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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 68

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If you were a Grand Magus

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. After his excellency Great Magician received the gold coins from him, his mood was much better compared to before. He was actually in a casual mood and even joked around with him.

“Un…...Lets hear the bad news first, Ive always liked leaving good things for last.”

“This is not a good habit. If good things are left too long, they will be stolen by other people.” Great Magician Camilla shook his head, saying something that confused Xu Yi, “But since you want to hear the bad news first, then Ill satisfy your desire. Listen well, the bad news is that Magicians Guild has rejected the idea of Magic Array Patent that you proposed.”

Xu Yi let out a sigh, but his expression didnt seem that disappointed.

“Did they give a reason”

“There is a reason. It is because Magicians Guild is a collection of magicians, so since the beginning, the Magicians Guild has advocated cooperation between magicians. Studying Magic Arrays, making progress together, and promoting the development of magic. So your proposal has gone against the basic aim of the Magicians Guild, so of course it wouldnt pass.” Great Magician Camilla explained.

“Studying and progressing together” Xu Yi couldnt help laughing, “Do people believe this joke Of the magicians on the Sines Continent, which one isnt studying magic by themselves If they do make a breakthrough, they will definitely hide it, afraid that other magicians will find out. Now youre telling me that magicians should cooperate with each other…..Hei……”

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows and forcefully knocked on the table, “Xu Yi, pay attention to your attitude. No matter what you are thinking, the goal of the Magicians Guild is like this. This proposal was raised by a Great Magician like me, so there is only a rejection and there are no consequences at all. If it was raised by you, it is very likely that you would have lost the right to participate in the certification exam. Do you understand how serious this matter is”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Your excellency Great Magician, I only asked you to submit this proposal for me, I didnt have any intention for you to put it in your name.”

“This is nothing, just treat it as me working for the thousand gold coins.” Great Magician Camilla shook his head before casually saying, “Alright, youve heard the bad news, now Ill tell you the good news. Although your proposal didnt pass, I have recommended you to the Magicians Guild and youre qualified for next months certification exam. You can participate with a Great Magicians recommendation and if you perform well, youll have a higher evaluation than normal magicians who take the exam.”

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, “Compared to the bad news, this is lacking too much. Your excellency Great Magician, you should know that Im not interested in becoming a high level magician. Whether my evaluation is high or not, this doesnt have any meaning to me at all.”

Great Magician Camilla glared at him and spoke with a cold snort, “Kid, let me warn you, dont be conceited. I know that you have earned quite a bit of money with your magic machines, so you arent that interested in becoming a powerful magician. However, I must tell you that on the Sines Continent, being a powerful magician is very important. If you can become a Great Magician like me or an Arch Magus who is even stronger than me, you will find that many things will be much easier for you! Like with your proposal, I am a Great Magician, so there are no problems even if the proposal doesnt pass. But if you were to mention it, it is very likely the Magicians Guild would have stripped you of your rights to participate in the exam. But if the person who made the proposal was an Arch Magus, even if the proposal went against the basis of the Magicians Guild, they wouldnt have directly rejected it like this and would have considered it. If it were a Grand Magus who proposed it…...Kid, do you know what would have happened”

Xu Yi was astonished, “What would happen”

Great Magician Camilla gave another cold snort, “Kid, you dont even understand what a Grand Magus represents. There have been less than ten Grand Magus on the Sines Continent in the past few thousand years and every one of them has been a super powerful person who could cause tremors on the continent with a single stomp. If the one who raised this proposal was a Grand Magus, not only would there be no problem in getting it passed, there would be countless people who would study the profound meaning for the Grand Magus proposing this. As for the final result, it would be hard to imagine.”

Xu Yi was stunned listening to this, as he thought that a Grand Magus was a bit too strong.

According to this, their influence was even stronger than the world leaders back on earth.

Seeing Xu Yis expression, Great Magician Camilla gave a cold laugh, “How about it, kid Do you know now how necessary it is to become a powerful magician I wont mention a Grand Magus which is something impossible to obtain, if you were to become an Arch Magus who is stronger than me, at least in the Lampuri Kingdom, your guarantee would be even more useful than his majesty the king. Although your proposal wasnt accepted by the Magicians Guild, I can dare to guarantee that the royal family would do all they can to support you. How about it Are you moved Do you have any desire to become a powerful magician”

Xu Yi was stunned for a bit before he suddenly waved his hand, causing a dark red fireball to fly out from the center of his hand at Great Magician Camilla.

