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Elder Lisanya wasnt thinking about forcing Xu Yi to pick an elven beauty because she was focused on the actions of the five meter tall giant machine. Her eyes were filled with light and her heart was filled with curiosity.

This wasnt Xu Yis first time seeing elder Lisanya like this, so he didnt care about her expression. But when he saw her clothes, he almost broke out in laughter.

This elegan, noble, mysterious, and beautiful elder of the Moon Shadow Tribe was wearing the construction uniform of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce worker with a bit of dirt on her white skin. If one judged only based on her clothes, they would think that she was just a normal construction worker.

However, the elder of the elf tribe was different from a normal construction worker. When this uniform without a sense of beauty was put on her, it released an enticing feel that made it easy for people to notice her in a crowd.

But this image really was a bit off, so Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

After he couldnt stop himself from laughing twice, Xu Yi turned to look at the giant machine that elder Lisanya was looking at. Seeing that giant machines arm pick up the tree that was over three meters in diameter, placing it on the side, he couldnt help feeling emotional.

This was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces newly developed medium Magic Crane that could hold up to fifty tons. Compared to the small Magic Crane the Amrit Chamber of Commerce already used that could only hold up to ten tons, this was a major breakthrough.

The amount of work of increasing the elevation for the Stru Road was very big, so the small Magic Crane wouldnt satisfy their needs most of the time.

With this medium Magic Crane, there was no doubt that this reduced their work quite a bit.

Moreover, this medium Magic Crane was just starting. With the years of experience accumulated for the magic machine development center, they already had enough foundational knowledge and experience for various magic machines. In the future, they would be able to develop various magic machines with even higher specs.

With the help of these magic machines, the Stru Road would have hope of being finished.

Before this, no one would have thought that they could build a road up a fifty meter tall cliff.

But now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made this a reality.

Elder Lisanya suddenly turned and found that Xu Yi had arrived.

“Chairman Xu, the might of this medium Magic Crane is really good. It can actually match the power of our races Ancient War Tree.” Elder Lisanya said.

“Ancient War Tree” Xu Yi was surprised, “What is that”

“It was our races strongest war machine, no one could stop its might. It was an invincible existence on the battlefield and even Great Magicians couldnt be of a threat to it.” Elder Lisanya said with a proud look.

Xu Yi looked at her. He really wanted to ask that since the elves had such a powerful weapon, why did they lose to the humans and lose control of the continent

Of course, Xu Yi wouldnt be this tactless.

“Oh Our Magic Cranes are this powerful” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But elder Lisanya, this Magic Crane isnt our final product, we will develop even more powerful magic machines. There are still many magic machines that are stronger than this Magic Crane.”

Elder Lisanya looked at Xu Yi and after thinking for a bit, she went against Xu Yi by not refuting him. She just nodded and said with a sigh, “I believe that chairman Xu can do this. You have already created many miracles, I wont be surprised no matter what you make.”

Xu Yi was a bit curious. Elder Lisanya had a domineering personality, she must have a reason to be this passive in front of him.

It cant be that she wanted to use this attitude to lure him into accepting an elven beauty, right

Facts proved that Xu Yi was thinking too much.

After feeling emotional, elder Lisanya didnt continue this topic, rather she began discussing the Stru Road slope project with Xu Yi.

Elder Lisanya had proposed to Xu Yi that with the strong control over plants the elves had, they could build the slope with just plants which would save on cost for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi had rejected this out of concerns for the safety and stability of this project, but elder Lisanya didnt give up. Instead she really used plants to create a slope in the Slight Dream Forest.

The slope reached the cliff and had already connected the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom.

When elder Lisanya brought Xu Yi to this slope made of plants, she had a very proud look.

“How about it Chairman Xu, this slope only took us less than four months to finish and the rock slope that you insisted on would still take another three months to finish. If you listened to my suggestion, the road might already be finished by now.”

Xu Yi looked at the twenty meter wide slope that slowly went upwards that was completely made of plants and had nothing to say in reply.

