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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 16

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In just half an hour, the doubts and worry in chairman Riggs heart completely vanished.

After meeting the chairman of the six Magic Fan companies, Xu Yi simply chatted with them before immediately entering the main topic.

What the six chairmen didnt expect was that Xu Yi really was here to bring them benefits this time.

Xu YI told the six chairmen that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was prepared to spread the household magic machines to other countries on the Sines Continent. Right now, their biggest goal was the Candra Empire.

But Xu Yi said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current production was limited, so even if they could open the Candra Empire market, it would be hard for them to satisfy the large needs of the Candra Empire.

So he wanted to work with the other companies that produced household magic machines, having everyone enter this market.

For the Magic Fans, Xu Yi had chosen these six companies. He was prepared to give a portion of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces orders to these six companies to fulfill.

Hearing Xu YIs proposal, including chairman Rigg, all of the six chairmen had complete looks of disbelief.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity wasnt enough, they wouldnt need to worry at all if they got orders, alright

Their production capacity wasnt enough Wasnt that simple, they could just open more factories and recruit more workers!

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with their strength, this was a piece of cake!

The six chairmen didnt understand what Xu Yi was thinking, when Xu Yi even took out the contract for them, they still couldnt believe it.

If Xu Yi didnt have any schemes and was a saint, then he was simply the saviour of the world!

Although the Lampuri Kingdom developed quickly and the demand for household magic machines in the kingdom kept increasing, the Lampuri Kingdom was a small kingdom in the end and there was a limit to their internal demand.

There were many magic machine companies that followed the trend that appeared, so there were already seventeen companies producing Magic Fans in the Lampuri Kingdom. The Lampuri Kingdoms market was filled, so it was hard to develop any further.

These six companies had some unique technology, so they were just a bit better than the other companies.

They could develop quickly in the first few years, but it could be seen that after a few more years, when the Lampuri Kingdoms internal market was saturated, they would quickly meet a bottleneck,

But now Xu Yi appeared and claimed that he wanted to lead them to a wider market!

For these six companies that struggled to develop in the future, wasnt this a saviour showing up for them

“Chairman Xu, why are you doing this” The six chairmens hearts were filled with doubt, but chairman Rigg was the one who asked.

“Because your companies have put time and money into research, so I favour you.” Xu Yi replied with a smile, “Ive always insisted that technology is the number one core of development. As long as you invest heavily in developing technology, you will be able to develop for a long time. Compared to the other Magic Fan companies, you six companies understand this better and have better foresight, so Im willing to work with you. Or perhaps…..willing to help you.”

Xu Yis reply was this direct which made the six chairmen dispel their doubts.

Right, with the strength of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce care about their six small companies

Unique technology

What a joke! With the massive research ability of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if they were willing, they could easily develop their so-called unique technology and make it even better.

However, the Frestech Brand Magic Fan that was released on the market this summer didnt have any of the technology the six companies had, it was clear that they had left some space to survive for them.

Just based on this, they could see Xu Yis sincerity.

After thinking this through, the chairmen of the six companies finally put down the stone in their heart and began seriously considering the proposition that Xu Yi had made.

As for the final result, both sides were naturally happy about this discussion.

In the final contract they signed, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce received orders from outside of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom, they would give a portion of the Magic Fan orders to these six companies.

And these six companies had to invest no less than a hundred thousand gold coins each year into developing technology related to Magic Fans.

At the same time, the Magic Fans of the six companies had to follow the standard of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they couldnt go against it secretly.

These two conditions were nothing for the six companies.

The reason why they could make this breakthrough in the Magic Fan technology was because they were willing to invest.

Although a hundred thousand gold coins a year was more than they were currently investing, it wasnt too high for them and they could accept it.

Not to mention that this would be very helpful to their development, so they had no reason to reject.

As for the other condition, it meant nothing.

