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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 63

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City Lord Manors banquet

A horse carriage came out of Viscount Leslies manor and quickly moved on the smooth road towards Banta City.

Inside the carriage, Viscount Leslie was currently looking over a copy of «Banta Times» in his hands!

After looking at it for a while, Viscount Leslie nodded in praise, “This thing really isnt bad. I dare confirm that this thing will definitely become popular. Xu Yi, itll be much more convenient for you to advertise on this thing in the future.”

Xu Yi sitting in front of Viscount Leslie stopped flipping through the papers in his hands and looked up with a smile, “Lord Viscount, although this is correct that I made this thing to make advertising much easier, you mustnt say this in front of Baron Hannas or he will definitely be angry.”

Viscount Leslie broke out in laughter, “Thats right, that fellow has invested in this thing, so if you run in front of him and tell him that you want to add advertisements, he might even give you face as the founder, right”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders, “All that doesnt matter, I made this newspaper thing to give him something to do. It was to stop him from following me to the factory all day, stopping Heinz from complaining to me all day.”

Viscount Leslies laughter became louder, “Xu Yi, if Heinz hear you being this blunt, he would definitely be angered to death. Is he really that troublesome”

“No, no, no, Lord Viscount, you cant randomly say this. How could Baron Hannas be troublesome Only…...Un, he cares a bit too much about me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it does affect our work a bit. Now that Ive specially researched the Magic Printer and provided enough funds and the location for him to set up this «Banta Times», Baron Hannas is very grateful towards me. If he were to hear your misleading words about me, I would suffer quite a bit.”

Viscount Leslie shook his head, “Hannas is still too young, he was easily taken caught up by you. According to his schedule, he should have returned to Anvilmar already, but now that youve made this «Banta Times», he has been having too much fun and has forgotten about going back. When I met him yesterday, he even said that he wanted to stay here forever, making the «Banta Times» better and better. I really dont know what he is thinking.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he thought that it was very simple. The «Banta Times» was a very novel thing on the Sines Continent, not only did it satisfy Baron Hannas gossiping personality, it satisfied him as a passionate young man who was in his early twenties. He could control many things with this newspaper, so naturally he was quite enthusiastic about this.

Of course, the reason why Xu Yi made him the «Banta Times»s chief editor was not just as simple as finding something for him to do and to stop him from causing trouble.

Towards the «Banta Times», Xu Yi had considered it quite a bit. Although this was quite a novel thing for the Sines Continent, he believed that very soon that many people would be able to see the great things this new thing would bring.

With Xu Yis current status, it was not suitable for him to control this thing. So when he created the «Banta Times», although he provided the idea, funds, and location, the ownership of this newspaper was put in Viscount Leslies name and after talking to Baron Hannas, he was appointed the chief editor.

On the surface, this «Banta Times» didnt seem connected to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but this newspaper would definitely be affected by Xu Yi. It would definitely be biased towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Actually, you can tell Baron Hannas that even if he returns to Anvilmar, he can still remain as the chief editor. At worst, he could just start an «Anvilmar Times».” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Viscount Leslie looked at Xu Yi with eyes filled with deep meaning as he shook his head, “You think Anvilmar is the same as this place It wont be that easy to do the same thing in Anvilmar, especially with a sensitive thing like the newspaper. Do you believe that if this was Anvilmar, even if the newspaper could appear, it would become a thing that is completely different from what you imagined”

“Naturally I believe this.” Xu Yi nodded with an understanding look.

Viscount Leslie looked out the window to the north and after thinking for a bit, he suddenly gave a sigh. He turned back and returned to his calm expression, as he asked Xu Yi, “Forget it, lets not talk about this. Have you thought about what youre going to say to the Lord Count”

Xu Yi tapped the papers in his hands before pointing at his head, “Its all prepared.”

“Then thats good.” Viscount Leslie nodded, “This is your first time meeting the Lord Count, you have to leave a good impression. If you can obtain his support, whether it is to you or the company, it would be of great help.”

“Of course I understand that.”

The horse carriage moved through Banta City, moving to the north of the city without stopping. Finally it stopped in front of the City Lord Manor to the north of the city.

Xu Yi and Viscount Leslie jumped out of the horse carriage and a middle aged man in butler clothes came to welcome them.

