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After hearing Newmans words, Xu Yi fell silent.

If possible, he wanted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to control all of the military magic machine technology, not revealing anything at all.

Because only then could he keep his advantage in terms of power, controlling the entire situation.

But he was clear in his heart that whether it was in the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war or when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce defeated Duke Wein working with the Sack Kingdom, with the incredible might of the military magic machines, it was impossible for them to not reveal anything at all.

The Candra Empire was several thousand kilometers away and communication technologies werent too developed on the Sines Continent, so they didnt have much details on the two wars that revealed the might of the military magic machines. So the Cndra Empire was only interested in it, but they werent obsessed with it, so Xu Yi could conceal it from ambassador Hakanin easily.

However, the Rudson Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom were neighbours with the Stantine Duchy and there were many relations between them. Of course they knew the details of these two wars and naturally had a deep understanding of the might of the military magic machines.

The Rudson Kingdom being interested in the military magic machines was something that would eventually happen, Xu Yi had already predicted it.

And according to Xu Yis plan, he was already preparing to give part of the military magic machine technology to the Rudson Kingdom.

The only problem was how much to give them.

After a bit of silence, Xu Yi asked with a smile, “Which type of military magic machine is his majesty interested in”

“All of them.” Newman stretched his arm out and said with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, his majesty hopes to gain all of the military magic machine technology.”

“That is impossible.” Xu Yi directly rejected him, “As for the military magic machines, there are many things that our company is currently researching, so its impossible to transfer. Moreover……To be a bit impolite, even if we did give it over, your Rudson Kingdom wouldnt be able to make the corresponding military magic machines.”

Newman laughed, not caring about Xu Yis words at all.

“That isnt a problem. As long as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is willing to cooperate, I think that we will grasp it.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Newman, making military magic machines requires the support of a complete system, that doesnt mean that youll be able to make it even if our company gives you the technology. Even if you have the technological base, you dont have the foundations when it comes to people and materials, so it is impossible for you to make these military magic machines.”

Newman looked at Xu Yis eyes and he didnt look away at all.

He was telling the truth.

The Rudson Kingdom had only been cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for less than two years, their magic machine industry was still weak. To this point, the Rudson Kingdom couldnt even make a single Magic Fan, how could they grasp the military magic machines that had a much higher technological requirement

Newman was silent for a bit before saying in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, I wont hide the truth. The reason why his majesty is this interested in military magic machines is actually because of the Lampuri Kingdom……”

Xu Yi revealed a look of understanding.

Newman was actually being direct.

Compared to the Rudson Kingdom, the Lampuri Kingdom was already working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and were able to grasp some lower tier military magic machines. Moreover, the Lampuri Kingdoms royal army received a large number of Magic Repeating Crossbows and a small portion of Magic Bazookas which had increased their battle strength.

Just a month ago, in the Muerto Mountains to the north of the Lampuri Kingdom, the northern army entered the Sack Kingdom and fought with their Hungry Wolf Regiment.

In these fights, the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army had achieved great victory. The Sack Kingdoms Hungry Wolf Regiment were chased out of the Muerto Mountains and they completely lost control.

The Sack Kingdom had lost the natural barrier of the Muerto Mountains, being exposed to the threat of the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army.

Since the Lampuri Kingdom was founded several hundred years ago, this was the Lampuri Kingdoms second time attacking the Sack Kingdom and they had won.

Moreover, in these battles, the most effective things were the military magic machines the northern army had.

The Lampuri Kingdoms unusual actions had attracted the high attention of the surrounding countries. The Rudson Kingdom had always been friendly with the Lampuri Kingdom, but they also noticed this.

The Rudson Kingdom was interested in the military magic machines mainly because they wanted to keep the balance with the Lampuri Kingdom.

Xu Yi fell silent before replying, “I understand the worry of his majesty Teruc, but Newman, you have to understand that what Im telling you are the facts. With your Rudson Kingdoms current magic machine industry foundations, it is impossible for you to be able to make military magic machines in the short period of time. If youre worried about the Lampuri Kingdom, the most realistic method is to purchase the military magic machines from our company to make your army stronger.”

Newman looked at Xu Yi with a strange look, “Chairman Xu, you refused to give us the related technology just to sell these to us”

Xu Yi revealed a grin, “You can say that, but I didnt tell any lies. In the end, this is a decision that is made by his majesty Teruc.”

Newman was silent for a bit before giving a sigh and nodding, “Alright, I will pass this on to his majesty.”

He paused before revealing a smile, “We can leave things like this for now, lets get back to what we were discussing before about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce investing more in our Rudson Kingdom. His majesty said that we can give your company many preferential treatment, mainly in……”


After sending Newman off, Xu Yi sat in silence for a bit.

It was clear that the surrounding countries were recognizing the might of the military magic machines. They were using various methods to arm their armies with military magic machines to increase their own might.

Because the Lampuri Kingdom had a natural advantage, they led the other companies in this aspect by quite a bit.

Up to now, the Lampuri Kingdom didnt just receive military magic machines first from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they could even build their own. They were already able to craft Magic Repeating Crossbows and small Magic Bazookas.

The other countries werent as close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as the Lampuri Kingdom, so their best method was to buy military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce directly.

The Drake Duchy and the Mirando Duchy had been rather thorough on this.

These two countries were small duchies and their armies werent big, so they directly bought all the military magic machines they could use from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Compared to the Lampuri Kingdom, the armies of these two small duchies had more complete and higher tier military magic machines.

Of course, they were limited by the number of soldiers, so their military strength couldnt compare to the Lampuri Kingdom.

But the Rudson Kingdom was different from those two small duchies.

According to the stats, the Rudson Kingdom had over a hundred thousand soldiers and the armies that the royal family had was over sixty thousand soldiers.

If they bought full sets of military magic machines like the Drake Duchy and the Mirando Duchy, they would spend at least over twenty million gold coins.

Even if the Rudson Kingdoms economy had always been better than the Lampuri Kingdom, a terrifying amount like twenty million gold coins far exceeded their limits.

So the Rudson Kingdom wanted the military magic machine technology and to start producing their own military magic machines.

But like Xu Yi had said, the Rudson Kingdom had a weak foundation and there was no chance they could produce military magic machines. So the more realistic method was to buy them from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As long as they didnt buy the large Magic Bazookas or the high grade military magic machines, the expenditure was acceptable.

Not to mention that the Lampuri Kingdoms main enemy was the Sack Kingdom, so the Rudson Kingdom had time to fully equip their armies.

Xu Yi was certain that after King Teruc considered this, he would agree to this.

In the end, ,the Rudson Kingdom wasnt a giant like the Candra Empire. It was impossible for them to forcefully take the Stantine Duchy and seize the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Duke Wein hadnt been able to do this with the support of the Sack Kingdom, so naturally the Rudson Kingdom wouldnt overestimate themselves.

Thinking about the Sack Kingdom again, Xu Yi thought of a problem.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was close to the Lampuri Kingdom and because the Sack Kingdom had supported Duke Wein to attack the fRestech Chamber of Commerce, it was impossible for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to work with the Sack Kingdom. If the Sack Kingdom wanted the military magic machine technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or to even buy it from them, it was impossible.

But the Sack Kingdom knew how powerful the military magic machines were, so naturally they wouldnt give up on it.

If they couldnt get it openly, the Sack Kingdom would definitely make secret moves.

As for what these moves were, Xu Yi didnt have any information and couldnt make any predictions.

When he was considering this, there was suddenly a knock that came from the door.

Xu Yi looked up in surprise to find Teresa standing there by the door, looking deeply depressed.-

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