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When Xu Yi walked out of the western armys camp, he slightly knit his brows as he turned back.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards had fought with the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland over the past two years, so they already had a decent understanding of the beastmen here. They could easily identify that the beastmen who attacked the Black Rice Harbour did not belong to the beastmen tribes on the Black Rice Wasteland.

The Black Rice Wasteland had the Stantine Duchy to the south and the Sack Kingdom to the north. The Stantine Duchy didnt have any beastmen, so these beastmen could only come from the Sack Kingdom.

The biggest proof of this was that during the attack of the Black Rice Harbour, there were actually magicians!

Although to Xu Yi, magicians werent that rare, for most people of the Sines Continent, magicians were rather rare.

Even in the army of the Lampuri Kingdom, one couldnt find that many powerful magicians.

For beastmen that didnt have any talent for magic, it was even more impossible to find magicians.

The beastmen who attacked the Black Rice Harbour not only had full equipment, they were even well trained, and were working with magicians. Other than the Sack Kingdom being the only explanation, there was no other possibility.

After Xu Yi made this inference, he brought the corpses of these two beastmen to the western armys camp to give them a warning.

The Sack Kingdom was already moving on the Black Rice Wasteland, their next move was to invade the Lampuri Kingdom through the Black Rice Wasteland.

The western army was responsible for guarding the Lampuri Kingdoms western border. They were mainly responsible for stopping attacks from the western Black Rice Wasteland and the northwest Sack Kingdom.

Now that the Sack Kingdom was moving in the Black Rice Wasteland, the western army had to make some moves.

Secondly, Xu Yi was planning on using this chance to propose a new method of cooperation to commander Varian Lantis. He wanted to strengthen the relationship with the western army, strengthen the defense between the Black Rice Wasteland and the Sack Kingdom with the western army, stabilize the situation in the Black Rice Wasteland, helping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies that had taken root develop.

But unexpected to Xu Yi, whether it was the warning Xu Yi gave or his new plan for cooperation, commander Lantis didnt seem interested at all.

When meeting with Xu Yi, although commander Lantis was very polite to Xu Yi, it was clear that this was out of courtesy and he wasnt interested at all.

Xu Yi was very confused by this at first.

With Xu Yis warning and his deep relationship with the western army, the new cooperation plan was very beneficial to the western army.

If this was before, commander Lantis would have definitely agreed to Xu Yis plan and guaranteed that everything would go smoothly.

But this time, Xu Yi gave many good conditions, but commander Lantis didnt show any signs of yielding at all.

No matter what Xu Yi said, commander Lantis used reasons to avoid it.

At the end of the discussion, when Xu Yi bid farewell to commander Lantis, he immediately understood when he turned around.

The problem came from the Lampuri Kingdom.

After Seveni became the queen, with the heart of the people and her powerful strength displayed during the civil war, she received the support of all the nobles in the kingdom. She used less than half a year to completely control the Lampuri Kingdom.

Compared to King Eric, Queen Sevenis control of the Lampuri Kingdom was far above his.

Xu Yi even believed that as long as Seveni had enough time, she could even control the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

And because she routed all her opposition during the civil war, Sevenis control of the Lampuri Kingdom might even surpass that of Lampuri Thirteenth.

In this situation, it was naturally impossible for commander Lantis to treat the western army like his own garden.

If he made a mistake, her majesty definitely wouldnt let him off.

According to the strategies of the kingdoms royal army, the main forces of the kingdoms defense were concentrated on the northern border with the Sack Kingdom. The defenses of the western army were mainly to stop the harassment of the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland.

Because there was the Black Rice Wasteland as a buffer, there wasnt too much worry of an attack from the west, so the western armys investment had never been high.

The most important thing was that the kingdoms finances werent good enough to invest at all.

So to commander Lantis, the best method was just to honestly guard the western border and not do anything extra.

After thinking this through, Xu Yi understood commander Lantis mixed reactions and felt a bit helpless.