“Viscount Leslie, the Lord City Lord has already been waiting a long time.” The middle aged man who should have been the butler of the City Lords Manor came forward to welcome Viscount Leslie before looking at Xu Yi ,”This should be chairman Xu, right Please follow me.”

There was a clear difference in the butlers attitude when dealing with Viscount Leslie and Xu Yi. He was quite warm when dealing with Viscount Leslie and had a trace of respect, but when facing Xu Yi, he was a bit cold, just like he was greeting a passerby.

Naturally Xu Yi would be disappointed by this. With his status, it was all based on Viscount Leslies face that he could see the Lord City Lord.

Viscount Leslie treated Xu Yi quite importantly, so he introduced Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, this is the Lord Counts butler, Heid. Youll be seeing him many times in the future, you need to remember him.”

Xu Yi nodded at Butler Heid with a faint smile.

Butler Heid looked at Viscount Leslie with a surprised look. When he looked back at Xu Yi, he revealed a faint smile and was a bit warmer than before.

After exchanging simple greetings, Xu Yi consciously lagged behind Viscount Leslie by half a step as they followed Butler Heid into the City Lord Manor.

This City Lord Manor was not as big as Xu Yi expected. After walking for a bit, they came to a hall that seemed to be the reception hall of the manor.

However, Butler Heid didnt lead them in, rather he turned and led them to the side.

“The Lord City Lord has already prepared dinner in the dining room, please come with me.”

Hearing what Butler Heid said, Xu Yi couldnt help looking at Viscount Leslie.

Although he already knew that Viscount Leslie and City Lord Count Sean Samo had a good relationship, based on Butler Heids attitude and the fact that the Lord City Lord directly invited them to the dining room, it seemed like their relationship was closer than Xu Yi expected.

It seemed like the family behind Viscount Leslie was not weak. Otherwise, just based on the fact that he was a small viscount, he would not have such a close relationship with a respected City Lord who was also a noble count.

Very soon, the two were led by Butler Heid to the dining room and they saw Count Sean Samo already sitting in the dining room.

Seeing the two of them, Count Sean immediately broke out in laughter and waved his hand to let the two come in.

As soon as he sat down, Xu Yi felt a strange cool breeze on his back. Looking back in surprise, he saw a Magic Air Conditioner on the wall of the dining room. It was releasing a faint blue glow and was blowing out a cool breeze.

Noticing Xu Yis movements, Count Sean broke out in laughter again, “Chairman Xu, do you remember that the first time we met was at Viscount Leslies banquet If my guesses arent wrong, this kid should have held this banquet because he was in cahoots with you and wanted to help you promote this Magic Air Conditioner Otherwise, with this kids temper, how could he have found a large group of people to bother him for no reason.”

Xu Yi and Viscount Leslie looked at each other in surprise before he said with a smile, “Lord City Lord truly is wise. Thats right, that banquet was me asking for help from the Lord Viscount and the goal was indeed to advertise the Magic Air Conditioner. Of course, the effects arent bad, right”

“Of course its good. Cant you see that I couldnt hold back my temptation and bought several back at once” Count Sean pointed at Viscount Leslie, “Back then I felt that even this arrogant kid was willing to help you, then you Xu Yi must be someone with true skills. I never thought that my expectations were too small back then. In just a short two months, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has invented so many novel things, it has really opened my eyes.”

“Lord City Lord is excessive with your praise. These are only a few small things I came up with when I had free time, it really isnt anything.” Xu Yi immediately said in a humble voice.

“Small things” Count Sean looked at Xu Yi. He revealed a faint smile, but he said nothing as he turned to give a nod to Butler Heid on the side.

Butler Heid clapped his hands and a group of maids brought in all kinds of dishes.

The maid walking in the back was different from the other maids. On the tray she was holding, there was a Magic Rice Cooker!

Seeing Xu Yi and Viscount Leslies stunned expressions, Count Sean broke out in a long burst of laughter.

“What You dont like eating rice”

Viscount Leslie shrugged his shoulders and acted very natural, “Lord Count, you know that Ive never been picky about my food.”

Xu Yi knit his brows in an undetectable manner.

The Lord City Lord kept displaying his knowledge of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce since the beginning. Was this a show of goodwill Or was it a warning-

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