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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 8

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Xu Yi was surprised. He quickly got up and asked in a concerned voice, “Teresa, what is it Did something happen”

Teresa looked up with wide eyes that had tears in them. Tears were already dripping out of the corner of her eyes and she couldnt stop herself from crying.

Seeing her appearance, Xu Yi was surprised.

Since he had rescued Teresa, it had already been three years. In these long three years, Xu Yi knew that this beautiful and delicate little miss was actually quite strong, she would never reveal the weak side of her heart to anyone. Now that she was suddenly looking like this, there must have been something that filled her with sadness.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi let out a slow breath and continued in a gentle voice, “Teresa, just tell me what difficulties you have. Youve already been here for three years, Ive already treated you like family. Theres nothing you cant tell me.”

Teresa looked at Xu Yi in a daze and the tears kept gathering in her eyes. Finally she couldnt stop the tears from dripping down across her face.

“Sir……Sir chairman, I……I……”

Before she could say anything, Teresa suddenly fell down and put her hands around her knees as she cried.

Seeing Teresa who was filled with sadness, Xu Yi didnt know what to do.

He rarely had the experience of comforting a crying girl, so he didnt know what he should do at all.

Thinking about it, he said with a sigh, “Ill go find Still. If you have anything that you cant tell me, you can tell her. Its all the same.”

But when Xu Yi took a step, he felt someone grabbing the bottom of his pants.

Turning over, he found that Teresas hand was tightly holding the bottom of his pants. She looked up at Xu Yi with a look that was filled with pleading.

Xu Yi was confused.

Just what had happened to Teresa that she went to find no one else but him

“How about……I have Evita come instead” Xu Yi tried asking.

Teresa had been working in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility during these years, so she had plenty of contact with Evita. Because of how Evita kept praising her work in front of Xu Yi, Xu Yi had thought that she was quite close to Evita.

They were both young girls and Evita was a few years older, so it should be easier to talk to her.

But Teresa shook her head, looking hesitant to speak.

Xu Yi was a bit helpless. After thinking about it, he pulled Teresa up and looked into her eyes before saying with a serious voice, “Teresa, I said it just now, Ive treated you as a family member, so no matter what difficulties you are facing, you can treat me as a family member and tell me. If I can help you, I will definitely do all I can. Do you understand what I mean”

Teresa looked at Xu Yi in a daze before slowly nodding.

“Alright, sit down and tell me what happened.” Xu Yi pointed at the chair on the side before sitting in front of it.

Teresa softly gritted her teeth before finally sitting down.

Facing Xu Yis serious eyes, Teresa had a sad look on her face. After a while, she said in a soft voice, “Sir chairman, Ive already been by your side for three years, but Ive never told you where I came from, right”

Xu Yi nodded and calmly said, “Everyone has their secrets, I dont demand others to tell me theirs. Since you dont want to speak, I wont ask. Anyway, I just know that you are called Teresa.”

Xu Yi had been lying.

Having a stranger live in his house, even if that stranger was beautiful and delicate, looking like a little rabbit that wouldnt harm anyone, Xu Yi wouldnt easily accept her.

After taking in Teresa, Xu Yi had used his relations to investigate Teresa.

However, it was like Teresa had come out from under a rock. There wasnt any information on her in the Lampuri Kingdom.

This made Xu Yi very doubtful of her.

With Teresas education, she should be from a noble family. Moreover, with how outstanding she looked, they must have some fame.

But investigating around, he couldnt find any information at all which really was too strange.

So from the beginning, Xu Yi had been vigilant towards her.

Even if Teresa revealed her talent for magic and showed understanding that surpassed others on magic machines, entering the magic research facility for work, Xu Yi had secretly controlled it so she couldnt approach the core technology.

But Teresa had been here for three years and although Xu Yi had never found any information on her, she had been very normal these three years.

Gradually, Xu Yi began to ignore the problem of her identity. He just treated her as a little girl who had a strange background.

Not to mention that a year ago, Teresa had made an excuse to move from Xu Yis place, moving to the magic research facilitys dormitory.

Other than coming here to see Xu Yi, Still, and the others once in a while, coming to have a meal, she had less contact with Xu Yi.