Great Magician Camilla was surprised as his brows popped up. A bright light blue barrier appeared in front of him.

When the fireball hit the barrier, the barrier trembled and waves formed like water ripples on the barrier. There was a “pu” exploding sound before it disappeared without a trace.

Great Magician Camilla finally took back his barrier and he looked at Xu Yi with uncertainty and shock.

“Burst Flame Spell! Kid, when did you grasp Burst Flame Spell”

Xu Yi laughed, “How is it Your excellency Great Magician, how is the strength of this Burst Flame Spell”

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi with narrowed eyes for a bit before slowly nodding.

“Its pretty good. The Burst Flame Spell is a Fourth Grade Fire Spell that is considered hard to master, but I never thought that you could release it this quickly and could even control its size. It could be seen that your control of it is quite good.” After saying this, Great Magician Camilla let out a deep sigh before shaking his head while saying, “Xu Yi, since you have such outstanding magical talent, why are you unwilling to focus on studying magic I am more and more certain that as long as you focus, you will certainly become a powerful Arch Magus in the future. When that time comes, wouldnt the things you want to do be much easier Even if you like studying magic machines, it wont be too late if you study them after becoming an Arch Magus.”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulder, “I have said it before, everyone has different thoughts. Perhaps your excellency Great Magician think that the goal of all magicians on the Sines Continent is to become stronger, but I firmly believe that using magic to improve the lives of the people is more important. Perhaps youre right that if I become an Arch Magus, studying and creating magic machines will be easier, but your excellency Great Magician, you have forgotten one important problem which is time. Thinking about it, with my talent, if I focus on studying magic, how many years would it take for me to become an Arch Magus”

“This……” Great Magician Camilla fell into thought before shaking his head, “This is hard to say. Becoming a powerful magician not only takes time, but also requires a bit of luck. If it goes smoothly, with your talent, perhaps youll be able to become a powerful Arch Magus with thirty years. Of course, that is already considered quite fast on the Sines Continent.”

“Thirty years Ill be close to sixty by then. Your excellency Great Magician, how long do you think I can live for If I were to start studying magic machines in thirty years, how many years could I keep going for”

Great Magician Camilla had no response.

“A persons effort and time are limited. Your excellency Great Magician, I have already decided to study magic machines and it would be hard to divide my attention into studying magic. Of course, while studying magic machines, my magic power has also increased quite fast, hasnt it”

After a while, Great Magician Camilla gave a sigh and said with a bitter smile, “Alright, this is my last time convincing you. I wont mention this topic with you again. You are not a child like Still, you have your own thoughts and goals. I dont have a way or the reason to stop you. But as a person who has lived longer than you, I still want to remind you that becoming a powerful magician will always be useful on the continent. You said that you are also raising your magic power while studying magic machines, that is also good. Dont forget to do this, it will help you greatly in the future.”

Xu Yi gave a strong nod, “Yes, I understand, many thanks for your care. Other than this…..Still has always said to me that she isnt a child anymore, so if you say this to her, she will definitely be very angry.”

Great Magician Camilla suddenly looked at Xu Yi with a strange gaze and asked, “Xu Yi, you think that Still isnt a child”

Xu Yi was stunned. He thought about it before answering, “Based on the age difference between us, perhaps she could be considered a child. But I think objectively, she cant be considered a child from all her aspects. Then again, recently she…...Ke…..She has experienced quite a few things and is quite a bit more mature compared to before, so she cant be considered a child.”

“You said that she has matured quite a bit” Great Magician Camilla narrowed his eyes and looked at Xu Yi with a strange gaze for a while before suddenly saying, “Kid, remember what I said just now. You shouldnt leave good things to the end because it is likely that someone will steal it away in the end.”

[TL Note: Best grandpa ;^)]

Xu Yi looked Great Magician Camilla in shock as his mind filled with confusion.

What is with Great Magician Camilla today Why did his words sound so strange-

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