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Volume 4 Chapter 135 Making an easy to use piece

A shocking piece of news quickly spread over the entire Stantine Duchy.

Count Wein had officially declared war on Duke Stantine!

Although according to the trend from before, everyone knew that Count Wein would one day declare war on Duke Stantine.

But no one ever expected this day to come so soon.

Even if Count Wein was developing quickly, even if he had swallowed several smaller lords and increased his strength, his territory hadnt been stabilized yet. Also after going on campaigns again and again, he should stop and recover his strength, how could he declare war on Duke Stantine who was the strongest in the entire duchy

Not to mention that Duke Stantine had been the duke for over thirty years, no one was able to predict how much strength he had saved up.

Count Wein had rashly chosen to start a war with Duke Stantine, this really wasnt smart.

But just like when Count Wein fought those other lords, when Count Wein and Duke Stantine began fighting, Duke Stantines troops couldnt stop the attacks of Lord Wein. They kept retreating after each defeat.

In just half a month, Count Weins army had advanced two hundred kilometers into Duke Stantines territory, seizing a third of the territory under Duke Stantine.

Everyone expected that in the war between Count Wein and Duke Stantine that both sides would either injure each other, or the duke would teach a fierce lesson to Count Wein, but everyone was silent after seeing this situation.

Very soon, there were cries that called for a new duke.

The lords that saw that Count Wein couldnt be stopped soon began supporting Count Wein in becoming the new Duke Stantine.

There were some lords that even praised Count Wein. They said that it might be the first time the Stantine Duchy was truly unified, making the Stantine Duchy a country with a real duke.

If Count Wein could complete this, he would become the greatest duke in the history of the Stantine Duchy. He would definitely be written into the history of the Stantine Duchy.

Suddenly, the situation in the Stantine Duchy changed.

Duke Stantine received the support of some lords, but after the war began between Count Wein and Duke Stantine, the lords that supported Duke Stantine changed sides.

In the blink of an eye, Count Wein had already become the only choice for the new Duke Stantine.

But Count Wein currently wasnt feeling any joy at all.


“Chairman Xu, these are our next battle plans, please take a look.” Count Wein handed over a thick book, acting very respectful.

It was completely different from before when he was arrogant towards Xu Yi and even attacked his territory in a rage. The current Count Wein couldnt show any arrogance towards Xu Yi, rather he was very respectful, not daring to show him any disrespect.

Sometimes, Count Wein already felt very angry and ashamed of his manner.

But he couldnt do anything else.

Although in front of others, especially the other lords of the Stantine Duchy, he was very powerful and could even defeat Duke Stantine, making him the most popular person in the Stantine Duchy.

He was very clear that all of this was established with the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If he lost the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was no different from the other lords, he had nothing at all.

If Xu Yi was dissatisfied, Xu Yi could support another lord to replace him.

As long as he cut off his supply of military magic machines, his battle strength would turn to zero and everything he had would pop like a bubble.

There were times that Count Wein wanted to give up the military magic machines because he thought that his territory, manpower, and supplies were enough to match any lord in the Stantine Duchy. He even wasnt weaker than Duke Stantine.

But he also knew that if he really lost the military magic machines, his soldiers that were used to using the military magic machines to defeat the other side would have their battle strength drop. It wouldnt even be able to compare to before.

Using the military magic machines was like drinking poison to sate ones thirst.

He would be dead if he didnt use it, but he was also finished if he kept using it.

Count Wein was very helpless about this situation. He couldnt find any way to solve it, so as time passed, he had given up on finding a solution to this situation.

He already made a decision. Since xu Yi wanted to use him as a piece, he would work hard as a useful piece.

Anyway, Xu Yi only seemed interested in making money, he wasnt interested in being a lord and having the right to decide the lives of everyone in his territory.

As long as he did the things Xu Yi ordered him, he would certainly become the duke that was the strongest in the Stantine Duchy.

Although the premise was that he would have to listen to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked over the battle plans a few times before putting them on the side.

