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Great Magician Camilla grasping spatial laws and breaking the boundary of the Great Magician Realm was something that only Great Magician Camilla, Great Magician Telucci, and Xu Yi knew, there was no one else who know.

Even if this was a fact, Great Magician Camilla felt that without the approval of the headquarters, it would be a joke to rashly announce himself as an Arch Magus.

So he strictly ordered Xu Yi to keep this a secret, at most he could only tell Still. Great Magician Camilla then secretly headed off to the headquarters of the Magicians Guild alone, the City in the Sky.

After Great Magician Telucci sent Great Magician Camilla off, he also returned to Banta City to continue his research.

Because Great Magician Camilla broke through, he now was deeply interested in researching magic machines.

If it was said that he only chose to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and did this research because he was grateful to Xu Yi changing the lives of the people of Caraska Island, now he was putting in more effort to increase his own magic power.

His mentality and drive were different, so the results were definitely different.

Xu Yi believed that Great Magician Telucci would definitely make a breakthrough in the Fire Magic Engine.

As for him, he was calming down after the good news that Great Magician Camilla and Great Magician Telucci brought.

Of course, Xu Yi wasnt idle either.

He continued his discussion with Seveni on the Magic Refill Stations.

Seveni had shown a strong boldness in this matter.

Xu Yi proposed that they make one Magic Refill Station and experiment for some time before expanding.

But after Seveni set the technology transfer matter with Xu Yi, she decided to build ten Magic Refill Stations at one inside the Lampuri Kingdom.

Based on the location that Seveni had picked out on the map of the Lampuri Kingdom for these ten Magic Refill Stations, it could be seen that Seveni had placed careful consideration on this matter.

Because these ten Magic Refill Stations were all in critical positions, they were all in places that Magic Cars needed refills in.

Once those ten Magic Refill Stations were complete, although it was impossible to say that a Magic Car could access every part of the Lampuri Kingdom, it would solve most of the Magic Cars refill problems.

Xu Yi naturally supported Sevenis bold plan.

If it was possible, he wanted to promote the energy standard in the Lampuri Kingdom right now. He even wanted to promote it in the Rudson Kingdom and the other countries that were working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If he could build a good foundation in these countries, that would be a great help to Xu Yi in developing magic machine industrial systems in these countries.

Of course, it had to be taken step by step.

Xu Yis current priority goal was to spread this in the Lampuri Kingdom, the other countries would have to wait.

After he finished his discussions with Seveni, Xu Yis matters in Anvilmar City had officially concluded.

However, when Xu Yi finished signing this Magic Refill Station contract with Seveni, planning on heading back to the Stantine Duchy with Still and the others, there was a shocking piece of bad news that suddenly came.

Anklo and Duke Wein had declared all out war.


Three days later, Xu Yi had a deep look on his face as he approached the border of the Black Rice Wasteland and the Stantine Duchy.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard captain Hart was already waiting there.

“What is the situation now” Xu Yi looked at Duke Weins soldiers guarding the road on the border of the Stantine Duchy as he asked this in a deep voice.

“Not good.” Hart shook his head, “Duke Wein has seized all of the territory that he has given to sir chairman and only left the main base of our company that he cant enter. He has shut off all roads that connect to our territory and our base is surrounded by a large army, we cant break through at all.”

“Humph, this fellow must not dare underestimate us after the loss from last time.” Xu YI gave a cold snort before he suddenly realized a problem in Harts words, “You said that he blocked all our paths out of our territory He can block the land paths, but how can he block the sea paths”

Hart revealed a bitter smile, “When Duke Wein attack, the Sack Kingdoms fleet came down from the north coastline of the Black Rice Wasteland, blocking the coast outside our base. Although the Island Lord Smilton has tried to help, he is just too far away and couldnt break through.”

“The Sack Kingdom also wants to join” Xu Yi looked at the west coast and said with a cold smile, “I was wondering why Duke Wein would become this bold, so it turned out that he was working with the Sack Kingdom in secret.”

Hart gave a sigh, “Sir chairman, I dont think this is the main reason. The biggest problem was that we were too negligent.”


“If we werent too negligent, Duke Wein wouldnt have been able to launch this surprise attack and have had the chance to seize a large amount of military magic machines that our company has just made. It would have been impossible for him to blockade us like this. Without the help of those military magic machines, Duke Weins subordinates doesnt have anything worth mentioning.”

