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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 9

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The sky gradually turned dark.

Watching Teresa in her purple dress disappear into the darkness outside the manor, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a sigh.

Teresa had finally revealed her background to him, but this was something that he hadnt expected.

From the report in the «Lampuri Weekly», Teresa was now considered completely alone.

The crime of treason, whether it was in the Lampuri Kingdom or the Sack Kingdom, or even one of the other countries, would be one of the kingdoms heaviest crimes.

Since Viscount Doran Carlanz was involved in the crime of treason, his entire family would be executed without a doubt.

If it wasnt for Teresa leaving before, she might have been executed as well, or would have suffered an even worse fate.

But what made Teresa this sad wasnt just because of this.

According to Teresas words, when she left her family and entered the Lampuri Kingdom, Viscount Doran Carlanz didnt tell her anything and had his most trusted subordinate bring her here.

After reaching her, the subordinate had told her that Viscount Doran Carlanz wanted her to never return to the Sack Kingdom, to find a place to live well in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Viscount Doran Carlanz wanted to prepare a place for Teresa with his relationships in the Lampuri Kingdom, but he never thought that as soon as they arrived, the Lampuri Kingdom person who helped them would sell them out.

In order to protect Teresa, Viscount Doran Carlanzs subordinate had fought to the death, only barely being able to help Teresa escape.

Although Teresa wanted to sneak back into the Sack Kingdom and ask Viscount Doran Carlanz about this, she wasnt able to find a way at all.

In order to avoid the troops following her, Teresa could only keep heading south, going further and further away from the Sack Kingdom.

In the end, she relied on her ability as a magician to reach Banta City, but because she had used all her strength on the way here. She had also lost all her will to live because of all the uncertainties that were in front of her.

“If it wasnt for hoping that father would definitely have some thoughts for sending me here, I would have given up already.” When Teresa said these words, there was a trace of determination in her eyes, but then they were filled with sadness, “But I know that answer now, but I find that I have no way to deal with it.”

Xu Yi could only be silent at this.

It was impossible for anyone to be calm after finding out that their entire family was dead.

Not to mention a delicate looking girl like Teresa.

But Xu Yi could only respond to Teresas situation with sympathy and he couldnt do anything for her.

Viscount Doran Carlanzs family was executed because he betrayed the kingdom, this wasnt related to Xu Yi at all.

Even if Xu Yi wanted to meddle in this matter, there was no chance at all.

These were the facts, the only thing that Xu Yi could do was help Teresa as much as he could.

But Teresa shook her head at Xu Yis outstretched hand.

“Sir chairman, this matter isnt related to you. I came looking for you not to get your help, just…..Just that other than you, I cant tell anyone else about this. I just wanted to find someone to pour everything out……”

Teresas sadness made ones heart filled with a bit of pain, but Xu Yi couldnt do anything in the end and could only awkwardly comfort her.

Teresa wasnt as delicate as she seemed on the surface. After telling Xu Yi everything, although she looked sad, she forced herself to calm down and left after bidding him farewell.

Xu Yi didnt have a reason to keep her, so naturally he just let her leave.

Looking in the direction Teresa vanished in, Xu Yi felt emotional.

Although Teresa had been alone in her three years here, she could still miss her family. Now with the news in the «Lampuri Weekly», it completely cut off that thought in her heart.

From that moment, Teresa had really become truly alone.

“I should have Vivian and Evita take care of her some more.” Xu Yi silently said.

Teresa had been at Xu Yis house for a bit, so her relationship with Vivian was not bad.

After entering the magic research facility, she had always been close to Evita.

Letting the two of them care about Teresa would make her feel much better.

Other than this, Xu Yi couldnt think of another good idea.

In terms of mechanical engineering, Xu Yi was a genius. In terms of magic, Xu Yi could be considered a genius.

But when it came to emotions, especially the thoughts of little girls, Xu Yi was very simple minded and didnt do well.

Thinking of Evitas current mood, Xu Yi couldnt help giving another sigh. He shook his head before heading back in.

When he turned around, there were suddenly two beams of light in the distance that were quickly approaching.

Not long after, the two beams of light were already at the Frestech Farm that was four kilometers away from the manor.