“Count Wein, I dont care about your strategies, I just want to know if you can achieve the goals I want. In the process of reaching that goal, no matter what support you need from me or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I will definitely do my best.”

Seeing the serious expression on Xu Yis face, Count Wein cursed in his heart

This Xu Yi, he really was the most fake person!

He clearly wanted to control the Stantine Duchy, but he was throwing him out to fight against the other lords while he hid behind him doing nothing.

Although he thought this, Count Wein revealed a smile before saying with a nod, “Yes, chairman Xu, These are the supplies that we need, please take a look.”

Xu Yi took the list of supplies and carefully looked over them.

With just a single look, he tightly knit his brows.

“Count Wein, isnt the consumption of Magic Arrows too high In just half a month, you have fought Duke Stantine five times and you already consumed ten thousand Magic Arrows Based on the results, Duke Stantine has lost less than ten thousand people. Could it be that youre spending a Magic Arrow that costs over ten gold coins just to kill one enemy”

Count Wein said in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, the situation of the battle is hard to decide. Duke Stantines soldiers have a strong defense, so it is hard for the Magic Arrows to harm them and we consumed quite a bit.”

“Is that so Do you have some way to solve this” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes. Since the other side has ways to defend against our normal military magic machines, as long as chairman Xu can give me some high level military magic machines, I can definitely easily defeat Duke Stantine.” Count Wein said in a fearless voice.

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at Count Wein with a ghost of a smile, “What kind of high level military magic machines do you want”

“It doesnt need to be that high level. I saw the demonstration of the Magic Bazookas from your companys guards last time, it was quite strong. If my subordinates had these Magic Bazookas, Duke Stantines army wont be able to resist.”

Xu Yi tapped the armrest of his chair and thought for a bit before saying, “It isnt impossible to give this Magic Bazooka to you, but Count Wein, most of the military magic machines that our company has given you was bought on credit. The Magic Bazookas are indeed very strong, but they have a high price. Just a single Magic Bazooka costs seven hundred gold coins and it takes thirty gold coins for each rocket. Can you really afford this”

Count Wein gave a cold snort in his heart. He thought, arent you selling me these military magic machines to me on credit for me to risk my life for you, what are you wasting these words for

Of course, he couldnt say this out loud.

Count Wein thought about it before answering, “This, chairman Xu, how about we follow the old rules and I give you some territory”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Theres no meaning to me in having more territory. The current territory I have is enough for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop, theres no meaning if you give me more.”

Count Wein immediately spread his hands, “Then what can we do I dont have this money.”

Seeing Count Wein acting like this, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Count Wein clearly knew that he was all in. Xu Yi wouldnt do something like this to him now and he wouldnt be able to find another lord to use in a short amount of time.

“I dont need territory and I dont lack money, what I need the most is one thing and that is people.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.


“Right, Count Wein, lets sign another contract. From this day forth, as long as you gain more territory, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will have the right to take half the people of that territory. To put it simply, I want half the people.”

“Half” Count Weins face was a bit ugly, “Isnt this too much If you take all those young men, what about my territory”

“You dont need to worry” Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “I dont need young men. Rather, our company has many factories and what we need are grown women.”

“Really” Count Wein looked at Xu Yi with a confused look.

Other than giving birth to children, what could women be used for

If he wanted to choose women, wouldnt younger girls be more attractive

Thinking of this, Count Wein suddenly thought of something. Liz and Linda that he gave Xu Yi before were still by Xu Yis side, but they didnt seem to have gained Xu Yis affection.

Perhaps……Xu Yi had a special hobby.

Xu Yi ignored the strange thoughts on Count Weins mind, he took out the contract that he had already prepared for Count Wein to look over.

Count Wein looked over it a few times before signing his name.

Anyway, he could only listen to Xu YIs arrangements, there was no meaning if he kept looking over it.

After the contract was signed, the two discussed their cooperation a bit before Count Wein left Xu Yis manor.

After Count Wein left, Xu Yi stood up and returned to his bedroom.

When he opened the door, elder Illusia and elder Lisanya looked over.

Elder Lisanya looked over Xu Yi before saying, “Strip.”-

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