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While manager Gnar was worried about the Norton Duchys decision, Xu Yi two thousand kilometers away was looking at a map of the Norton Duchy with a relaxed look.

Although he was very disappointed in the Norton Duchy for giving up on cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he didnt think that it was a big problem.

It was impossible for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop without any problems, so Xu Yis idea was that he had to give the other magic machine companies some room to develop.

The Norton Duchy choosing to cooperate with the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce didnt go against his wishes, rather he was happy to see this.

His eyes kept moving across the map before stopping on the Mirando Duchy and then moving down to the Rudson Kingdom.

Seeing the dark dots on the map, Xu Yi stroked his chin and fell into deep thought.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces cooperation with the Rudson Kingdom had gone very smoothly.

With the great support of the Rudson Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, whether it was opening factories in the Rudson Kingdom or cooperating with local companies, they didnt receive any hindrances from the official government side.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had appeared all over the Rudson Kingdom and the Frestech Brand magic machines were being sold everywhere.

In just the nine months that had passed for this year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had received a total of over five million gold coins in income from the Rudson Kingdom. It even wasnt that far lacking compared to the income they received from the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had split investment factories in the Lampuri Kingdom, so they had to divide some benefits with the Lampuri Kingdom.

But with such large scale cooperation, there was a problem that always puzzled Xu Yi.

The Frstech Chamber of Commerce always had the great support of King Teruc in any cooperation, but the only one that Xu Yi wasnt satisfied in was in terms of mineral trades.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces territory only included the Stantine Duchy right now.

But the Stantine Duchy wasnt that big and their mineral resources were limited.

As the production scale of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce increased, as well as the increase in demand for magic machines, the Stantine Duchys mineral resources wouldnt be able to keep up with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces consumption soon.

So like always, Xu Yi purchased minerals from the various surrounding countries.

Among them, the Lampuri Kingdom provided the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with the most mineral resources.

Just last month, according to the data, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce purchased seven hundred and thirty thousand tons of iron ore and four hundred and eighty thousand tons of non-ferrous metal ores from the Falcao Chamber of Commerce.

The Rudson Kingdom had almost the same amount of land as the Lampuri Kingdom and according to their exploration, they even had more ores. However, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only received one hundred and sixty thousand tons of iron ores and less than ten thousand tons of non-ferrous metal ores from the Rudson Kingdom last month.

Xu Yi had raised this matter to King Teruc many times, hoping that King Teruc would sell more mineral resources from the Rudson Kingdom. However, King Teruc had always given Xu Yi a vague answer and never gave Xu Yi an answer that he was satisfied with.

Xu Yi even said that he could open one or two steel mills and a non-ferrous metal smelting factory to smelt ores locally and sell internally in the Rudson Kingdom, but King Teruc still wasnt moved.

After probing countless times, Xu Yi could only give up and find solutions from other channels.

When Narvil led the Frestech fleet to Nissi City, he had tried to purchase ores in secret just for this.

But after his discussion with elder Undine last time, with the cooperation with the Azshara Tribe, King Teruc would most likely relent in this aspect which would make it much easier for Xu Yi.

Still, in the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to keep developing, so it was important to get more resources for themselves.

He didnt want to keep getting more mineral resources from other countries, letting his lifeline be controlled by other people.

Xu Yi didnt like this feeling very much, so he always tried to find another solution.

Looking at the Rudson Kingdom for a bit, he turned north and moved past the Lampuri Kingdom to stop at the Sack Kingdom.

Looking at the Sack Kingdoms territory that was one third greater than the Lampuri Kingdoms, as well as the several black dots in it, Xu Yis eyes couldnt help start to burn again.

It was almost impossible to cooperate with the Sack Kingdom, so if he wanted the large amount of resources in the Sack Kingdom, other than purchasing it in secret in small amounts, the only other method was to conquer the entire country.

As for how he would conquer it……he had to properly think it over…..

“Kou, kou.”

The knocks on the door pulled Xu Yi out of his thoughts.

“Is it Betty Come in.” Xu Yi raised his voice as he spoke.

When the door opened, Betty in her maid uniform slowly came in. She first gave Xu Yi a formal bow before saying in a soft voice, “Sir chairman, there is a guest to see you.”

“Oh Which guest Did they say who they were” Xu Yi looked over Bettys maid uniform before asking with a smile.

After Betty and Carol arrived here, seeing that Liz and Linda were both pregnant, making it hard for them to move and Xu Yi and Still werent willing to hire other servants, the two automatically took over the role as maids.

