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“Narvil, quickly prepare to rescue the harbour.” Xu Yi gave the order with a calm look on his face.

Narvil went off after receiving this order. Xu Yi turned to look at the Black Rice Harbour that was covered in a sea of flame and his right hand tightly clenched the railing as a look of hesitation appeared on his face.

These unknown fellows that attacked the Black Rice Harbour had several magicians among them. For a Ninth Grade Magician like him, he should enter the fight to deal with the other sides magicians.

But Great Magician Camilla, Still, and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces people like Kennard, Heinz, and the others were all against him entering the battle.

In their eyes, Xu Yi was the most important chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Even if he was a powerful Ninth Grade Magician, he shouldnt personally head into danger.

If something happened to him, that would be the biggest hit to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards were armed with military magic machines. Even if they faced a Great Magician like Great Magician Camilla, they could still keep up. This group of enemy with only a few magicians shouldnt be their match.

Thinking of this, Xu Yis hand relaxed and he gave up the idea of him personally going. He watched as the crew of the Unfolding Wings as well as a hundred human guards jumped into small Magic Speed Boats under Narvils orders, speeding across the waves and heading to the Black Rice Harbour.

Before the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards joined the fight, the enemies in the Black Rice Harbour could move freely and the Black Rice Harbour couldnt fight back at all.

But when the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards arrived in their small Magic Speed Boats, before they even reached the coast, there was a rain of arrows that completely covered the harbour.

There was no blind spot in this rain of arrows and it continued to fall.

The enemies in the harbour couldnt dodge at all and in just a few minutes, they fell like wheat being harvested.

When the first small Magic Speed Boat stopped at the wharf, the enemies in the harbour had lost all their momentum, moving to find cover for themselves.

However, these enemies never would have thought that although tradition meant that seeking cover would stop them from being hurt with arrows, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards took out black cylinders and aimed at the bunker. Then with an explosion, balls of flame shot out of the cylinder and exploded with deafening force.

Not only did the cover explode to pieces, even the enemies hiding behind the cover were blown up.

Xu Yi watched for a while before putting down the telescope.

With a large amount of military magic machines and plenty of combat experience, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards had battle strength that could sweep all armies that had the same amount of soldiers on the continent.

Even if there were over five hundred enemies invading the Black Rice Harbour, a hundred fully equipped Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards took care of the five hundred enemies like children. They werent able to resist at all.

The only ones that could fight back were the remaining magicians.

But seeing the powerful military magic machines those guards had, the magicians quickly took the chance to escape. In the later half of the fight, there wasnt any magic used at all.

In only half an hour, the Black Rice Harbours fight was not only over, the sounds of killing gradually stopped.

Xu Yi waved his hand and ordered the Unfolding Wings to head over.

When the Unfolding Wings entered the harbour, they saw that the harbour was black all over and Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows.

Before the Black Rice Harbour was even used, it was destroyed just like this.

The financial losses were fine, but the important thing was that this was a public challenge!

Xu Yis face sank and his eyes swept over the corpses in the harbour.

After seeing everything, Xu Yi couldnt help being surprised.

In the corpses of the enemies, there were beastmen!

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies swept through the beastmen from time to time, there werent any beastmen who dared to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even the Beastmen Independence Regiment who hated humans the most had already disappeared from the Black Rice Wasteland for a long time.

Where did these beastmen come from Why would they attack the Black Rice Harbour

This harbour wasnt even in use yet, what did these beastmen attack this place for

Looking over a corpse, Xu Yi couldnt help being surprised.

This corpse was clearly wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

Xu Yis eyes had a trace of sadness before his eyes filled with rage that couldnt be controlled. He roared out at Narvil, “Find all the people who survived for me!”

Narvil had known Xu Yi for quite a bit and this was his first time seeing Xu Yi this angry. He was caught off guard before he ordered the guards and crew of the Unfolding Wings to search through the harbour.

Fortunately, when constructing this harbour, Xu Yi had considered that this was the Black Rice Wasteland and there would be danger, so he constructed some secret fortification in the harbour.

When the enemies attacked, most of the workers and management went to hide. Those beastmen couldnt find them, so most of them had survived.

But even like this, in the final count, in this beastmen attack, there were nine workers that had died under the blades of the beastmen.

Seeing the corpses of those nine workers laid out, Xu Yis face was so dark that even water could drip off it.

His heart was filled with remorse.

He knew that this harbour would be dangerous, but he still acted willfully. He didnt listen to the advice of Kennard or Heinz, he just insisted on building this harbour.

Now that nine workers had lost their lives, it could be said that he was related.

Looking at the corpses of those nine workers for a bit, Xu Yi took a deep breath and his expression returned to normal.

These workers were already dead, there was no meaning in feeling regret now. Xu Yi didnt like handling matters like this.

Compared to this, the more important thing was arranging matters for these workers and…..taking revenge for them!

The person in charge of the Black Rice Harbour had survived from hiding. Xu Yi called them out and had them investigate the nine dead workers, then provide compensation to the next of kin for those nine workers according to the rules of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Sir chairman, five of them werent from our company, they were from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.” The person in charge didnt agree.

Xu Yi coldly looked at him, “The people of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce arent people Since they were working for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we will treat them the same!”

“But…..But they are workers from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, if we do this…..Im afraid……”

“Listen to my orders!” Xu Yi cut him off, “Ill personally explain to chairman Cruise, you just need to properly compensate them according to my orders.”

Seeing the cold look on Xu Yis face, the person in charge shrank his head and immediately nodded in agreement.

After taking care of things, Xu Yi had people carry two beastmen corpses and loaded them up into a medium transport Magic Car at the Black Rice Harbour. Then he personally drove quickly across the Black Rice Wasteland, heading east.

When night came, Xu Yi drove the Magic Car into the camp of the Lampuri Kingdoms western army.

The two soldiers responsible for guarding the camp stopped then. Xu Yi stuck his head out and coldly said, “I am Xu Yi. Please help me pass on the message that I have an urgent matter to talk to sir commander about.”

The two soldiers looked at each other before one of them quickly ran into the camp.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the western armys largest supplier of supplies and equipment, even the sir commander was polite when he saw Xu Yi.

After a while, a vice general of the western army came out. After seeing Xu Yi, he immediately came forward with a wide smile.

After the two greeted each other, the vice generals eyes fell onto the Magic Car behind Xu Yi and his eyes filled with curiosity.

“Chairman Xu, why didnt you drive your beautiful Magic Sedan this time”

Xu Yi didnt reply and came to the trunk, pulling at it. After the trunk was pulled up, the two beastmen corpses inside fell to the ground.

The vice general and the soldiers beside him were surprised.

Looking at the corpses, the vice general knit his brows, “Chairman Xu, what is the meaning of this”

Xu Yi calmly explained the matter of the attack on the Black Rice Harbour.

After the vice general heard this, his expression became strange. After thinking about it, he awkwardly said, “This…..Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces harbour being attacked, it doesnt seem…..related to our western army, right Moreover…..”

The vice general paused before continuing, “Chairman Xu, to be honest, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces purge on the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland have offended many beastmen tribes. It is normal for them to retaliate like this…..”

“Normal” Xu Yi gave a cold laugh and kicked the beastmen corpses on the ground, “The retaliation of the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland can be considered normal, but do you think its normal being retaliated by the beastmen of the Sack Kingdom

“How can this be possible!” The vice general looked at the two beastmen corpses on the ground in shock before looking carefully, even squatting down for a better look.

After a while, his expression fell

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