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After sending Heinz off, Xu Yi took several documents in his hand before looking out the window. After thinking about it, he drove his Magic Sedan off towards the shipyard.

When he came close, there was a deafening bellow that came from the sea.

Turning to look, he saw a burst of water coming from the sea that reached ten meters.

The sun was shining down from the west and as the water fell down from the sky, splashing everywhere, it created beautiful rainbows with the sun shining down and looked very beautiful.

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look over where the column of water had fallen before turning his head again. His eyes went out five hundred meters into the sea, stopping at a thirty meter long and five to six meter boat that was like a sharp medium Magic Boat that was like the Magic Speed Boat, but several times bigger.

When he looked over, there was a blue light that appeared on the medium Magic Boat. There were black dots with bits of red light that were shot nout, creating long parabolas in the air before landing in the sea five hundred meters away.


With another loud sound, the sea that had just become calm again had ten meters tall waves. These giant waves came from the center of the explosion, pushing away the rotten wooden boats that were more than ten meters away.

Seeing that the rotten wooden boat was still intact, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head.

The target was still in perfect condition, this was just too disappointing.

Looking at the medium Magic Boat in the distance, Xu Yi gathered his magic and disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he appeared out of thin air on the deck of the medium Magic Boat that was over a thousand meters away.

Lumi on the deck was the first one to react. She turned to see Xu Yi appearing out of thin air and immediately revealed a smile like a happy little girl.

“Hey, chairman, how do you have free time today”

“I had nothing to do, so I wanted to see your progress.” Xu Yi replied before greeting the others who came over after hearing Lumis greeting, “How is it Is there any progress I saw that the wooden boat being used as the target was still quite good.”

Hearing this, everyone including Lumi looked at each other before revealing embarrassed looks.

“This……” The dwarf engineer Bordeau who was in charge of the ship based Magic Rockets scratched his head and awkwardly replied, “Sir chairman, we arent progressing that well. Weve already been testing for three days and until now……Other than captain Furio, no one else has hit it……”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at the elf Frestech Chamber of Commerce guard captain Furio standing on the deck like a tree, “Furio, why can you hit it and the others cant”

Furio replied without any expression, “Because we elves are naturally more skilled at shooting compared to you all.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi looked at the others on the deck and found that there was another elf on deck before pointing at him and asking, “Then why didnt Yldan get a hit”

Furio calmly looked at Yldan, “Yldan is a researcher now and not a warrior, his talent has already wasted away.”

Ylday gave a cough as he revealed an awkward look.

“Alright, I admit that Furio, youre more talented compared to others when it comes to shooting, but what we need to know now is which part of your talent are you talking about This means that what are you using to hit Why cant the others hit” Xu Yi asked.

Furio slightly knit his brows to think before replying, “I think…..its mainly because the eyes of us elves are better than the other races. Then its because we elven warriors use bows, so we can make adjustments for the flight of the arrow. Un…..I didnt actually hit for my first few shots, but after a few times and learning how it works, I could hit with the next few shots.”

Xu Yi turned to look at Bordeau and said with knitted brows, “Since Furio had already found the pattern, why didnt you consult with him and change your experiments”

Bordeau helplessly spread his hands, “Sir chairman, that is their talent as elves, theres nothing to replace it.”

“No, I dont think so.” Xu Yi shook his head, “When it comes to the vision of the elves, you can try installing telescopes on the Magic Cannon to solve that problem. As for the pattern that Furio talked about, did you forget what I said before The so-called pattern is just testing with data.”

Bordeaus expression suddenly changed, “Sir chairman, you mean……Furio and us should keep firing and then fine tune the shots with the data”

“Nonsense!” Xu YI snappily said, “Could it be that working for this long, you dont even know about this”

Bordeau touched his head and mumbled, “This is our first time developing the Magic Cannon, we arent skilled enough yet……”

“Then just become as skilled as you can!” Xu Yi glared at him. He left him and the other researchers to study the Magic Cannon with Furio as he pulled Lumi to the side.

“Hey, Lumi, how have you been at the shipyard these days” Xu Yi asked.

“Very good.” Lumi replied with a smile, “Everyone is very good to me and there are many people to discuss magic machines with, so Im very happy.”

“Is that so Then thats good.” Xu Yi nodded, “But youre the only halfling here, wont you be lonely”

There was a sad look that flashed on Lumis face as she lowered her head.

“There are times that I do feel lonely, but Im already used to it after a hundred years.”

Then she became spirited again.

