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The Magic Sedan quickly drove forward and after around half an hour, they finally left the Slight Light Forest.

The giant trees on both sides fell behind them and the front opened up, revealing a vast plain.

Ambassador Hakanin looked forward and his eyes couldnt help being attracted by the rows of tall buildings in front.

Although they were still very far, ambassador Hakanin could easily tell that these houses were like pillars above the ground, being at least over twenty meters tall.

The tallest among them was even over thirty meters!

Such high buildings were rare even in the Candra Empire.

For ambassador Hakanin, the only thing that he had seen that had reached this shocking height was the Candra Empires imperial palace.

Other than this, only the Sacred Light Churchs cathedral was this tall.

However, the Candra Imperial Palace and the Sacred Light Churchs cathedral were the two most important buildings in the Candra Empire. They could be built that high because they had gathered a shocking amount of manpower to complete it.

But in front of ambassador Hakanin now, looking over it, there were over ten buildings that reached this shocking height.

As the Magic Sedan approached those tall buildings, ambassador Hakanin could see several construction sites and there were tall buildings being built there.

Even though they hadnt been finished, ambassador Hakanin was certain that once these buildings were finished, they wouldnt be any shorter than the surrounding buildings.

Ambassador Hakanin looked at these tall buildings in a daze and he couldnt help asking Kennard, “These tall buildings were built by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“No, we just invested in them. The Amrit Chamber of Commerce were the ones who built them.” Kennard said with a faint smile.

Ambassador Hakanin swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty.

The Candre Empires imperial palace had cost a total of seven million gold coins to build and the Sacred Light Churchs cathedral had cost a shocking ten million gold coins.

Although the buildings in front of him couldnt compare to those two, being able to build such tall buildings meant the Frestech Chamber of Commerce must have spent quite a bit.

According to the meaning in Kennards words, all of the buildings in front of him were all built with investments from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

Was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce…..actually this rich

Kennard saw Ambassador Hakanins face and knew that he must have misunderstood something. He said with a smile, “Ambassador Hakanin, how much do you think this kind of tall building costs”

Ambassador Hakanin narrowed his eyes to look at the gradually approaching tall buildings and after calculating for a bit, he said in an uncertain voice, “At least…..At least two million gold coins, right”

This number was purposefully lowered by ambassador Hakanin. The real estimate in his heart was that for such a tall building, it would cost at least four million gold coins to build this.

However, hearing his answer, Kennard shook his head with a smile.

“Your excellency ambassador, if each building costs two million gold coins, it would cost at least thirty million gold coins for our company to build a total of seventeen buildings. Although our Frestech Chamber of Commerces revenue is considered good, it hasnt reached that level yet.”

Ambassador Hakanin felt the same, so he immediately asked, “Then how much is it for each building”

Kennard stretched out four fingers.

“It is around four hundred thousand gold coins on average per building.”

“Only four hundred thousand”

If it wasnt for the fact he was sitting in a Magic Sedan, ambassador Hakanin would have jumped up in shock.

This number was just too unexpected for thim.

A building that could reach the clouds, it only cost four hundred thousand gold coins to build!

This was too little!

Kennard looked at ambassador Hakanins shocked face with a smile. If this matter could catch ambassador Hakanins attention and he spread it to the Candra Empire, it would greatly help the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

When chairman Cruise heard of this, he would definitely thank him.

Of course, this was prepared by sir chairman ahead of time. If chairman Cruise really wanted to thank someone, he should thank sir chairman first.

But in the end, using reinforced concrete to build such tall buildings was something sir chairman had taught the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

If it wasnt for sir chairman having no interest in the construction business, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce wouldnt have a chance.

The Magic Sedan continued forward and soon they were quite close to those tall buildings.

As they came closer, looking up at those tall buildings, people would find them grand.

Ambassador Hakanin stuck his head out the window and wanted to take a good look at the buildings, but the lively scene in front of him had captured his attention.

The region the tall buildings were in didnt just have these tall buildings.

Under these tall buildings, there were roads that spread all over and completely connected this area.