She suddenly came here today and revealed this appearance to Xu Yi, it really was a bit strange.

Hearing Xu Yis words, Teresa seemed like she had been incited. She took a few deep breaths before giving a heavy nod. Then after a bit of silence, she said in a small voice, “Sir…..Sir chairman, you…..do you remember when you saved me three years ago”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Of course I do. You fainted in front of me, I thought that you were some poor beggar. But after I brought you back and took a bath, I found that I had brought back a shocking beauty.”

Teresa revealed an awkward smile before she looked depressed again. She took a deep breath and continued, “Sir chairman, at that time…..I had just escaped two thousand kilometers and didnt have any strength to keep going or the faith to continue surviving. If you hadnt helped me, I would have died in the streets.”

“Two thousand kilometers” Xu Yi found the key point in Teresas words.

The Lampuri Kingdom wasnt a very big kingdom, whether it was east to west or north to south, it was impossible to reach two thousand kilometers.

Not to mention that Banta City was in the south of the Lampuri Kingdom. If Teresa traveled over two thousand kilometers, she could only come from another kingdom.

Seeing Xu Yis surprised look, Teresa gave a slight nod, “Yes, sir chairman, Ive never told you my identity because…..I am not from the Lampuri Kingdom, rather I came…..from the Sack Kingdom.”

Xu Yis eyes opened a bit wider before his calm came back.

Although this answer was surprising, Xu Yi didnt find it strange after thinking about it.

Only this answer would explain why Xu Yi hadnt been able to find anything about Teresa in the Lampuri Kingdom.

The Sack Kingdom was the Lampuri Kingdoms enemy, so investigating the Sack Kingdom was naturally very difficult.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Theres nothing wrong with coming from the Sack Kingdom. Although the Sack Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom are enemies, that doesnt mean everyone from the Sack Kingdom is an enemy. Teresa, you dont need to worry about this.”

Teresa looked at Xu Yi with a trace of gratitude in her eyes.

“Sir chairman, I know that you have always been magnanimous. You can even treat slaves equally, so I believe you definitely wouldnt have any prejudice against me for coming from the Sack Kingdom. But…..I did escape to the Lampuri Kingdom and the people of the Lampuri Kingdom arent as magnanimous as you, sir chairman. So I hid my identity. Sir chairman, you…..wouldnt blame me, right”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Of course I dont blame you, but Teresa, in the end, you didnt get to the main point. Youve already been here for three years, you said that you escaped from the Sack Kingdom, so no matter what you were before, why you escape, it has all passed since its already been three years. So why are you…..like this today”

It was good if he didnt ask, but the moment he did, Teresas face was covered in sadness and her eyes filled with tears.

Xu Yi silently watched as she lowered her head to cry, silently waiting for her to continue speaking.

If she didnt come to find him to tell him everything, Teresa wouldnt be acting this way in front of him.

According to what she had just said, something that could make her this sad was probably related to her escaping from the Sack Kingdom.

When Xu Yi brought Teresa back at first, he never told her matters to anyone other than Still. Even the people who had been investigating Teresa had been doing it in secret.

So Teresa coming to find Xu Yi immediately after encountering this matter was also natural.

After all, Teresa was a tough girl. After crying for a bit, she wiped her tears and raised her head again. She reached into her chest and took out a neatly folded newspaper.

Xu Yi took it to take a look and found that there were tear spots on the newspaper. It was clear that Teresa had been crying when she had been reading this.

Opening it, he found it was a copy of the «Lampuri Weekly».

Xu Yi looked at Teresa with knit brows who softly said, “Sir chairman, please read the seventh page.”

“Seventh page” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

If he remembered correctly, pages seven and eight of the «Lampuri Weekly» was for news on the surrounding countries.

Turning to page seven, he noticed that there was a line that was smudged by water and he couldnt see the title too clearly.

The Sack Kingdoms Dominic Citys financial officer Viscount Doran Carlanz was suspected of treason, so his entire family has been captured and executed.”

Xu Yi suddenly looked up at the sad Teresa.

Teresa took a deep breath, “Viscount Doran Carlanz is my father.”-

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