Xu Yi could hear the familiar sounds of the Magic Engine on the wind.

Seeing those two beams of light cut through the horizon, cutting through the night and reaching the manor. Xu Yi felt the veins jump out on his head and his lips couldnt help twitching a bit.


Two violent braking sounds suddenly came from in front of the manor.

The two beams of light extinguished and under the Magic Lamps of the manor, a pure black and a fire red Magic Sedan appeared.

The door of the pure black Magic Sedan opened and Great Magician Camilla came out, laughing into the sky.

“Ha, ha, I was still first, ha, ha……”

The door to the fire red Magic Sedan opened and elder Lisanya came out.

She looked at the proudly laughing Great Magician Camilla and gave a cold snort.

“What are you so proud about Dont forget that you started two seconds before me, so if you calculate this in, I won.”

Great Magician Camilla looked at elder Lisanya with a look of disdain, “Isnt starting faster proof that Im stronger than you Who told you to be slow at the start Its a full two seconds! Such a long time, could it be that you were in a daze”

Elder Lisanya angrily glared at Great Magician Camilla, “Youre the one in a daze! There was a small problem with my car, so it was a bit slow on starting and it was late by two seconds. Otherwise I definitely wouldnt have started slower than you!”

Great Magician Camilla waved his hand, “Dont try to find excuses. If this was the arena, you would have lost for starting late. Dont tell me that you dont even know this.”

Elder Lisanya slightly knit her brows and gave a cold snort, ignoring Great Magician Camilla and turning to Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, help me see what is wrong with my Magic Sedan Why did it fail to start two times in a row”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile. Great Magician Camilla was already sixty four and elder Lisanya was at least four hundred, which was close to seventy in human years. Why did they act like children and would always bicker with each other

Great Magician Camilla was stunned, elder Lisanya was an elf that was famous for being prideful!

She was even the elder of a pride elf tribe!

“I dont know if its because elder Lisanya is too fiery that the car is beginning to take her personality.”

Xu Yi muttered in his heart, but he came to the side of the fire red Magic Sedan with a smile.

After checking it, Xu Yi quickly found the problem.

This Magic Sedans wires between the ignition and the Magic Engine were a bit loose, so it created a bad circuit. This caused it to fail to start two times.

This was a small problem and Xu Yi easily helped elder Lisanya solve it.

After trying the ignition several times, elder Lisanya pointed at Great Magician Camilla, “Come, lets try again.”

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “Lets race, who would be afraid”

Xu Yi quickly stopped Great Magician Camilla who was prepared to get in the Magic Sedan and revealed a bitter smile, “Its this late and its this dark, you are still trying to race”

“This doesnt affect us.” Great Magician Camilla waved his hand and prepared to get into the car.

Xu Yi quickly stopped him again.

“This doesnt affect you, but that doesnt mean it doesnt affect others. Its this late, its very easy to scare others. Then again, if you race now, who will time you Its difficult to make this fair, right”

Great Magician Camilla and elder Lisanya looked at each other, thinking that he was right. Only then did they give a nod and give up this idea.

Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief.

Because he was planning on holding the specialized car races, starting from this spring, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had built a small arena in the Stantine Duchy, used specifically for racing.

After hearing about this race, Great Magician Camilla and elder Lisanya immediately chose to sign up.

Because they were powerful, they didnt need to worry about accidents when driving the Magic Sedans. So they were already driving at the speed limit for these Magic Sedans and adapted faster than the other competitors.

With the powerful magic of these two, their abilities far surpassed normal people, so they were even more terrifying when racing these cars.

So after racing several times, the two had swept all the wins and second places in the races.

To the race today, their record was currently even.

So the two of them werent convinced and wanted to suppress the other side, to the point where they even acted like children for a single win.

Now that these two had finally let go of their dispute, although Xu Yi was very curious about the result of the race this afternoon, he could only suppress it for now and not talk about this.

Looking at Great Magician Camilla, Xu Yi suddenly thought of something.

“Right, grandfather, the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild and the kingdom parliament both sent letters, hoping that you will attend the special celebration ceremony they are holding for you. Will you go”

Hearing this question, Great Magician Camillas face sank.-

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