Even if his relationship with Seveni was good, this was related to the national policies of the Lampuri Kingdom, it was impossible for Seveni to specially look after him and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

To put it simply, they couldnt rely on the western army. To develop stably in the Black Rice Wasteland, they had to rely on themselves.

After thinking this through, Xu Yi drove the Magic Car and quickly left the western armys camp. He rushed back to Black Rice City that was less than two hundred kilometers away from the western armys camp.

After another year, Black Rice City had gradually changed into a perfect city.

Not only were there clear living, industry, and business sectors, there were various infrastructures that appeared.

Once one entered Black Rice City, there would be bright street lights on the sides of the road.

The Magic Lamps shined their light all over and with the lights that came from the buildings, the streets were completely illuminated.

Although it couldnt compare to the large cities on earth, at least for the Sines Continent, this was definitely unique.

Many people who came from other places to the Black Rice Wasteland for work, as long as they saw the light in the night, they would be deeply enticed.

According to Black Rice Citys statistics, Black Rice City already had over one hundred and eighty six thousand people and there were over fifty thousand people who werent registered.

A city that had close to two hundred thousand people, this would definitely be a top city even in the Lampuri Kingdom.

If they were comparing in terms of prosperity, there wasnt a single city in the Lampuri Kingdom that could compare.

Xu Yi drove this Magic Car from the dark Black Rice Wasteland into the brightly lit Black Rice City. The two guards that were there looked over it and didnt care that much.

Black Rice City saw over a thousand transport Magic Cars enter and exit each day, there were still many of them during the night. Just a single medium Magic Car wasnt enough for them to care about.

However, when Xu Yi reduced the speed and looked at the two guards, from the symbols of the clothes the two guards were wearing, he could recognize they were guards from the Armani Chamber of Commerce.

Black Rice City was managed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the Armani Chamber of Commerce, and the Renekton Chamber of Commerce, so the guards were naturally provided by these four companies.

In this aspect, the four companies were all in charge of an area of Black Rice City and now it had become fixed.

Xu Yi didnt care about this before because he didnt care that much about the guards.

But after the incident of the Black Rice Harbour, Xu Yi found that there were defects with this.

This method was fine in a normal situation, but once something suddenly happened and there was a situation that required a large amount of defenses, the hidden danger of this method was exposed.

Xu Yi drove the Magic Car to the door of the joint management hall of Black Rice City.

When he jumped down, the guards at the door recognized Xu Yi and immediately invited him in.

It was naturally impossible for the chairman of the four companies to stay in Black Rice City to manage it, so normally representatives were sent by the four companies to manage the city.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt the boss of these four companies, so Xu Yis position in the management hall was naturally very high.

He suddenly arrived in the middle of the night, it instantly created a stir.

Not long after, the representatives of the four companies who had been asleep all rushed over.

The representative from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was an old staff member who entered the company in the beginning. When he saw Xu Yi and saw the serious look on Xu Yis face, his heart trembled.

After following Xu Yi for five years, this was his first time seeing such a serious look on Xu Yis face.

Could it be that something big had happened

Xu Yi waved his hand at the four representatives and had them sit. He looked over the four of them and after a bit of silence, he asked, “Youve been on the Black Rice Wasteland for a bit, so now I want to ask you a question that I hope you will answer honestly.”

The four representatives looked at each other with doubt in their eyes.

Chairman Xu was being this serious, it seemed like this question wouldnt be easy to answer.

“Sir chairman, please ask.” After a bit of silence, seeing that no one replied, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces representative spoke.

The representative of the other companies reacted and quickly said, “Right, right, please ask chairman Xu. As long as we know, we will definitely answer.”

“Alright.” Xu Yi nodded, “Tell me, how many people do we need, or to be more concise, how much defensive force do we need to completely control the Black Rice Wasteland We can fight back even if the Sack Kingdom were to invade the Black Rice Wasteland”


The four representatives all looked at Xu Yi in shock.

Chairman Xu, he…..he actually wanted to go to war with the Sack Kingdom

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