Although this slope was made completely of plants, the surface had been processed by the elves and it was completely compacted. Other than looking a bit strange, there was no difference from the hard road surface.

Xu Yi turned to his Magic Sedan and drove it on this slope, feeling the slight bit of softness on the ground. Although this would affect the speed, it didnt jolt the vehicle at all.

Compared to this, this was even more comfortable than driving on normal roads.

Driving across it, Xu Yi approved of this slope very much in his heart.

The elves really were the most mysterious race on the continent, they had all these mysterious things.

But thinking of how this was made of plants, Xu Yi couldnt feel assured.

“Elder Lisanya, since you had this ability, why didnt you connect to the cliff sooner That way it would have been easier for you to enter the Rudson Kingdom.” Xu Yi couldnt help asking.

“Why do we want to enter the Rudson Kingdom” Elder Lisanya asked back, “Just the opposite, we dont want humans to enter the forest at all, the cliff is the best hindrance.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug as he thought he asked a useless question.

The Moon Shadow Tribe repelled humans from entering the Slight Dream Forest, only because their thoughts change did the situation change.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi continued, “How about this, elder Lisanya, lets keep this road, but we will also construct another road beside it. I will supplement some money to divide the Stru Road in half, letting people choose which path they wish to take into the Rudson Kingdom.”

Elder Lisanya slightly knit her brows, “Chairman Xu, do you know what I want you to use my suggestion”

“I do.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile. He looked around, hinting to elder Lisanya to come over to talk.

Elder Lisanya shook her head. Raising her hand, there was a blue glow that fell and surrounded them.

“Alright, with this small isolation spell, the others cant see us or hear what we say. You can just say what you want to say.”

Xu Yi looked at the light blue glow around him, thinking that this thing was clearly like the insulated walls on earth.

He never thought that there was such convenient spatial magic, it really opened his eyes.

After giving a sigh, Xu Yi looked at elder Lisanya and said with a serious look, “I think…..the elder wants to control this road into the Rudson Kingdom. If we use your plan, you can take down the road whenever you want, which is equal to interrupting the Stru Road that leads to the Rudson Kingdom, am I right”

Elder Lisanya gave a nod, “Chairman Xu, you really are an intelligent human. Thats right, that is my plan, do you have an objection”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “I dont have any objections, rather Im firmly against it. You should know the importance of the Stru Road to our company, so no matter what, I need to be able to control this road. If we follow your plans, whether this road will be linked or not will depend on you, then theres no meaning in constructing this road for me.”

“It isnt as serious as you make it.” Elder Lisanya slowly shook her head, “Im worried about extreme situations that would very rarely appear. It might not even appear once, so you dont need to worry about this.”

“This is different. This Stru Road to our company is like the blood veins of a human, so no matter what, I must control it. Elder Lisanya, theres no discussion on this matter.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice, “Whether you are willing or not, I will be building another road.”

Elder Lisanyas face sunk slightly, “Chairman Xu, Ive always treated you as the closest friend and partner of our Moon Shadow Tribe. Are you now planning on falling out with us over this matter”

“I dont have this idea.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “But I must have control over this road this time, so Ive brought some sincerity with me.”

“Sincerity” Elder Lisanya looked at Xu Yi in confusion.

After dealing with Xu Yi many times, she knew that Xu Yis “sincerity” had to be some real benefits.

“Elder Lisanya, if youre willing to yield on this matter, I will recruit a thousand elven soldiers into my private guards from your Moon Shadow Tribe.” Xu Yi said.

Elder Lisanya was stunned.

What benefits were there in recruiting a thousand precious elven warriors into Xu Yis personal guards for the Moon Shadow Tribe

Where was Xu Yis sincerity

Like he could see through elder Lisanyas thoughts, Xu Yi revealed a comforting smile.

“I will provide a set of individual military magic machines for those elven warriors after they join my private guards and allow them to bring them back to the Moon Shadow Tribe after they retire.”

Hearing this, elder Lisanyas eyes suddenly lit up.

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