Because they had been strictly trained in the Lampuri Royal Palace, they were very familiar with this work.

So in just the two months they had been here, they kept the entire manor in good shape and obtained the approval of everyone.

But out of the know in his heart, Xu Yi had never treated them like Liz and Linda, giving them formal identities.

Betty and Carol didnt reveal any complaints, looking quite happy each day. They said many times that it was much easier here compared to the royal palace.

“He said that he was Leslie Stagg and he said…..He said to let him see sir chairman as soon as possible, he didnt have much time.”

When Betty said this, her expression became a bit strange.

In the two months she had been here, she received many guests that came to see Xu Yi. But whenever these guests came, they were all very polite and had never acted arrogantly before.

However, Xu Yi didnt seem surprised at all, rather he said with a smile, “Its him. I already said it, after hearing the news of our fleet reaching Nissi City, he would come.”

Betty was curious as she followed Xu Yi out of the study and to the living room. She saw the thirty year old man who was sitting there in the chair looking very casual, not like he was a guest at all.

“Hey, Leslie, when did you become so dark” Xu Yi looked over Leslie and he couldnt help revealing a smile, “You were a pretty boy before, but now youre like black coal. If those noble young ladies were to see you, wouldnt they be very disappointed”

His skin had turned a healthy bronze colour and Leslie who wasnt as pale as he was before broke out in laughter.

“I already told you before, those noble young ladies all care about face. Do you believe that if they see how I look now, they would still scream for me”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “I believe. Alright, lets not waste words. Tell me, where did you go during this time Look at you, if Im not wrong, you should have gone to sea, right”

“You are correct.” Leslie said with a smile, “Ive been on the seas the last half a year, which is why Im so dark.”

Xu Yi looked at Leslie with a strange look.

“Hey, do you really want to go and become a pirate”

“Theres nothing wrong with being a pirate.” Leslie gave a shrug before reaching his hand out to Xu Yi, “Alright, what about the boat you promised me Ive heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet can travel two thousand kilometers on the sea, going from the Stantine Duchy to the Rudson Kingdom. With this technology, it should be a problem to give me the boat that you promised, right”

Xu Yi looked down at Leslies outstretched hand and reached out to tap it with a finger.

“Theres no problem with the boat, but what about your money A large Magic Boat that can go from here to the Rudson Kingdom costs over two million gold coins and our company has only made three so far. Are you certain that you can take out two million gold coins”

“Two million gold coins” Leslie was stunned, “Hey, Xu Yi, are you scaring me Its just a boat, how can it cost this much”

Xu Yi laughed, “It seems like you still havent seen the three boats yet, no wonder youre asking this. I can guarantee that after you see them, you definitely wouldnt ask such a dumb question.”

Leslie knit his brows, but he didnt get angry. He was silent for a bit before spreading his hands and confidently saying, “Alright, I indeed cant take out two million gold coins at once. But Xu Yi, since you can make such a large boat, you should be able to make a smaller ship, right Un……I only need one thats…..four or five times bigger than the Magic Speed Boat. I think that this kind of ship should be fine for me to sail all over the sea.”

Xu Yi slowly shook his head, “No, Leslie, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces large Magic Ship has appeared, which means that the era where we sail on wooden boats on the sea is over. I sincerely advise you to use a large boat because only a large boat will be safe on the sea.”

Leslie knit his brows, “I say, Xu Yi, are you deliberately trying to anger me I clearly cant take out that much money, but you have to recommend the large ship that I cant afford. Could it be that you cant take it out for now and are deliberately trying to avoid this”

“That isnt true. I have the ship, I can give it to you even if you dont have the money, but…..”

“What You want to use me” Seeing the strange smile on Xu Yis face, Leslie also revealed a smile. He relaxed his body and leaned back in the chairman, calmly looking at Xu Yi as he said, “Alright, I can be used by you, but that depends on what price you can pay.”

Xu YI rolled his eyes.

“What use, it sounds so ugly. This is a cooperation, dont you understand that”

Leslie gave a laugh, “Alright, what difference is there Tell me, what do you want me to do”

Xu Yi turned to look at Betty on the side.

Betty immediately understood and gave the two a bow before leaving.

Seeing that Xu Yi was being this serious, Leslie took back his relaxed expression and sat up in his chair to look at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi gave a cough before saying in a deep voice, “Leslie, I wont go against you wanting to be a pirate, but you running out there to be a pirate without any foundation is no different from seeking death.”

“Then What ideas do you have”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, revealing a very enticing smile.

“Actually, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards were about to form an armed fleet, are you interested”-

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