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It was another summer.

The burning heat was the same as last year, sweeping across the Stantine Duchy.

Xu Yis territory was in the north of the Stantine Duchy, but it couldnt escape the heat and it was bathed in the unmatched might of the summer.

The people of the Stantine Duchy were naturally adapted to this climate and the people of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been here for several years, so they had also adapted to this climate.

However, for the people that came from other parts of the continent, they were very uncomfortable with this early summer heat that was as hot as the heat that they normally experienced during the middle of summer. Every persons body turned soft in the heat and their movements were like they were out of shape.


The thirty kilogram steel cylinder fell to the ground, creating a large sound and a large plume of dust.

Hart shook his head before waving his hand, “Next!”

The person standing in the center had a depressed look. He was very unwilling, but he didnt say a thing as he moved away from the center in a depressed manner.

Seeing another large man who was lined up behind him come out, Heinz sitting beside Hart couldnt help knitting his brows, “Testing with this standard, there arent that many who can pass, right”

Hart looked at the form in his hand and agreed.

“Up to now, there were only eighty three people who passed.”

“This is too little.” Heinz couldnt help saying, “With this rate, if we want to recruit a thousand people, who knows how long it will take.”

Hart gave a shrug, “Sir chairman said that too little is better than too much. We have to conduct the tests based on his standards and they fail if they cant match them, there is nothing else to say.”

Heinz slowly shook his head, “He is just recruiting a thousand personal guards, although having strict requirements isnt wrong, its strange how its this strict. Its fine if he wants them to be strong, but why does he need their minds to be flexible Its not like hes recruiting workers.”

“Sir chairman wants his private guards to be able to easily use the military magic machines, so this request is already standard for our company guards.” Hart said, “After all, its sir chairmans private guards, how could they not know how to use military magic machines”

Heinz thought about it and was still a bit confused, “I dont understand, if he really needs this, why doesnt he just take some guards from the company to act as his private guards instead Anyway, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is his, so if he does what he wants, would anyone be able to say anything”

Hart laughed, “Sir vice chairman, arent you complaining right now Of course, sir chairman said that this was to create a clear distinction between the company guards and his private guards to avoid trouble in the future.”

“What trouble could there be” Heinz was even more confused. He looked at the person who had just taken the test and thought that Xu Yi was thinking too much.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already quite big, becoming a first class company in the Lampuri Kingdom, if it was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was Xu Yis company alone, no one would have any objections.

Since it was like this, why was he doing all this and had to recruit guards again

These guards were clearly weaker than the guards that had been in the company for many years, they couldnt compare at all. If he wanted personal guards, the company guards were clearly more suitable.

Moreover, Xu Yi didnt just stop with the human guards. When he passed on the news, he said that he would be recruiting many guards for his personal territory, which not only included a thousand human guards, but also a thousand elven guards and a thousand dwarf guards.

Moreover, in the private information he disclosed, it was very likely he would recruit a thousand beastmen guards from the Black Rice Wasteland.

If he formed a guard unit from this, it would be a mixed race army.

The other races didnt have a good relationship with the humans, they couldnt see eye to eye. If they were put together, there might be problems with this guard unit.

Heinz continued watching the recruitment for Xu Yis guards for a bit, but he finally couldnt take it anymore as he went to find Xu Yi with a heavy look.

Xu Yi was currently at the magic machine development center, gathered around a strange thing and was in deep discussion with Camby and the other engineers. Only when Heinz forcefully patted his shoulder did he notice that Heinz was here.

When Heinz asked him about his recruitment of guards, he only reacted after being surprised for a bit.

Based on this, it seemed like he didnt care about this matter at all.

“This…..Heinz, I feel that you dont need to worry. The treatment of becoming my personal guard is this good, even if they dont like each other, they wouldnt cause any troubles.”


Heinz wanted to say more, but Xu Yi took him by the shoulder and pointed at the strange thing that everyone was gathered around, “Alright, stop worrying about those small things, come take a look at this. This is the thing that I really care about and the thing that you as the vice chairman should care about the most.”

Heinz couldnt help rolling his eyes. He knew that when Xu Yi acted like this, no matter how he asked, Xu Yi wouldnt answer him,

But he had known Xu Yi for all these years, so he knew that Xu Yi definitely wouldnt do anything meaningless.

He certainly had a long term plan for suddenly recruiting all these guards.

