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Magic Industry Empire Volume 4 Chapter 132 - Ragnarok Trial

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There was a giant fireball that went past Xu Yi and slammed on the cliff, creating a giant explosion sound and creating a shocking hole in the cliff.

Xu Yi and Still flew off, both of them were panting.

They had fought this Great Magician that had suddenly appeared for less than three minutes, but the two of them had already used all their skills and had several close calls.

There was no other way, a Great Magician was different from a normal magician, there was no comparison between the two.

Even if Xu Yi was only a step away from being a Great Magician, before he broke through to this level, he was still not a match for a Great Magician.

But the two of them couldnt just sit and wait for death.

With the teachings of Great Magician Camilla, the two had a clear understanding of a Great Magicians control of magic. With this understanding, they could maintain themselves under the intense attack of this Great Magician.

Seeing the two dodging his attacks, occasionally using magic to defend against portion of the damage to avoid being seriously injured, the Great Magician suddenly burst into laughter.

“I say, you two should give up soon. Dont think that someone will come save you if you keep dragging this out, Ive already placed a Spatial Separation Array around here, there wont be any sounds or images that leave this place, no one will notice that something is happening to you.”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort. Actually when he was dodging the attacks of the Great Magician, he already noticed the existence of this array.

This Great Magician is correct, this array blocked off all sound and images. This was something that was proven when Xu Yi talked with elder Lisanya last time.

If it was day, this spatial anomaly would have easily attracted the attention of others.

But it was night right now and this was Xu Yis private beach, there wouldnt be anyone else here. Adding in the cover of night, no one would notice the anomaly here.

Of course, Xu Yi had already expected this and had immediately found a countermeasure.

What they needed to do now was stall for as much time as possible.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi stopped and raised his right hand.

That Great Magician was surprised before saying with a smile, “What Youre finally giving up”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and said with a nod, “We might not be able to escape today, but since were going to die, can you at least let us understand a bit. Weve never met you before and dont know how weve offended you, why are you here to assassinate us”

The Great Magician gave a rough laugh that sounded bad.

“You indeed havent offended me, but you…..No, chairman Xu, you have offended too many people. Alright, since youre about to die, Ill tell you. I came to kill you this time because I was invited by Duke Stantine. As for how it happened, you can slowly think about it after you reach hell!”

As soon as his voice fell, the Great Magician waved his hand again as countless dark red fireballs flew out at Still and Xu Yi.

Xu Yi and Still looked at each other. They put down their hands and acted like they werent going to resist.

Seeing the reaction of the two, the Great Magician revealed a wide smile once again.

Duke Stantine had taken out five hundred thousand gold coins for him to take care of Xu Yi. He had thought that it would be very difficult, but he never thought that it would be so easy.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong.”

The fireballs landed on Xu Yi and Still, creating large explosion sounds.

That Great Magician laughed. These two fellows really gave up on resisting and were hit by these large flames, their corpses must have burnt away.

It was a pity that the little girl named Still did look quite pretty and now she had been turned into a pile of rotten flesh, it simply was a waste of heavens gifts.

However, his expression changed after a while.

The sound was clearly off after the fireballs hit. If it really hit the two of them, they would have burnt away already and it wouldnt have created such a strong explosion sound.

When the flames scattered, the Great Magician looked carefully to find that there was a light blue barrier around the two of them that had completely wrapped around them.

Those fireballs had his this and hadnt hurt the two of them at all.

That Great Magician looked over the light blue barrier and his expression changed slightly. He gave a cold snort, “Humph, Great Magician Camilla really isnt stingy, he actually gave such a precious magic defense item to you and he gave you two of them.”

Xu Yi and Still looked at each other with smiles.

Great Magician Camilla was famous for being poor, how could he give such a precious magic defense item to them.

Actually, what they were using was not from Great Magician Camilla. Rather it was what elder Illusia gave them as a wedding gift.

Its said that this Deep Blue Barrier was the treasure passed down among the Night Song Tribe for thousands of years and it had a powerful magic defense. Now it seemed like elder Illusia wasnt lying.

That Great Magician looked over Xu Yi and Still before saying with a cold smile, “Very good, since you have this treasure, Ill get some good things after I kill you. Let me tell you, even if you have these things, its impossible for you to escape. I urge you to accept your death, I might just leave you with a full……”

Before he even finished, that Great Magician realized something was off. He looked up to find a column of flames suddenly falling down on him.

