngest son could show off at his wedding and his daughter in laws family all greeted old man Sarkozy with wide smiles, it caused his oldest and second oldest sons to say that he was biased.

Old man Sarkozy had scolded his sons, but once he was done with his youngest sons wedding, he continued his transporting work.

According to his plan, if he worked three more years, he should be able to earn enough to buy a Magic Sedan for his eldest and second eldest sons.

If he worked a bit harder, he could even buy one for himself. When he officially retired after reaching sixty five, he could drive that Magic Sedan and wander around with his wife.

When old man Sarkozy was dreaming about the future, the small transport Magic Car suddenly trembled and gave a large sound.

Old man Sarkozy was shocked before coming out of his daydream.

With his many years of experience, he could tell that when he was distracted, he must have driven over a stone or something.

After thinking of this, old man Sarkozy shook his head. He took out a leaf from the passenger seat beside him which he put in his mouth.

After chewing twice, there was a strong taste that filled his mouth that instantly shook his mind, allowing the scene in front of him to clear up.

This leaf was something that old man Sarkozy had used frequently in his years of transporting, it helped him shake his mind awake and was very suited for driving away the fatigue of driving.

But old man Sarkozy knew that this wouldnt last long. When he was tired, it was best to find a place to rest as soon as possible.

Looking down the road, he didnt find any signs causing old man Sarkozy to knit his brows. He then remembered that the road that he was driving on wasnt that developed at all. It was different from the roads in the Stantine Duchy which had many different service stations, this road in the Mirando Duchy wasnt fully paved, so the conditions would be without a doubt lacking.

He had ran into this situation a lot when he had first started, so old man Sarkozy wasnt worried. Looking at the situation of the road in front of him and the weather, he was prepared to find a space near the road to stop for a rest.

Since it was late spring, it was a little cold at night, but there shouldnt be a problem spending the night in his car.

However, when he passed the corner, old man Sarkozy was surprised to find that there was a tall sign in the road ahead of him.

There were familiar words on that sign.

Frestech Magic Refill Station.

Old man Sarkozys heart filled with joy. He stepped down on the petal and the small transport Magic Car quickly charged towards the newly built building by the sign.-

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