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Xu Yi stayed in Anvilmar City for the next week.

Other than being summoned every day by Seveny and discussing the cooperation of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with the Lampuri Kingdom, or more importantly, the details of building the first Magic Refill Station.

This Magic Refill Station was equal to a gas station on earth.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces various Magic Cars had sold ten thousand units in the Lampuri Kingdom in total, there were Frestech Brand Magic Cars on every road.

But the Magic Car consumed much more magic than normal household magic machines. Most of the power tanks in the Frestech Brand Magic Cars held no more than forty volume liters of Magic Crystals.

Even if they were all high quality Magic Crystals, it could only be used to power a Magic Car for no more than two hundred kilometers before being consumed.

So right now these Magic Cars could only guarantee that they could travel between cities, so that they would have their Magic Crystals replenished when it was consumed.

This drastically reduced the use range of the Magic Cars, which also limited the sales volume of the Frestech Brand Magic Cars.

If they could build a network of Magic Refill Stations all over the Lampuri Kingdom, they could let these Magic Cars run through the Lampuri Kingdom without worry which would greatly increase their range of use.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Refill Stations had high concentration Magic Crystals that had been refined. With these Magic Crystals, with the same forty volume liters, it would allow the Magic Car to drive from two hundred kilometers to close to five hundred kilometers, which had more than doubled it.

Moreover this high concentration Magic Crystal was only less than half times more expensive than the high grade Magic Crystals, so even casually calculating it, it was more efficient to use these Magic Crystals.

Other than that, this high concentration Magic Crystal wasnt just used in Magic Cars.

According to Xu Yis plan, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces future magic machines would take this high concentration Magic Crystal as a power supply in the future. Moreover, they would promote this standard to have the magic machines of the other companies use the same standard.

Like this, it could save the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a large amount of research costs. The more important thing was that the high concentration Magic Crystals produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would become the only choice for magic machines.

Using the idea that Xu Yi had proposed to Seveni, this would be equal to controlling the important energy source of Magic Crystals.

Of course, Seveni wasnt a fool and could see that this matter would have a large influence on the Lampuri Kingdom. So when Xu Yi proposed that the Lampuri Kingdom would use this energy standard, the first thing Seveni requested from Xu Yi was the method of refining Magic Crystals.

Xu Yi naturally wouldnt agree to transfer the technology since that involved their foundations, but to let the Lampuri Kingdom work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would build three Magic Crystal refining factories in the Lampuri Kingdom, allowing them to refine their own high concentration Magic Crystals.

Of course, this method did involve transferring a part of the technology. So Xu Yi had been meeting with Seveni each day to discuss how deeply the transferred technology would be.

Seveni naturally hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would transfer everything and Xu Yi wanted the Lampuri Kingdom to get as little as possible.

After discussing this many times, both sides decided that the high concentration Magic Crystals would be divided into five levels.

In the Magic Crystals refining factories being made with the Lampuri Kingdom, they would transfer the technology for the first and second level crystals. The third level and above would be kept hidden for how.

The Lampuri Kingdom to obtain those rights had paid the Frestech Chamber of Commerce the rights to mine in five Magic Crystal mines for fifty years.

If one looked at the current situation where these five Magic Crystals mine werent worth anything, adding up to less than a million gold coins.

But if one looked at how Xu Yi estimated the situation to develop, those five Magic Crystal mines would have their value increase by several times or even several dozen times. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce naturally was earning enough benefits.

In the gaps of discussing with Seveni, Xu Yi had met Great Magician Eisenkel several times. With his own deep knowledge of magic machines, he had given several valuable suggestions on the Magic Flying Car, letting Great Magician Eisenkel gain great inspiration.

Not mentioning anything else, just with the change to the auxiliary Magic Array that Xu Yi proposed, this Magic Flying Cars consumption was reduced by 30%.

Other than these two matters, Xu Yi had another important task in Anvilmar City this time. It was to participate in the annual magician certification exam.

Of course, Xu Yi had surpassed the normal Ninth Grade Magician Rank, even coming incredibly close to being a Great Magician. He would not participate in the exam himself, but rather it was for the magicians that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruited.

Other than in the last years exam which had been forced to be cancelled because of the civil war, in the past few years, the Lampuri Kingdoms certification exam had a large number of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magicians that came to participate.

Every year, the large group of magicians that came in the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would create a large stir in Anvilmar City.

This year was even worse.

Counting in everyone, this year the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had brought a total of over a thousand people to the exam!

Even if there were only two hundred of them that were qualified for the High Grade Magician exam and the rest could only participate in the low grade magician exam, just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had over a thousand magicians. This was enough to shock people.

Not to mention that because of various reasons, there were many magicians that hadnt come.

If they were all brought here, the number would be over two thousand!

Not to mention in the Lampuri Kingdom, even on the entire Sines Continent, there wasnt a second company that had so many magicians.

Even if most of them were only low grade magicians, this terrifying amount was shocking.

It was different from the other companies. The other companies hired magicians to protect them, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hired magicians for normal work in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the same as before, using the certification exam to promote throughout Anvilmar City. When they recruited magicians for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, most of the magicians that came to the certification exam had their hearts moved.

Finally the week long exam ended and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had recruited two hundred and sixty one magicians.

Among these two hundred and sixty one magicians, seventy three of them were Sixth Grade or above and the remaining one hundred and eighty eight were from Third to Fifth Grade.

As for the magicians under Third Grade, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had signed contracts with over five hundred people.

Once those magicians passed the Third Grade exam, they would be able to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Whether it was to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the magicians, this was a winning choice for both sides.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was increasing their production capacity, so they needed many magicians to join them.

Most of these magicians didnt have stable income and many magicians had found various ways of earning money just to support their magic research.

But because their grade wasnt high and they werent strong, whether it was becoming an adventurer or working for other companies, it wasnt enough. So it was actually hard for most magicians to progress.

There were many talented magicians on the Sines Continent, but most of them could only give up midway because they didnt have enough money.

Now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was here and could give stable jobs to these magicians, earning at least two hundred gold coins a year. It was enough for them to live normal lives while also having enough to spend on their magic research.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility involved many magical issues, which was equal to studying magic.

So for most of these magicians that didnt have good economic situations, being able to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was like a dream.

Not to mention that there were Great Magician Camilla and Great Magician Telucci working at the magic research facility.

If they could enter the magic research facility, they would have a chance to have more contact with these two Great Magicians.

If they could discuss magic with these two Great Magicians, wouldnt they be able to make great strides in their magic research

Perhaps…..by working in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for several decades, they might become a Great Magician that everyone revered!

Those magicians that joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never thought that the two Great Magicians who they were thinking about would secretly come to Anvilmar City the day the certification exam ended.

Xu Yi was very surprised when he saw these two Great Magicians.

Werent these two Great Magicians studying the new Fire Magic Engine in the Falling Rain Valley outside Banta City They seemed like they were very invested and Xu Yi thought that they wouldnt leave for a long time. He never thought that in less than half a month, they would suddenly come to Anvilmar City.

Xu Yi thought that they had some new breakthrough in the Fire Magic Engine or they encountered some problem, so they came to discuss with him.

But after asking and receiving a surprising piece of news, he was completely shocked while also being filled with joy.-

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