Each area had only a single tall building and around the tall buildings, there were houses of various different styles. Among them, there were even tree houses that had the style of the elves.

These houses of different styles surrounded the tall buildings and by one side of the road, there were a row of stores that were open.

Looking at it, one could see a variety of products in the store that was quite dazzling.

No matter which side of the road it was, whether it was the stores or the sea of people, this area was very lively.

There were many people coming in and out of the store on the street. One could see dwarves and elves from time to time, even seeing strange and fierce looking beastmen of various races.

In ambassador Hakanins knowledge, races other than humans bore grudges towards humans and rarely peacefully coexisted with them.

Especially the brutal beastmen, there were even those that ate humans.

But in this place, whether it was the dwarves, the elves, or the strange looking beastmen, they all lived harmoniously with the humans. There wasnt a single sign of hostility at all.

Ambassador Hakanin could even see in the crowds that there were humans walking with different races.

They walked together while laughing, like they were old friends, creating a warm atmosphere.

Ambassador Hakanin couldnt help giving a sigh, “I already heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could let other races coexist with humans, but I wasnt willing to believe it before seeing it. Now that Ive seen it……I really have to praise chairman Xus abilities.”

Kennard gave a laugh. Not mentioning sir chairmans other abilities, just his ability to build relationships with other races was not something anyone else could match.

Otherwise, how could the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe be willing to deliver elven beauties to sir chairmans side

Even the proud elves did this, so there was no need to mention the beastmen.

Its said that the number one beauty of the fox tribe, miss Avril adored sir chairman, claiming that she would marry no one else.

The other beastmen beauties who declared the same were too many to count.

As for the dwarves…..there was no choice, they really didnt conform with the humans sense of beauty, so no one would think of that.

Thinking of how sir chairman was helpless when he was surrounded by beauties of the other races, Kennard couldnt help revealing a happy smile. He then said to the driver, “Turn left in front, go to the race track.”

“Race track” Ambassador Hakanin heard this new terminology and immediately asked about it. But the car trembled and didnt turn left as Kennard ordered as it stopped.

Kennard looked up and was about to ask about this, but he noticed what was happening in front and nodded, “Its a red light, then lets wait.”

“Red light” Ambassador Hakanin was even more confused. He looked forward following Kennards gaze and found that at the intersection in front, there was a tall pillar that was around four meters off the ground. There was a box that was atop it and there were three Magic Arrays on that box.

The leftmost lamp was currently shining, letting out a red glow.

There was one medium passenger Magic Car and two Magic Sedans currently in front of them, all waiting at the intersection. They were all watching the cars that were passing on the other road.

Seeing this strange scene, ambassador Hakanin couldnt help asking, “This is the red light What does it mean”

“Red light stop, green light go, that is the basic traffic law here. Ambassador Hakanin, I hope that you can remember this. If you come here in the future, please follow this law.” Kennard explained with a faint smile.

“Red light stop Green light go This……”

Ambassador Hakanin had more to ask, but the green light on the Magic Lamp above the intersection flickered. After a while, the green light disappeared and the yellow light on the right hand side lit up. Ambassador Hakanin saw that the Magic Cars that were about to cross slowed down.

After a bit, the middle Magic Lamp lit up and it was green.

The three cars in front began moving and the Magic Sedan they were in also moved, turning left at the intersection.

Ambassador Hakanin turned back to look at the intersection behind him and he couldnt help feeling it was strange.

Although this rule was very strange, as long as everyone followed it, it would make intersections systematic and not chaotic.

Of course, there was no need for this in other places.

Because other than this place, there were no other places that had this many Magic Cars driving around.

“Ambassador Hakanin, sir chairman is currently waiting for your presence at the race track. As a welcome, sir chairman will be watching a car race with you.”

Kennards voice pulled ambassador Hakanin back from his thoughts.

“Car race” Ambassador Hakanin slightly knit his brows, but he didnt keep asking.

Since arriving in the Stantine Duchy, he had seen many new things that always seemed novel to him.

If he asked too much, he couldnt help feeling like a farmer that had just come in from the countryside and was too inexperienced.

So he closed his mouth and patiently waited to watch.-

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