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A steel plate that was 3.7 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, with a thickness of seven millimeters was placed on the work stage of the production magic machine by two workers.

Then a worker pressed the button and the work stage rose around ten centimeters. Then it was brought under the punching head, stopping when there was exactly thirty seven centimeters left on the left side.

Then the punch head came down and the steel plate was slightly bent under the large pressure.

The flat steel plate suddenly formed a small curve. The punch head came back up and the work stage changed the position of the steel plate before the punch head came down again.

After repeating this several dozen times, the steel plate had turned into the shape of a bowl.

When this bowl came out of the conveyor belt, Lumi on the side immediately charged over and reached her small hand out to touch the steel plate. After carefully looking it over, she turned to Xu Yi with a look of shock, “God, its actually a perfect standard curve! How did you do this”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “You should ask Sancheli, this Automatic Magic Punch Press core Magic Array was developed by him, he should understand this better than me.”

Sancheli who had been standing by Xu Yi gave a laugh and waved his hand. He pointed at Camby who was on his right and said, “I just designed a few Magic Arrays. If it wasnt for the skills of Cambys group perfectly forming my idea, there wouldnt be any use at all.”

Camby laughed and he wasnt modest, but he also raised his arm to slap Sanchelis leg, “The Magic Array Sancheli designed is too amazing, otherwise its impossible for this machine to be this strong.”

Lumi waved her small arm and shouted, “I dont have time to waste listening to you praise each other, I just want to know, what is the principle behind this Automatic Magic Punch Press Why can it precisely stop pressing down in certain positions and how can it keep working this precisely It doesnt even have a single bit of error”

Sancheli and Camby looked at each other before turning to Xu Yi.

Although they were shocked when they heard the chairman introduce Lumi as a halfling.

But after knowing each other for a few days, the two were used to it.

They knew that Lumi was a top grade researcher hired by Xu Yi for the magic research facility, but the data for this automatic production magic machine was top secret for the company. Even if Lumi was a top grade researcher, she wasnt qualified to know.

As expected, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and said to Lumi, “Lumi, its very troublesome to explain the principle behind this, it cant be explained in a short period of time. If youre really interested, I have several books on mechanical theory that I wrote that you can read. After reading them, I believe that youll understand most of it.”

“The theory in the books, its the reason why you can make these strange magic machines” Lumi asked.

“Although that isnt too accurate, the foundations do use this theory.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “The magic machines of you halflings are focused on the magic, but the magic machines that our company makes focus on the machine. After you read these books, you will understand the differences between the two.”

“Its this strange” Lumi looked at Xu Yi with a curious look, “Alright, you can give them to me later.”

“Alright.” Xu Yi agreed before looking around. Then he ordered Sancheli and Camby, “You two keep testing the automatic production magic machine in here. If there is a problem, immediately write it down.” Then he waved his hand at Lumi, “Lumi, the automatic production magic machine is here and wont run away, lets go take a look at the shipyard first. The engineers there have some problems related to the Magic Ship to ask you.”

“Oh.” Lumi nodded, looking a bit unwilling as she left the automatic production magic machine.

When she went by Camby, she suddenly stood on tiptoes and compared the top of her head with Cambys. Then she gave a depressed sigh, “Ai, its almost a hundred years now that I havent grown.”

Xu Yi, Sancheli, and Camby didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

This Lumi was clearly over a hundred years old, so why did she still act like a child

Could it be that this was the nature of the halflings

The shipyard wasnt far from here, so Xu Yi and Lumi only needed to walk a few minutes to reach it.

When they saw Lumi, the human, dwarf, and elf engineers all came over and surrounded her.

“Hey, Lumi, look, Ive found a big problem with the blueprint you gave me. Ive calculated it and if it is designed like this, when the Magic Ship surpasses fifty kilometers an hour, the speed would create excess force that would eventually wear down this part, greatly reducing the service life of this part.”

“Theres also this. Look, if this Magic Array is set like this, the right angle sheet design here will block it and keep the Magic Array from displaying its effect. So I advise that we either remove this unnecessary sheet or use another design to let this Magic Array display its effect.”

“You are all talking about small problems, Ive found the biggest problem. Look, if this Magic Array is engraved here, it will overlap with the core Magic Force Output Array. Although this range isnt big, with my calculations, if there are any special circumstances with the Magic Ship like the waves are too big, so they need to use the maximum output of the Magic Array with the stabilizing Water Magic Array, the effects will be serious. It can easily cause these two Magic Arrays to lose their ability to function and in a dangerous situation, it can even make the entire Magic Ship lose control.”

“Hey, youre not the only one who found a major problem, alright The problem Ive found is also very serious. Lumi, look at this……”


Lumi was stunned as she listened to the various problems the engineers found, standing there in a daze.

A week ago, she had been very confident when she took out the design for this Magic Ship.

Because this design used thousands of years of research the halflings had gathered on magic machines, being one of the top grade blueprints of the halflings.

She thought that this blueprint would allow her to establish her authority among the Magic Boat researchers, also letting these researchers understand and respect the halflings knowledge of magic machines.

The engineers had been stunned by the designs of the blueprint back then and praised it.

But she never thought that in a single week, these fellows would find all these problems. It really was something that Lumi didnt expect.

After listening for a while, the shock in Lumis heart gradually faded and she became angry.

This blueprint had the essence of the halflings, how could there be so many problems

These fellows must be randomly speaking!

However, when Lumi took the blueprints and seriously discussed each problem with the engineers, she was completely submerged by the calculations that the engineers took out.

Lumi never thought that these engineers would run several hundred calculations just for a single problem, while also doing at least a hundred model experiments.

Because of this foundation, the various data they gave were all perfect and had completely exposed all the little problems. It couldnt be hidden at all and Lumi couldnt refute them.

“Its no wonder the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can make all those strange magic machines and rarely have any problems. This kind of fervor for research really is a bit too terrifying.” Lumi gave a sigh in her heart while also taking a look at Xu Yi.

These engineers could have this spirit for research clearly because of the strict requirements the chairman had for them.

For there to be so many problems with the blueprint she took out, Lumi was depressed while also feeling excited.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had such a strong research team, it was no wonder they were able to make the three giant steel ships.

With this foundation, she had enough strength to develop a true seafaring Magic Ship at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, accomplishing her goal.

Thinking about herself taking the giant Magic Ship and sailing on the seas, travelling thousands or even ten thousand kilometers, finally reaching the other side of the endless sea to find her clansmen who disappeared over two thousand years ago. Then she would show them the results of her magic machine research at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and stun them. Thinking about this made Lumis heart fill with flames.

Seeing Lumi who was focused on discussing with the ship building engineers, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Lumi had been at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a month, but she had never fully integrated herself.

But through this matter, she could find what she was lacking while also letting her discuss with the other engineers, it was something that Xu Yi was very happy to see.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi gave up his plan to show Lumi around the shipyard and silently left this place. He returned to the management center the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built in the center of the industrial area.

When he opened the door of the CEO office, he saw Kennard looking at a form in his hand with a bitter look.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, Kennard shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Sir chairman, weve really encountered a big problem this time.”-

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