“But it doesnt matter! After being at this shipyard for this long, Im certain that we will definitely be able to make the sea voyaging Magic Ship! When the time comes, I will sail that Magic Ship to the other continent and I can see my clansmen!”

“He, he, that will be at least several years. Before this, have you thought of the possibility of seeing your clansmen ahead of time” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Un What do you mean”

“Lumi, last time you said that the last news on your clansmen was from two thousand years ago when they left the Sines Continent, is that right”

“Its like this, what about it”

“But during this time, Ive read in many books that after the halfling race migrated two thousand years ago, there were scattered rumours about seeing halflings. Although they were just rumours and there was no evidence, after personally seeing you and finding out about your existence, Ive thought of another possibility.”

“What possibility” As if she could understand the meaning hidden in Xu Yis words, Lumis large eyes were sparkling.

“Look, you and your family chose not to leave the Sines Continent and stay here, then that means that it is very likely there are other halfling families that chose to stay. So I think that right now on the Sines Continent, there isnt just a single halfling and there should be others.”

Lumis eyes opened wide, “Really Then sir chairman, will you find them”

“I cant guarantee that this is true and cant guarantee that Ill find them, but I can do my best to search. But before this, I need your agreement and support.”

“If you can find my clansmen, I can do anything you want!” Lumi immediately said in a loud voice.

“Very good.” Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod, “Lumi, I want to use a dumb method, which is to advertise your existence across the Sines Continent. It would be best if this news of your existence reaches the ears of the existing halfling race, so they knew that you still exist on the continent. If they are also looking for their clansmen, I think that they will definitely come looking for you.”

“Youre really going to spread this news all over the continent” Lumi was a bit doubtful.

“I cant talk for other places, but at least theres no problem in the surrounding countries. When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develops in other countries, I can spread the news to those other countries.” Xu Yi said in a certain voice, “But there is a problem with this.”

“What problem”

“You will become a celebrity. Lumi, you should be clear how rare the halflings are on the Sines Continent right now. If people knew about your existence, it would definitely create a large shock. To have this news spread and to let the other halflings know, you will have to appear in front of the public and show your identity. This will greatly affect your lifestyle, do you have any problems with this”

Lumi deeply knit her slender brows.

Although she didnt understand the worries of a celebrity that Xu Yi talked about, thinking of how she would be treated as a rare object by many humans, she definitely felt troubled by this.

But thinking of the possibility Xu Yi mentioned, she felt that this idea was very attractive.

Xu Yi calmly watched Lumi without urging her.

Actually, he had spent a long time making this decision.

The reason for doing this was actually out of consideration of being discrete.

Although Lumi wants to sail across the endless sea to the continent on the other side to find her clansmen.

The research of the halflings from two thousand years ago couldnt even compare to the level of the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

With the level of the boats at that time, it really would be 90% death sailing into the seas.

To be more pessimistic, the halfling race might have already died on the seas.

Even if one was optimistic and the halflings found the other continent, it was unknown if they had been able to peacefully settle down on the new continent.

After two thousand years, there were many things that could have happened.

It was very likely the halflings that left the Sines Continent had already disappeared and there were only the halflings left on the Sines Continent.

If it really was like this and the sea voyage that Lumi dreamed of ended up in nothing, that really would be too sad.

So before this, Xu Yi decided to do his best to find the halflings on the Sines Continent.

That way even if she couldnt find the halflings that left the Sines Continent, Lumi wouldnt be alone and wouldnt have to face the tragedy of her race being exterminated.

Through Lumis performance after entering the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi was certain that the halfling had talent for magic machines.

With the increase to the development speed of many magic machines after Lumi entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as well as inspiring ideas for new magic machines, and improving all kinds of magic machines that they already had.

If they could get some more halflings in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would without a doubt make their ability to develop magic machines even stronger.

Of course, in secret, Xu Yi did feel that Lumi being all alone was too pitiful.

Lumi was silent for a bit before looking up at Xu Yi to give a slow nod.

“Alright, chairman, well do that. If I can find my clansmen, I will be very grateful to you.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and patted Lumis shoulder, “Relax, I believe that you definitely wont be alone.”

Lumi gave a strong “un” sound as she revealed a bright smile on her face.

Xu Yi suddenly gave a laugh, “Lumi, since you agreed, then starting tomorrow, you should report to Still every day. Do you understand”

“Ah” Lumi was stunned, “Why do I need to report to Still”

“Because…..you will be a star in the future.”-

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