Xu YI nodded. He thought that Duke Wein must have had this plan long ago, he was just waiting for him to be away to make his move.

Because when he wasnt here, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would react slower. This allowed him to snatch this important military cargo, giving him the advantage in firearms.

It was clear that he had learned a lesson from fighting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last time. He even learned the importance of the military magic machines, so he had put them as his top priorities.

“Hart, based on the situation you described, our main base should be fine right now, right”

“Of course.” Hart threw out his chest and had a proud look, “Although our guards only have a thousand people, even if Duke Wein sends tens of thousands, they definitely wont break the Abundant River! I can even lead two hundred people to attack and he cant stop us at all!”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Hart said it very heroically, but if he were to lead two hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards to break through the blockade of Duke Weins tens of thousands of soldiers, it wouldnt depend on the bravery of him and the other guards, but rather something else to fight them.

When this thought appeared, there was suddenly a shadow that flew across the sky.

After a while, that large shadow flew above the heads of Xu Yis group.

Looking up, they saw a medium Magic Airship.

The Magic Airship slowly fell down and landed not far away from Xu Yi.

The cabin door opened and a group of people came out.

Xu Yi looked over to find the normal peasants of the Frestech Farm.

Their clothes were ragged and they looked haggard, it was clear that theyve been living unsettled lives lately.

After seeing Xu Yi, those peasants who had dim eyes and exhausted looks immediately regained their energy. Their eyes lit up and they couldnt help revealing confident smiles as they came forward.

“Sir chairman, youre back!”

“Great! Sir chairman is back!”

“Ha, ha, sir chairman is back, that damn Duke Wein definitely wont have a good fate!”

“Sir chairman, you have to take revenge for us!”


Xu Yi nodded at everyone before saying with a serious look, “Everyone be assured, you are all workers for our company, your benefits are our companys benefits. Now that you have been shamed by Duke Wein, our company will definitely take justice for you. No matter what everyone has lost, our company will compensate you for this.”

“But my family……” A middle aged woman with a face covered in dust broke out in tears, “My family was completely killed by those damn fellows! How can you compensate me……”

Everyones spirits fell at this.

Duke Weins sudden attack had caught everyone off guard. The people who had been assigned to the new territories under Xu Yi had been caught off guard and not everyone could escape.

They could live because they reacted fast and their luck was good, bumping into a Frestech Chamber of Commerce rescue crew. Otherwise, they would have been the same as their family members, all of them dying under Duke Weins hands.

Xu Yi took a deep breath. He narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Peoples lives cant be compensated, but I can guarantee that we will make those damn fellows pay for blood in blood!”

After comforting these people, Xu Yi had Hart choose come guards to escort them into the Black Rice Wasteland.

According to the plans, these people would be sent to Black Rice City and would stay in the residences the Frestech Chamber of Commerce prepared for now.

As for in the future, they would talk after they took care of Duke Wein.

After watching those people being escorted away by the guards, Xu Yi turned to Evita coming out of the Magic Airship. Seeing that she looked tired and her face was pale, he couldnt help giving a sigh.

This gentle girl had been escorting people on the battlefield during these days. She had been using the Magic Airship to find survivors, so she must be exhausted.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, Evita revealed a clearly weak smile to him.

“Sir chairman, sorry, I wanted to save the technical staff that you cared about the most, but seeing these people, I couldnt refuse their cries for help……”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “You did very well, you dont need to apologize to me.” He reached his hand out to Evita after saying this, “Youve been flying through the sky these days, you must have some gains, right”

“Un.” Evita took out a neat piece of paper for him.

When Xu Yi opened it, he found that it was a map of the Stantine Duchys north.

It was different from a normal map, there were many special markings on this map.

“Chairman, this is the military pattern of Duke Wein that I investigated. These are the military supply warehouses and these other places, Im not certain, but he should be keeping some military supplies there……”

Xu Yi patiently listened to Evita explain the markings on the map and then he clenched his right fist, slamming it down on the map on the ground.

“Very good. Evita, when we defeat Duke Wein this time, you definitely will have the greatest merits.”

He stood up after saying this. Looking around, he raised his voice to shout, “Brothers, since Im back, then…..lets start the counter attack!”-

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