“Ragnarok Trial!”

The Great Magician was stunned.

This was a Forbidden Fire Spell!

It had been too sudden and he didnt have the time to dodge, so he could only gather all his magic to create a magic barrier.


It was like the scene of final judgement that Xu Yi had seen in countless movies on earth, the giant column of flames fell down and completely wrapped around the Great Magician.

The column of flames lit up the surrounding area and it made the figure of that Great Magician very clear.

Looking at it from the side, that Great Magician was being bathed in flames, like a deity that was being put on trial.

The column of flames lasted several seconds before disappearing.

It had to be said, that Great Magician was actually very strong. He was caught off guard by this suddenly Forbidden Fire Spell, but he was able to block it.

His clothes werent damaged at all and other than looking a bit pale, as well as not acting as arrogantly as before, he was actually quite fine.

That Great Magician looked into the sky and angrily shouted, “Which Great Magician is it Youre actually this shameless to use a Forbidden Spell to attack! You are breaking the ironclad rules of us magicians!”


With a heavy cold snort, Great Magician Camilla slowly fell from the sky and stopped between Xu Yi, Still, and that person. He looked at the Great Magician with a cold look as he said, “Runa, youre actually trying to assassinate my granddaughter and her husband and youre talking about the ironclad rules between magicians to me Do you even have the face to say this”

“Great Magician Camilla” That Great Magicians expression changed, “You recognize me”

“Nonsense! Other than trash among Great Magicians like you, how could there be another Great Magician who is shameless enough to assassinate someone You have long been the shame among us Great Magicians! You actually dare speak of the ironclad rules between magicians with me”

That Great Magician named Runa carefully looked at Great Magician Camilla before suddenly revealing a shocked look. He pointed at Great Magician Camilla and had a look of disbelief as he loudly said, “You…..You…..You actually grasped spatial laws Its no wonder you destroyed my Spatial Array and I didnt notice.”

Great Magician Camilla revealed a cold smile, “What Are you afraid Let me tell you, I still havent grasped the space laws yet, but its more than enough to deal with you! So just accept your death for me!”

Seeing that Great Magician Camilla was about to start, Runas face turned pale.

He had accepted Duke Stantines employment to assassinate Xu Yi and Still because Duke Stantine had given the shocking price of five hundred thousand gold coins, and because he was confident in killing Xu Yi and Still without being discovered.

If something happened and he was discovered, he was confident in escaping without any problems.

The strongest magician in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was Great Magician Camilla.

According to the reports, Great Magician Camilla was a Fourth Grade Great Magician. Although he was a level higher, he wasnt that much stronger, so even if he couldnt win, he could still easily escape.

But he never thought that Great Magician Camillas magic power was much higher than the reports.

Not only did he surpass the level of a Fourth Grade Great Magician, he even surpassed a Fifth Grade Great Magician and could grasp spatial laws!

Even if Great Magician Camilla hadnt broken through yet to become an Arch Mage, since he could grasp spatial laws, it meant that his understanding of magic far surpassed his.

If Great Magician Camilla hadnt grasped spatial laws, he could still easily escape, but now that Great Magician Camilla had already grasp it, it meant that it was impossible for him to escape with Space Magic if Great Magician Camilla didnt want him to escape.

Not to mention that Great Magician Camilla had used the Ragnarok Trial without any warning, making him suffer the wounds of this Forbidden Spell.

Even if he had used his strength to block this Forbidden Spell, he had spent half his magic. Even if he wanted to fight back, he didnt have the strength.

Thinking of this, Runas face turned pale as his heart filled with regret.

If he knew that Great Magician Camilla was already this strong, he wouldnt have taken those five hundred thousand gold coins to come and kill Xu Yi.

Seeing the magic elemental energy gathering in Great Magician Camillas hand, Runa gave a sigh in his heart and put down his hands to accept his fate.

Xu Yi suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi with knit brows, “What are you doing”

Xu Yi quickly pressed down Great Magician Camillas hand and said with a faint smile, “Grandfather, isnt this a good chance for an real combat experiment When you fought those guys before, they couldnt fight to their hearts content. Now that there is a living target for them, they will definitely be happy.”

“Them” Seeing the smile on Xu Yis face, Great Magician Camilla immediately understood. He turned to look at Runa and nodded, “Not bad, this is indeed a good target.”

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