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A bright silver Magic Sedan was quickly crossing the border between the Rudson Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, dropping down from the cliff that separated the two countries.

After a while, driving past this portion of the Stru Road, they entered the Stantine Duchy.

There was a several dozen meters hill that held the Stru Road that entered the Stantine Duchy, it was several dozen meters above the ground. Looking from the sides in the car, it was like quickly driving across the clouds.

Seeing the top of the trees pass by them, it made one feel nervous like they were high above.

The Candra Empires Rudson Kingdom ambassador Leiden Hakanin rolled down the glass and stuck his head to look out, so he couldnt help feeling emotional.

“This road is like it was built in the sky, it really makes one sigh. When I return to the Candra Empire, I will definitely advies the emperor to construct such a road in our Candra Empire! It will be bigger and even more grand!”

Kennard sitting on his right revealed a faint smile. This ambassador Hakanin really didnt forget to show off his pride as someone from the Candra Empire.

This Stru Road had cost two million one hundred and thirty thousand to complete. The road that ran through the cliff, connecting the Rudson Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy was only eight kilometers long, but it had cost over eight hundred thousand gold coins. It accounted for close to half the cost of the one thousand and three hundred kilometer Stru Road.

It could be seen just how shocking the costs of building a road in the sky were.

This ambassador Hakanin wanted the Candra Empire to build the same road, even making it bigger and grander, but he didnt care about the costs at all.

Although the Candra Empire was one of the two empires on the Sines Continent, their national power far surpassed small countries like the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom, even the emperor of the Candra Empire wouldnt agree to wasting this much money on building a single road.

Of course, this idea was only kept in Kennards mind, naturally he wouldnt sweep away ambassador Hakanins interest.

After casually saying a few things, the Magic Sedan had gone halfway across this road and the trees around them had completely surrounded the road.

Because of the dense trees, the entire path became a bit dark.

However, there were rows of tall iron poles and there were glass spheres on these poles. They were releasing a white light that completely illuminated the dark woods.

Ambassador Hakanin couldnt help looking at these lights and praising, “CEO Kenners, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce really is right. You even installed lights in a place like this, it really is unexpected.”

Kennard revealed a faint smile, “Sir chairman said that this road is the only line connecting the Stantine Duchy and also an important line. In order to welcome guests from other parts of the continent, this road must be built with the best, so every detail must be considered.”

Ambassador Hakanin couldnt help smiling, “This means that the roads of the Stantine Duchy cant compare to this road I never thought that your chairman Xu cared this much about showing off.”

Kennard smiled and didnt explain any further.

The Magic Sedan sank down on the road and they were about to be on the floor of the Slight Dream Forest. The woods in front of them opened and a red colour appeared.

“Ambassador Hakanin, this is the Magic Refill Station in front. We will stop here and refill the Magic Crystals of the car, as well as rest. What do you think” Kennard pointed at the red building that had suddenly appeared in the forest as he asked this.

“Un, the guest will follow the host, well listen to your arrangements.” Ambassador Hakanin nodded.

The driver turned the car slightly and the Magic Sedan slowed down, stopping right in the middle of the Magic Refill Station.

Ambassador Hakanin came out of the Magic Sedan at Kennards invitation. He looked around and found that the Magic Refill Station wasnt that big, it was only around a thousand square meters.

But although it was small, it was equipped with everything.

This small Magic Refill Station didnt just have two machines that had refined high concentration Magic Crystals, it also had a small building that was considered the office of the Magic Refill Station. There was also a small store that sold a variety of daily necessities.

There was also a small maintenance garage that could help Magic Sedans that encountered problems.

Other than this, there was even a special made washroom.

When he saw the washroom at first, it was completely different from other washrooms. It looked very clean, so ambassador Hakanin didnt know that it was a washroom and thought it was another room.

Until Kennard tactfully asked if he needed to relieve himself, causing him to need to and then he brought him in. Only then did he realize that this clean room was actually a place to “relieve” himself.

It was somewhat strange, but after he finished relieving himself in these clean facilities, ambassador Hakanin saw Kennard press a metal button on the urinal. There was water that flowed out that washed it out, not leaving a single bit behind, which greatly shocked him.

He learned from Kennard to press the button himself and watching the water wash out the urinal, ambassador Hakanin understood.

It was no wonder this washroom was so clean, it seemed that other than people cleaning it out regularly, this automatic flushing device also played a large role.

It was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made strange things, but he never thought that even their washrooms would be different.

He turned to see Kennard walking over to a wash bowl that was made of stone and he pressed a metal button above it. Then there was water that flowed from the metal pipe that was above the wash bowl.

Kennard washed his hands and then put his hands under a strange round thing by the wash bowl, before hearing the sound of wind coming from that strange round thing.

After a while, Kennard pulled back his hands and they were actually completely dry!

Seeing the surprised look on ambassador Hakanins face, Kennard gestured to ambassador Hakanin with a smile, hinting for him to do the same.

Ambassador Hakanin hesitated a bit before learning from Kennard to wash his hands. Then after hesitating a bit, he followed Kennards demonstration to put his hands under the round thing.

As soon as his hands were placed there, ambassador Hakanin felt a warm breeze that wasnt too big, but was stable that came from the round thing.

Learning from Kennard to move his hands around a bit, he felt the water quickly evaporating from his hands and his hands instantly became dry.

Ambassador Hakanin pulled back his hands and he finally couldnt take the curiosity in his heart as he asked Kennard, “What is this thing Why does it have such a strange function”

Kennard pointed at the wash bowl that they had just used and replied, “That is just simple running water, it isnt that strange.”

Then he pointed at the strange looking round thing.

“As for that, it is the new small Magic Dryer that our company has invented. This model is specifically used to dry hands, it makes it easier to dry hands after washing them. Ambassador Hakanin, what do you think after using it”

Ambassador Hakanin looked at his hands before giving a nod.

“This thing is simply too amazing! You dont need to use a cloth to dry your hands and it can dry my hands completely, this is just too useful!” He didnt wait for Kennard to explain as he pointed a finger at him, “Lets not say anything else, I hope that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can prepare a hundred of these small Magic Dryers for me!”

Kennard nodded with a smile, “Of course thats not a problem. Sir chairman said that as long as it is ambassador Hakanins request, we will definitely satisfy them.”

Ambassador Hakanin laughed, “Chairman Xu has always been straight, that is something that I know.”

Kennards smile couldnt help revealing a bit of ridicule.

Ambassador Hakanins “straight” of course was referring to how sir chairman had delivered household magic machines worth three thousand gold coins to him during these two years.

Otherwise, how could this greedy fellow be this courteous and even follow Kennard to inspect the Stantine Duchy

But sir chairman had also received decent returns on the investment in this fellow.

When ambassador Hakanin returned to the Candra Empire to report during New Years, he had also taken the various household magic machines that Xu Yi gave him back with him.

These strange things had attracted the attention of others, receiving praise from a bunch of nobles from the capital Wimbledon City.

These nobles werent all useless like ambassador Hakanin, some of them had decent vision.

Many people saw opportunity from these novel household magic machines, so there were several Candra Empire nobles that had asked ambassador Hakanin about these household magic machines. There were even some people who bypassed ambassador Hakanin to make orders to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This time ambassador Hakanin was willing to run all the way to the Stantine Duchy just to complete these requests.

These nobles asking this of ambassador Hakanin was perhaps a small matter to him, but it was a big matter for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because this meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products had the chance to enter the Candra Empire.

Compared to small countries like the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, the Drake Duchy, and the Mirando Duchy, the Candra Empire was a giant.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could open the market in this giant, it would without a doubt be a large leap for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.-

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