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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 67

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Burying a seed

Since he reached an agreement with Great Magician Camilla, he went back to the Camilla Magic Tower more often.

Especially after discussing with the Lord City Lord and decided to focus on developing agricultural magic machines, Xu Yi had been more diligent in visiting.

Agricultural magic machines required more power and naturally it required more powerful magic to provide this power. Of the magicians that were working with Xu Yi right now, other than Great Magician Camilla, there was no one else with this ability.

Xu Yis research department had been separated into two sections. One was made up of Still, Evita, and Akali, who were mainly focused on studying Magic Array in household magic machines. The other was made up of Great Magician Camilla alone, who was mainly in charge of heavy magic machines that required more power.

Because only Xu Yi had a knowledge of magic and mechanical engineering, he had to participate in both fields of research.

This naturally was not a good situation.

The mechanical engineering research couldnt be complete by Xu Yi alone. As long as there were more and more magicians with abilities similar to Xu Yi, their research power would become stronger and stronger.

So during these days, whether it was when he was with Stills group of three or if he was with Great Magician Camilla, Xu Yi had been paying attention to secretly teaching them some foundational mechanical engineering knowledge.

Since the four of them could become outstanding magicians, their learning and understanding abilities were naturally also outstanding, so they easily accepted this new knowledge.

Now when Xu Yi made plans for a new magic machine, they could even give him some advice.

Of course, it was far from being enough just having the four of them.

So Xu Yi ran to Baron Rickto Magic Academy to hold this kind of class. His goal was to lay down seeds in the hearts of the students, giving them preliminary knowledge on fusing magic and machines.

If there were results in the future, Xu Yi could continue holding public classes at the Baron Rickto Magic Academy.

If it was even possible, he would make this course a regular part of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy curriculum.

If even a tenth of the students who graduated here were to focus on studying magic machines, that was a power that could not be ignored.

“Hey, chairman Xu, youre here again.”

When Xu Yi entered the Magic Tower, a magician came forward to warmly welcome him.

“Hey, good morning. Is his excellency Great Magician here” Xu Yi smiled as he greeted him.

The magician circle was not big and the Magic Towers circle was even smaller, so the news of Xu Yi cooperating with Great Magician Camilla couldnt be hidden at all. It didnt take long before it was spread all over the Magic Tower.

Almost all the magicians in the Magic Tower knew that Great Magician Camilla was working with Xu Yi and he received a thousand gold coins from Xu Yi each year.

The Magic Tower being able to return to its normal condition could be said to all depend on the thousand gold coin investment from Xu Yi.

To be even more direct, Xu Yi could be considered the one who was paying all the magicians in the Magic Tower.

So when facing Xu Yi, the magicians who used to have a bit of disdain towards him naturally became much more welcoming.

“His excellency Great Magician is in the top layer experimenting with magic like normal. He will definitely be happy to see you.” The magician responded with a full smile.

“Alright, thank you.” Xu Yi nodded and thanked him. He didnt go to the magic ladder leading to the top layer, rather he went to the research lab that belonged to him.

When he pushed open the door, he saw that everyone was leaned over their tables seriously studying magic.

But looking carefully, they were not engaged in normal magic research, rather they were researching all kinds of Magic Arrays.

Looking at the wall of the lab, there was a large diagram on the wall there and there was a strange machine drawn on it.

Hearing the sound of the door, Lotte looked up in surprise. When she saw Xu Yi, she immediately skipped over.

“Xu Yi, youre here!”

This greeting alarmed everyone else. The others all looked up and warmly greeted Xu Yi.

Xu Yi returned the greetings one by one with a smile before asking Lotte, “How is it How is the research progress”

The joy on Lottes face from seeing Xu Yi immediately change into a depressed look as she sighed while shaking her head, “Its not that good. We have already researched all the Magic Arrays needed for each part of the Magic Excavator, but we dont have a way to combine them all without a problem. As for the overall operation that you wanted, we dont have any clues on how to achieve it at all.”

“Let me see the results of your research first.”


Xu Yi took the gathered materials from Lotte and carefully looked over them.

After reaching a cooperation agreement with Great Magician Camilla, of course that didnt mean that Great Magician Camilla would complete the research Xu Yi needed alone. For a Great Magician like him, the magicians in the Magic Tower could be considered his assistants. When Xu Yi gave him a research project, he could give the parts that didnt need him to personally research to the magicians under him.

Xu Yi had used to work in this research lab before and the magicians in the lab have cooperated with Xu Yi in making magic machines before, so Great Magician Camilla would normally throw this research into their lab.

Because Xu Yi would give Great Magician Camilla some gold coins as a bonus each time a research project was finished and Great Magician Camilla would give a part to the magicians in the lab, the other magicians of the Magic Tower were jealous of the magicians of this lab.

After looking through the research of Lotte and the others, Xu Yi quickly found the problem.

The power of these magicians were stronger than Stills group of three, but because it was like this, their thoughts in magic were quite stiff. When researching these Magic Arrays, they basically followed conventional Magic Array methods.

The Magic Excavator Xu Yi gave them to research was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces most complex magic machine, so if they used conventional Magic Array methods, there would be all kinds of problems that appeared.

Actually Xu Yi had overestimated these people. This was because whether it was with Great Magician Camilla or Stills group of three, Xu Yi had always been on the side giving advice, so there werent that many problems. As for the magicians in the lab, they all studied by themselves and werent influenced by Xu Yi, so it was hard for them to make the appropriate changes.

If Xu Yi had put in a bit more detail in the blueprint he gave them, there would be fewer problems.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi released his knit brows and called all the people in the lab over. He opened the blueprint and began to give them a detailed explanation.

Xu Yis explanation was very detailed, not even letting off the smallest details, completely offering all his ideas to the magicians.

What he hoped now was that they could reverse engineer his thoughts, allowing them to quickly become magic mechanical engineers. It would make it much easier for them to research magic machines in the future.

With them changing, the other magicians in the Magic Tower could see the benefits and it would be very possible they would change with them.

After changing the magicians in the Magic Tower, next was changing the magicians in Banta City, changing the magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom, and finally changing all the magicians on the Sines Continent.

At that time, it wouldnt be a dream anymore to create an industrial system on the Sines Continent.

It was not easy to explain all the parts of the Magic Excavator and the most difficult part was to explain the mechanical theory behind this magic machine.

There were many times Xu Yi had to explain to them the most fundamental physics and geometry. The things that even grade schoolers knew on earth would shock the magicians that others worshipped on the Sines Continent.

After spending over three hours, Xu Yi finally explained all his thoughts to them.

Seeing that everyone around him finally looks of understanding, Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief.

Properly speaking, these magicians were not that old and it should be relatively easy to explain new knowledge to them. But while Xu Yi was interacting with them, he found that it was even harder than explaining to Great Magician Camilla.

When he was discussing magic machines with Great Magician Camilla, there were many times Xu Yi didnt need to explain anything at all. Great Magician Camilla would be able to understand on his own and would even be able to make analogies.

It had to be known, Great Magician Camilla was an old man who was close to sixty years old.

After explaining his requirements and the main points, Xu Yi left the laboratory. He stepped onto the magic ladder and arrived at the top floor of the Magic Tower.

Great Magician Camilla was indeed in the lab at the top floor currently researching magic.

Of course, he was still researching magic.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, Great Magician Camilla looked up at him and suddenly said, “Theres good news and bad news. Xu Yi, which one do you want first”-

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