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Although winters arrival didnt affect the weather in the Stantine Duchy, the end of the year that was approaching did affect people a bit.

For example, the workers that came from outside the Stantine Duchy, a year before the New Years vacation, had started preparing to head home to celebrate.

Two years ago, the workers would all choose to ride the Fersen Transport Chamber of Commerces public transport lines in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base in the Stantine Duchy to head home.

Because the vehicles were limited and there was plenty of traffic, many people had to wait several days before they could leave. There were more people who just directly rode the transport Magic Cars to various places.

However, there was a good piece of news from the company when December came.

Sir chairman out of consideration of letting each worker go home easier, had reached a special agreement with the Fersen Transport Chamber of Commerce. Starting the middle of December, there would be special public transport Magic Cars that would go from the Stantine Duchy to various places, specially used to take the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers home.

Moreover, this was treated as a benefit for the workers. This meant that if the workers chose to take the public transport home, they didnt need to pay the fare, it would be paid by the company.

When this news spread, all the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers cheered.

Many workers talked about this in secret. They all felt happy about their decision in choosing to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they couldnt help laughing at those who caused trouble with the strike, in the end causing eighteen thousand workers to be fired at once.

“Ha, ha, those idiots. I already said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was much stronger and they had to cause trouble. Look at them now, they caused sir chairman to be angry and were chased out, how can they enjoy these benefits”

It didnt matter if these workers were engaging in schadenfreude, they were all very satisfied with the benefits the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly announced.

Because of this, the workers had been very enthusiastic during this time and the productivity of all the factories of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had increased, allowing them to complete several orders ahead of time.

“Ha, sir chairman, if we calculate it, our profits have increased by 13.7%, giving us profits of over seventy eight thousand gold coins. All we did was spend less than forty thousand gold coins on this benefit, so we earned quite a bit.” The financial manager Sebas looked at the financial report in his hand with an excited look.

“But it is only during this time. Once the workers return to normal, their level of productivity will also return to normal.” The household magic machine department manager Ankhto said.

Xu Yi sitting in the main seat waved his hand, “We implemented these benefits not to earn money, but to make it better for our workers. Therefore, earning more money is a good thing and its normal if we earn nothing. Compared to this, we should be studying how to make our workers more enthusiastic and increase our normal productivity.”

“This…..isnt too realistic.” Heinz sitting on Xu Yis right shook his head, “The enthusiasm of the workers can only last a few days, its impossible to maintain it for a long time.”

The other high level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the room nodded, feeling that Heinz was correct.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “The facts prove that the workers have the potential to work harder, but we havent found the method yet. As for how we should increase the enthusiasm of the workers and raise their efficiency, this requires people like you who manage the factories to think of ideas.”

Everyone revealed awkward looks, but they couldnt refute it as they knit their brows to think.

“Alright, well consider this later. Lets talk about the next topic.” Xu Yi gave a clap and interrupted everyones thoughts. He turned to look at Kennard and gave him a nod, “Kennard, lets have you first give us the work report of our company this year.”

Kennard agreed and stood up. He took the reports that he had already prepared and slowly spoke with a serious look on his face.

Based on the report of the CEO Kennard, they could see that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had maintained their shocking level of development.

In just a single year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started cooperating with five more countries and invested in seventeen large household magic machine factories in those five countries.

Adding in the sixty five household magic machine factories the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invested in with the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, and the Drake Duchy this year and the factories they built in the past two years, other than in the Stantine Duchy, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had one hundred and fifty four household magic machine factories which they owned or jointly owned.

These factories operated all year round, selling all the household magic machines they produced. Not only did it generate large profits for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it brought great benefits to the various countries.

The most important thing for those countries was that in the factories they built with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, most of the workers were local workers. It had solved the problem of employment for those countries.

With the existence of these factories, it also drove the economy of the surrounding areas and made the living conditions of the people there better.

In short, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a happy cooperation with these countries. Each country wanted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest even more and deepen their cooperation.

Speaking of this, Kennard paused to look at Xu Yi before continuing, “Sir chairman, there are many countries that want to cooperate beyond just the household magic machines. For example, the Lampuri Kingdom has always wanted to set up a military magic machine factory with us. The Rudson Kingdom is very interested in the production magic machines. The other smaller countries are interested in investing in various other magic machines and the Magic Cars.”

Xu Yi tapped his finger on the table a few times in thought before saying, “In my name, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to make an announcement. It is that our company will welcome others to discuss cooperation with others in terms of production magic machines and other magic machines.”

Kennard and the others looked at each other before nodding.

Xu Yi already had this idea, so taking this chance to make this plan wasnt something they were surprised by.

One could imagine after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced this, there would be countless merchants from various countries swarming here.

Countless people already drooled over the various other magic machines and now that Xu Yi had finally agreed, they would definitely seize this chance.

“What about the military magic machines” Kennard asked.

“The timing isnt right, theres no need to mention this.” Xu Yi casually said.

“Un.” Kennard nodded and didnt pursue this matter, continuing with the report.

After talking about their cooperation with the various countries, it was time to talk about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces situation.

Right now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had moved their household magic machine factories to the various other countries, so their main base only had their development institutions.

Other than this, the main production of the base was concentrated on production magic machines and military magic machines.

The most important thing was developing new magic machines.

When Kennard reach this point, it was time for the magic research facilitys chief Evita and the magic machine development centers manager Camby to report.

The reports of these two were very simple, they just introduced the breakthroughs the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had made this year.

Compared to a few years ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have that many breakthroughs and when it came to the new products, they had only finished the Magic IFVs.

The various other projects were focused on improving their previous projects. There were many people who were already questioning if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could even develop new magic machines.

Xu Yi gave a snort at these doubts.

“Less new products being developed means that our Frestech Chamber of Commerces research into magic machines has reached a new level, which means that the magic machines are even more complicated now. Naturally it would be harder for us to develop a new product. For example, we mainly focused on developing the Magic Boats this year. For such a large ship, if it was developed in just a year or even a few months, it would sink before it even left the dock!”

Everyone in the conference room revealed smiles.

With the appearance of the three giant transport Magic Ships, it didnt just subvert the ideas of others on ships. Even for these Frestech Chamber of Commerce insiders, when they saw the three giant Magic Ships being finished, they also found it a bit unbelievable.

Such large ships, they never would have even been able to dream about them before.

But these three ships had gone from the Stantine Duchy to the Rudson Kingdoms Nissi City. They had navigated over five thousand kilometers and had spent less than a month, which had shocked everyone.

It could be said that with the appearance of these three large transport Magic Ships, they had even subverted the definition of sea transport on the Sines Continent.

For things that had such shocking abilities, how could it be developed that casually

“Chairman, actually if you request us to develop several of these new magic machines each year, it isnt like we cant do it.” Camby said in an unwilling voice.

Xu Yi laughed, “If you dont delay the progress of our main projects, you can develop small things in your free time. Naturally, if you delay our main projects, you cant blame me for causing trouble with you.”

Camby scratched his head, “Then you just need to decide on each years main project then.”

“This was what I was about to talk about. Ive already decided what this years main research project will be.”

Evita and Cambr immediately focused as they stared at Xu Yi.-

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