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Volume 4 With the new effectiveness of the Wind Magic Engine and the large scale Water Magic Arrays support, the Unfolding Wings ship could reach a speed of thirty kilometers an hour, which was a speed of over fifteen knots.

Although there was a big difference from the open sea boats of earth, the magic research facility had plenty of space for improvement when it came to the Wind Magic Engines. Also there had been accumulation with the study of the Fire Magic Engines, so it was very likely it wouldnt take long to develop it and the power would be increased again.

The most important thing was that they were using Water Magic Arrays at the bottom of the Magic Ships, which also reduced the water resistance. The large scale Water Magic Array being put at the bottom of the Magic Boat was still in its preliminary development. Once it was further developed or other Water Magic Arrays were used with it, the Magic Boats speed would be increased without a doubt.

Xu Yi was confident that the speed of the Magic Boats would catch up to the ships from earth or even surpass it.

Because when comparing it, using large scale Water Magic Arrays was something that earth didnt have.

With the help of the Water Magic Array, the Magic Boat was influenced by currents much less. It made it less impacted by storms on the sea and it also made it much safer. It became as stable as walking on land, there werent any jolts at all.

The Unfolding Wing sailed so smoothly that it even made captain Narvil feel a bit bored.

He was born by the sea and went fishing with his parents since he was young, he had almost lived his entire life on the sea. He was already used to the dangerous and exciting life on the sea, but now that it was very calm controlling the Unfolding Wings Ship, he couldnt get used to it.

Other than him, most of the crew had been recruited from Great Magician Teluccis hometown of Caraska Island, most of them had lived on the sea since they were young.

When they were on the Unfolding Wings, it was completely different from the experience of the wooden boats they were used to.

Comparing it, when they were on the Unfolding Wings, it was much too calm.

Of course, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could provide them with excitement.

The small Magic Speed Boats only pursued speed. Although they had the Magic Water Arrays, it was mainly used for increasing the speed, it was far from being as stable as the Unfolding Wings.

The newest small Magic Speed Boats could even reach over fifty kilometers an hour. With its build that was much smaller, when it charged across the ocean at high speeds, it might even fly up when it encountered waves.

This was several times more exciting than the Unfolding Wings, so when the Frestech Chamber of Commerces crew had time, they would all ride the small Magic Speed Boats for this excitement.

And Great Magician Camilla liked this activity very much as well.

When he was free, Great Magician Camilla would ride the small Magic Speed Boats when he wasnt racing cars.

No matter how one looked at it, he wasnt like an old man who was already past sixty years old, he was more like a young person that chased excitement.

When thinking about Great Magician Camillas surprising hobby, Xu Yi couldnt help muttering in his heart, “Could it be that after becoming a Great Magician, not only would your body become younger from the magic, but also your mentality”

But every time he saw Great Magician Telucci, Xu YI remembered that Great Magician Camilla was a special case.

The Unfolding Wings sailed for over four hours before finally landing at the port at Caraska Island before dark.

When he came down, Great Magician Telucci and Caraska Islands Lord Smilton came forward.

“Chairman Xu, welcome to the Caraska Islands again.” Smilton gave Xu Yi a big hug with a wide smile.

Caraska Island was known as an island of pirates, so Smilton as the lord was dubbed “the pirate king” by many people.

But when facing Xu Yi, this rough looking man was very friendly. He would always have his big smile and even the long scars on his face didnt seem that fierce.

Xu Yi returned the hug and said with a smile, “Lord Smilton, Ive come to bother you again.”

Smilton broke out in laughter, “I welcome chairman Xus bothers. Everyone on the island welcomes it and they all hope that chairman Xu can come bother us more.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He thought that whenever he arrived at Caraska Island, he always brought many benefits, so of course they would all welcome him.

After coming in contact with the Caraska Island through Great Magician Telucci, before Xu Yi even arrived at Caraska Island, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent goods worth a hundred thousand gold coins to Caraska Island.

When Xu Yi came to Caraska Island for the first time, other than bringing various household magic machines worth over fifty thousand gold coins, after a detailed inspection of the island, he decided to build two factories and a mine here.

The two factories were a cement factory and a small steel factory and the mine was considered a pleasant surprise.

Although Caraska Island wasnt big, not taking more than ten thousand square kilometers, there was an iron mine and had natural iron on the surface, it had a very rich mineral deposit.

Xu Yi was only planning on supporting Carasak Island to build a relationship with Great Magician Telucci, bringing Great Magician Telucci into the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But after seeing the iron ores on Caraska Island, Xu Yi immediately changed his position towards the island. He began considering turning Caraska Island into the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base near the ocean.

After these two factories and mines were finished, with the large amount of iron that the mine produced, as well as the products from the cement factory and the small steel mill, Xu Yi had first built a large port on Caraska Island.

The wharf outside wasnt even half complete, but it could let three large Magic Boats anchor.

According to Xu Yis plan, this wharf would only be good if it could hold ten large Magic Boats.

Xu Yi and Smilton finished their greeting before he turned to Great Magician Telucci and he gave him a magicians greeting.

“Your excellency Great Magician, its already this late, is there a need for you to come out”

Great Magician Telucci revealed a faint smile, “You are my chairman now, if I dont come and greet you, that would be too disrespectful.”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “Youre too polite. Ive already said it, you are a special researcher of the magic research facility, you dont have to treat me like a chairman like the other workers.”

“But I am taking wages from you, arent I” Great Magician Telucci pointed at Caraska Island that was lit up behind him, “Moreover, not mentioning anything else, just with the changes youve brought to Caraska Island, you are qualified to make me courteous to you.”

Great Magician Telucci was speaking from the bottom of his heart.

He was born on Carasak Island, he felt emotional about Caraska Islands poverty.

Because this small island was far from land, for the Sines Continent that had a low level of technology, it was pretty much isolated.

Because Caraska Islands land was barren, the residents were always very p[oor and were forced to become pirates.

Not to mention that marine travel wasnt developed on the continent, so the residents couldnt even steal much as pirates, only barely being able to make a living.

But after Xu Yi shifted his attention to Caraska Island, it had only taken three years for the environment on Caraska Island to completely change.

Caraska Island only had a few wood and mud houses before, which people could barely live in and had a limited ability to keep out the rain.

But after Xu Yi built the cement factory and steel mill on Caraska Island, while building the wharff, he also began changing the housing of the residents.

With the work of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce workers Xu Yi bought, there were now many beautiful and solid houses on Caraska Island. The houses were filled with household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent, making the lives of the residents countless times better.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent a large amount of grains, oil, salt, and other different necessities each month. The people of Caraska Island were able to live their lives without worry.

Great Magician Telucci had always wanted to change the lives of the residents, but he was unable to do so.

Now that he had seen the change Xu Yi brought, he was naturally grateful to Xu Yi.

Moreover, even if he chose to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of his gratitude at first, after he started developing magic machines, he found that he enjoyed this work more and more.

So Great Magician Telucci completely approved of Xu Yi, he didnt have any hesitation when calling him “chairman”.

On the Unfolding Wings journey this time, they came to Caraska Island bringing a month of daily necessities for them.

After Xu Yi greeted Great Magician Telucci and after he said a few things to Smilton, Smilton waved his hand and the islanders who were prepared boarded the ship. They worked with the crew to move various daily necessities out.

When all of this was moved out, Xu Yi signaled to Great Magician Telucci and Smilton. The three of them boarded the ship together and came to a warehouse on the bottom deck.

Opening the door, Great Magician Telucci and Smilton look in before both of them took a cold breath.

What entered their gazes was a warehouse that was filled with various military magic machines.

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