Heinz was already half retired. He suddenly came from Banta City all the way to the Stantine Duchy because he heard the news of Xu Yi suddenly recruiting personal guards. He couldnt help being worried about Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so he came to ask Xu Yi.

Although he didnt get any real answers from Xu Yi, based on Xu Yis appearance, he already had his plans, so there was no need for him to worry.

Thinking of this, Heinz shook his head. He put down the worry in his heart and focused on the strange thing in front of him.

After looking for a bit, Heinz seemed to have recognized something.

“This…..it looks very similar to the Wind Magic Engine.”

Xu Yi laughed and patted Heinzs shoulder before loudly saying, “You really are an old partner, you can recognize it in one look. Thats right, this is our newly developed Fire Magic Engine!”

Heinzs eyes popped out, “Its actually the Fire Magic Engine It…..Its finally been developed”

“Yes!” Xu Yi said with a side smile, “How about it Arent you very excited”

Heinz kept nodding.

This Fire Magic Engine had entered development over three years ago. During this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invested a large amount of manpower and resources into this, but they made little progress.

As Xu Yis oldest partner, Heinz knew how much importance Xu Yi placed on the development of the Fire Magic Engine and also knew how much effort Xu Yi had put into this.

This had puzzled Xu Yi for this long, the hardest research project for the magic machine development center had finally been developed. Even if Heinz didnt understand that well what the development of the Fire Magic Engine meant, he was still very excited.

“Great! Its finally complete!” Heinz laughed as he nodded, “Like this, Xu Yi, what did you say would happen after the Fire Magic Engine was developed”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling as he shook his head.

Heinz didnt understand this thing to begin with, but he was still this excited because of him.

Xu Yi felt moved as he took Heinz by the shoulder and pointed at the Fire Magic Engine while he began explaining, “Heinz, you should know that our companys Magic Cars have never been able to break the max speed of sixty kilometers an hour.”

“Un…..You said that this is because there is a natural limit to the Wind Magic Engine and because there hasnt been a breakthrough in the machine, so it was very hard to rely on the Wind Magic Engine itself to break this limit.” Heinz said, “Then based on what you said, with this Fire Magic Engine, the Magic Cars can break the limit of sixty kilometers an hour”

Xu Yi laughed, “Why only sixty kilometers an hour Let me tell you, with this Fire Magic Engine, Magic Cars can even reach a speed of two hundred kilometers an hour!”

Heinz was stunned, “Two hundred kilometer an hour Isnt that too exaggerated”

“No, no, no, this isnt exaggerated at all. Two hundred kilometers an hour is already very slow. To achieve the goal in my heart, it has to reach at least four hundred kilometers an hour! Moreover, as long as the Fire Magic Engine can be developed further and used with the Magic Airship, we can make the Magic Airship break the limit of a thousand kilometers an hour!”

Heinz shook his head, “This is too much. A thousand kilometers an hour, this is impossible just thinking about it.”

Xu Yi smiled as he looked at Camby.

Camby gave a cough before saying with a serious look, “Vice chairman Heinz, sir chairmans words are true. According to the current data weve received from the Fire Magic Engine, in theory, there is the possibility of reaching a thousand kilometers an hour with the Fire Magic Engine. Of course, this only exists in theory right now and to realize this goal, we need a large amount of research.”

The dwarves had a personality that didnt like to lie, so if Heinz doubted Xu Yi before, he had no choice but to believe it if Camby was the one speaking.

One thousand kilometers an hour Just thinking about it, Heinz already felt dizzy.

Even if it was only possible in theory, this was just too incredible!

After thinking for a bit, Heinz couldnt help saying to Xu Yi, “Not mentioning one thousand kilometers an hour, isnt just reaching four hundred kilometers an hour too much Its less than a thousand kilometers to go from here to the Lampuri Kingdom. Based on what you said, wouldnt you be able to make a trip in just over two hours Is there a need to be that quick”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I say, Heinz, isnt your heart too small The Lampuri Kingdom from head to toe is only a thousand kilometers, but the territory of the Candra and Marlow Empires arent this small.”

Heinz rolled his eyes at Xu Yi, thinking that it isnt my heart that is too small, its your heart that is too big.

The Lampuri Kingdom was only a small kingdom on the continent, how could it be compared to the Candra and Marlow Empires

When he thought about how Xu Yi had recruited personal guards, Heinz suddenly had a terrifying thought and he couldnt help taking a cold breath.

If Xu Yi really was thinking this way, then his heart was too……This was simply…..He wanted to open the sky!

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