Right now all the magic machines were invented by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other companies only received that technology from transferring it from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As for the production lines and the standards, they had all learned them from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

With this premise, the magic machines they produced naturally followed the standards of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so how could they go against it

So the chairmen of the six companies were very happy to sign the contract.

After the discussions were over, Xu Yi declined their invitation to have dinner and left the restaurant with manager Flaime.

The valet had already driven Xu Yis Magic Sedan back and was parked in front of the restaurant. He was standing beside the car like he was a guard for it.

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Sedan that had been washed and looked completely new. He couldnt help revealing a smile as he dug out a gold coin from his chest.

This little fellow really did have good eyes. He saw that his car was dirty from driving several hundred kilometers, so he took the initiative to wash it for him.

Of course, the gold coin that he had tipped before played the most important role.

The valet took the coin and opened the door with a wide smile, inviting Xu Yi in.

When Xu Yi was about to start the car, the valet suddenly bent down and asked with an excited look, “May I ask…..Are you the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu”

“Oh You recognize me” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“The «Anvilmar Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly» have put your picture several times, so I remembered it.” After this was confirmed by Xu Yi, the valet was very excited. After hesitating a bit, he suddenly took out a piece of paper and a pen from his chest, “Can I have your autograph”

Xu Yi was even more stunned.

He never thought that he would meet one of his fans.

Looking at the valets young, excited, and nervous face, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He took the pen and paper to write his name.

The valet happily waved it around before giving Xu Yi a deep bow and moving to the side.

Xu Yi wasnt in a rush to start the car. He waved at the valet and had him come over.

The valet walked over in a confused manner, “Do you need something else”

Xu Yi pointed at his Magic Sedan, “Did you wash this car”

The valet nodded before suddenly looking a bit scared.

“Chairman Xu, you wouldnt blame me for messing with your car, right”

“Im not that petty.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “Not to mention that you made it quite clean, so Im very satisfied. I called you here because I suddenly thought of something that I wanted to ask you. Tell me, is there a place for washing cars in Anvilmar City right now”

“A place for washing cars” The valet knit his brows to think before shaking his head, “There isnt a place like this. Chairman Xu, you still want to wash it If you still want to wash it, you can come find me and Ill wash it for you for free.”

“Im not talking about this. Since there isnt a place for washing cars in Anvilmar City, then…..dont you think that this is a very good chance”

“Very good chance” The valet was confused.

Manager Flaime on the side said with a smile, “Dont you understand Sir chairman is reminding you that if you open a store for washing cars, the business would definitely be good and you would earn a lot.”

The valets eyes suddenly lit up, “Right! Why didnt I think of it!”

Manager Flaime laughed, “How can you compare to sir chairman”

The valet ignored manager Flaimes quip. He scratched his head and excitedly turned around a few times before giving a sigh.

“It costs a lot of money to open a store, I…..I dont have that much money……”

“That is easy to solve.” Xu Yi turned to manager Flaime and said, “Washing cars can be considered after sale service for our companys Magic Sedans. Flaime, Ive decided to try this out in Anvilmar City first. You and this…..Right, what is your name”

“Noah! Alain Noah! Sir chairman!” The valet quickly replied in a loud voice.

“Alright, Alain Noah, are you willing to work in our Frestech Chamber of Commerces product service center and provide service to Magic Sedans” Xu Yi asked.

Noah was stunned before his eyes opened wide in excitement and he loudly said, “Im willing! Im willing! Its my dream to enter your Frestech Chamber of Commerce!”

“Alright, Flaime, remember this. Noah, I hope that you can finish your work at this restaurant as soon as possible and report to our companys product service center. You can directly contact Flaime, understand” Xu Yi gave the order.

“Un! I understand!” Noah gave a strong nod, “Sir chairman, I will definitely do my best to repay you!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile before turning on the Magic Sedan and driving off.

Noah watched the Magic Sedan disappear around the corner in a daze and after a while, he pumped his fists into the air.

When he turned to walk into the restaurant, his back that had been a bit bent from his professional habit was being held straight at this moment.-

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